Quivering and Cold

Renamed: “Sweetheart” by the Gypsy Coffeeshop Open Mic Night crowd

I want to know why my black heart rots
I have loved learned lived loves labor lost
Whistling crying dying vying trying writhing
Nubile and supple living towards who I am
I am loved no matter what they say
I am special and am to become more
Why have I been so wrong and fearful
Where was my mother father and brother
When you locked me out that rainy day
Was it because I was tripping or
Was it because you are just a bitch

You are, were and probably will be wrong
I want to be pure again and not tainted
I want to live again not frustrated
You are like the orgasm that never comes
Why my heart is ripped from my rib cage
And why have I been left to rot

Quivering and cold

Your vacant eyed whore blunder, keep your shame
I have my hope, my dreams and my vision
Righteousness exalted me while you fail

Copyright 2004 by pauly hart