Evidence (2013) Review - No Spoilers

Evidence (2013) Review - No Spoilers

Pauly Hart
July 12, 2013

A passable movie with a great twist at the end.

Booyah. Thank's for the early preview Interwebs.

Evidence! Cue the creepy music! This newest movie from director Olatunde Osunsanmi, who gave us The Fourth Kind (Think Milla Jovovich) is what you call a classic who-dun-it horror in the style that is so hip these days - Crappy Hand Cam.  The movie makers disaster. But in evidence, Olami Osanmitun's skills isn't that bad. It's not as rough as Cloverfield, but it's still a little rough. But, not AS rough. That's what sheeee said.

The movie opens up with a lot of bullet time shots and some fake zooms and some CGI smoke. It moves on to the action packed "hurry we have to solve this case now" music and away we go. Out there... Somewhere in the desert... Someone DIED. That kind of thing, and we have to solve this case NOW! Because, well that's just what we do dammit. We're the fucking Police.

A little to your right Thing... A little moooore, a little moooore.

Cut Scene to the edit room. The Bureaucratic-Corn-Cob-Up-The-Ass-Detective, former Milf Hottie from Silent Hill, Radha Mitchell - is met with the Ace-Detective-On-Leave-Cause-His-Daughter-Died, True Blood's Stephen Moyer who team up with their magical video-forensics editor: What's-His-Name, Replaceable-Fat-Geek-With-A-Beard, who awesomely is on the fucking front cover. GO FAT GEEK GO! Good thinking Olasan Oladnetude.

So, what's it like staring at Radhas butt all day sir?

And now, the action! Fast music and spiffy disolves like StrongBad uses, because basically we are watching people watch movies. It's not as bad as World of World of Warcraft, but close. Shop Chop Slip Slop and a Cutting Torch complete with the Asian Kid dying first. And then the credits. Hell of a thing. Heck, even Harry Linnix from Dollhouse shows up and tries to shoot someone with a flaregun. Not really, but... yes. but, not really. But, hey! Harry Linnix is in it so that's awesome.

So all in all I would give Ohami Oltuncede a solid B+ on the movie. Even though it was Shaky-Shit-Cam, he was still wise enough to make the person with the lost footage a wanna-be director and her best mate, a striving actor. I was a little misinformed from the trailer as I thought I would be more of a who-dun-it and less of a horror, but I was way off and found this movie to be a classic thriller instead. With detectives putting together video footage from several different sources, I actually almost had the ending figured out, but I have to admit to you... I was way off. Great twist.

The one on the right is actually a goblin.

Would I recommend this movie to a friend? Meh. There is no TNA, but there is a lot of opportunity. I think that Ojimbe Osama-san doesn't like the bewbs, just the faces. Not a bad thing, just a choice thing. Would I recommend this movie to a friend? Eh. There is plenty of action-on-the-rise so maybe I would say you should/could go watch it. Would I recommend this movie to a friend? Yeah. It's got enough in there to keep you going for a while, It's pretty diverse as long as you get over some of the lines that could have been retaken because the actors only gave a D+ effort.

Would I recomment this movie to a friend? Yes.

It will stick in my craw like the fourth kind with as much "Phsssh, I saw that coming". as "What the hell?" at the end. It won't keep me up at night like the Sixth Sense keeps up Drew Barrymore's character in 50 First Dates, but it will stick with me for a minute.

Enjoy it! I did.