The more I read the WORD, the farther away the WORLD becomes

I suppose that the closer I get to Jesus' face, the more I love His Word, and the more I love His Word, the more I believe it. The more I believe God's Word the more I desire to submit to it.
The more I meditate on it, the more I want to do it, as Psalms 1 says. So I submit to the Word's commands, as I come to meditate on it. It becomes so real that believing it is actual nature. Torah... The Word... becomes life itself.

And so, one of the first things I come to realize is how evil everything in the world is.

The more I read the Word, the more I understand Hollywood to be a temple of Molech.

The more I read the Word, the more I understand the White House to be a temple of Ishtar.

The more I read the WORD, the farther away the WORLD becomes.

Believing the Word changes every paradigm...

So it wouldn't be a stretch to say that when I read about the continual world-wide effects of Operation Starfish Prime, I believe that:

The US didn't care what the world thought and did it anyway.

And that they must have been taking orders from a higher source.

And how this was one of the reasons that they exiled and dethroned the kingship of Hawaii in the first place.

And how they blamed their need for the test on Dr. Van Allen, because he mistakenly thought that the radiation came from a belt and not the actual dome.

And how, the US would make a power play in the Pacific at any rate, so they might as well do it right.

And by doing it right, I mean doing it wrong by using a Hydrogen Bomb one hundred times larger than the bomb on Hiroshima.

At age ten when I was baptized with water in Paul Fahnestocks swimming pool, I was also baptized in the Holy Spirit. At the time of baptism, I was also anointed with the Holy Spirit: The mystery of the physical manifestation of glossolalia bedazzled my mind and boggled my senses. It was a very humbling experience, to not be able to speak my own tongue.

That being said...

More importantly, the Holy Spirit unblocked an iron wall from my mind and I was able to understand the Bible as I read it.

No longer the dusty tome of history, it became the revealing life to my heart. It became living water.

My father, having me made memorize many passages of the Bible, was quite pleased at this. Sure, I was still human and had many difficult issues that still affected my childhood, but the root had been changed. The old roots were pulled away and a new root was planted.

The root of David was alive in me, and I in it.


When I read the Bible, I agree with the commands of Torah, I agree with the supernatural manifestation of healings and miracles, I agree with the Biblical Cosmology of a motionless earth... I literally believe the Word to be true.

Let me repeat that.

I literally believe the Word to be true.

So my question is this:

If you profess to be in Israel, or profess to believe in the Messiah of Israel...

Why don't you believe what He says?

Or did Christ die of crucifixion for nothing?

Did He become sin so that you might ignore Him?

Did He become separated from the Father so that you might trample Him underfoot?

Is He but a dog to be ignored?

For Christ is the LITERAL begotten Word from the Father.

The Ruach of Elohim YHVH.

And you profess that the Logos of YHVH is good for meat...

But you mock the Ruach of YHVH.

When I tell you that I keep the feasts and wear the tassels...

Do you think I submit to strange customs or Holy Sacraments?

Ask yourself this question the next time you hang holly and fir trees in your living room.

Trump is stealing mailboxes

Opinion: Unhinged liberals are trying to scare people with post office conspiracy theory

[[text stolen from courier-journal dot com]]

There are two ways to win an election — thrill voters by nominating someone exciting and lovable, or, in case you nominate someone who sucks, scare the bejesus out of people so they vote for your guy anyway.

The Democrats have settled on the latter for 2020. Yes, Joe Biden is presently winning the presidential race against President Donald Trump (although CNN’s Sunday night poll had it effectively tied), but most reputable polling indicates little enthusiasm for the former vice president, and Democrats know it.

Therefore, worried about maintaining a shaky lead, Democrats and their conspiracy theory-crazed followers (led by High Conspiracy Priestess Nancy Pelosi) have plunged headlong into a plan to scare people to death in the hopes they will overlook how aggressively mediocre Biden is.

The latest conspiracy theory (following the ones about Russia, Ukraine, and that the Trump tax cuts would cause “Armageddon” and mass death) is that Trump is sabotaging the post office with a Republican donor who apparently has the power to single-handedly stop all Democratic ballots and Social Security checks.

The conspiracy theory went full mainstream Sunday night when House Speaker Pelosi called her chamber back into session to deal with the “crisis.” Immediately, every Democrat and those most severely afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome joined in her hoax.

Even former basketball player/turned iPhone thief/turned misinformation purveyor Rex Chapman tweeted a picture of some locked mailboxes in Burbank, California.

“In your entire life have you ever seen a LOCKED mailbox at the USPS? Now you have. A disgrace and immediate threat to American democracy. Shame on them. Shame on the GOP. Where are you [Mitch McConnell]?” Chapman alarmingly tweeted, garnering tens of thousands of retweets and likes.

Rex’s brick was immediately disproven by a reporter named Chuck Ross, who used a highly sophisticated research tool called Google to find a 2016 article explaining why the boxes are locked:

“Turns out that fishing, or stealing mail, has become so common that postal officials have been retrofitting boxes around the San Fernando Valley and other areas to make them more tamper proof, said Richard J. Maher, spokesman for Post Office operations in Los Angeles and Orange counties.”

Set aside for a moment that Chapman is spreading a baseless conspiracy that would make even the most committed Russian operative blush. Does he think that California is a swing state? Or that a Senator from Kentucky controls the mailboxes in Burbank? Or that people can’t mail a ballot from their house?

You may want to get your political news somewhere other than Rex’s twitter feed. But the former Kentucky Wildcat is hardly the only unhinged liberal going on about the post office.

Pelosi herself, in her weekend letter, announced the U.S. House had to convene to, among other things, make sure people can still get their Social Security checks.

Wait… what?

Back to Google, where we find out that President Barack Obama stopped sending Social Security checks in 2010, moving virtually every recipient to direct deposit. We also find that, in 2016, the U.S. Postal Service removed some 12,000 mailboxes during Obama’s second term, another tenet of the “Trump is sabotaging the post office to steal the election” conspiracy theory.

Google also tells you that in 2012, Obama tried to cancel Saturday delivery of the mail, a significant attack on mail access for rural voters (who really disliked Obama, by the way). But no conspiracy theory or national uproar emerged over Obama’s postal moves.

Why? Because it wasn’t a conspiracy! And neither is today’s postal dust-up. Republicans and Democrats have a major policy disagreement over the post office, which boils down to this: Liberals want to give it a bailout, and conservatives want to reform it.

That’s it. That’s all this is about, but Democrats are purposely conflating these issues with disagreements over mail-in voting to scare the bejesus out of people, especially older voters. The post office has plenty of money and capacity to operate the 2020 election, no matter what the Democrats say, and Trump himself has blessed a coronavirus relief bill that would send billions in additional funding to the Postal Service.

While Democrats and the media howl about Republicans embracing conspiracy theorists and misinformation, Pelosi, Chapman and countless others are spreading flat-out lies to freak people out. It is wrong, and voters will hopefully see through it come November no matter which method they choose to cast their ballot.

What Does Islam Teach About Slavery

Does Islam condone slavery? Does Islamic teaching allow Muslim men to keep women as sex slaves?

Islam neither ignores nor condemns slavery. In fact, a large part of the Sharia is dedicated to the practice.

Muslims are encouraged to live in the way of Muhammad, who was a slave owner and trader. He captured slaves in battle; he had sex with his slaves; and he instructed his men to do the same. The Quran actually devotes more verses to making sure that Muslim men know they can keep women as sex slaves (4) than it does to telling them to pray five times a day (zero).

Quran (33:50) - "O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those (slaves) whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee" This is one of several personal-sounding verses "from Allah" narrated by Muhammad - in this case allowing a virtually unlimited supply of sex partners. Other Muslims are restricted to four wives, but they may also have sex with any number of slaves, following the example of their prophet.

Quran (23:5-6) - "..who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess..." This verse permits the slave-owner to have sex with his slaves. See also Quran (70:29-30). The Quran is a small book, so if Allah used valuable space to repeat the same point four times, sex slavery must be very important to him. He was relatively reticent on matters of human compassion and love.

Quran (4:24) - "And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess." Even sex with married slaves is permissible.

Quran (8:69) - "But (now) enjoy what ye took in war, lawful and good" A reference to war booty, of which slaves were a part. The Muslim slave master may enjoy his "catch" because (according to verse 71) "Allah gave you mastery over them."

Quran (24:32) - "And marry those among you who are single and those who are fit among your male slaves and your female slaves..." Breeding slaves based on fitness.

Quran (2:178) - "O ye who believe! Retaliation is prescribed for you in the matter of the murdered; the freeman for the freeman, and the slave for the slave, and the female for the female." The message of this verse, which prescribes the rules of retaliation for murder, is that all humans are not created equal. The human value of a slave is less than that of a free person (and a woman's worth is also distinguished from that of a man).

Quran (16:75) - "Allah sets forth the Parable (of two men: one) a slave under the dominion of another; He has no power of any sort; and (the other) a man on whom We have bestowed goodly favours from Ourselves, and he spends thereof (freely), privately and publicly: are the two equal? (By no means;) praise be to Allah.' Yet another confirmation that the slave is is not equal to the master. In this case, it is plain that the slave owes his status to Allah's will. (According to 16:71, the owner should be careful about insulting Allah by bestowing Allah's gifts on slaves - those whom the god of Islam has not favored).

PT Shamrock's August 2020 Newsletter

"Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
- George Santayana
In this issue:
* Welcome To Freedumbville USSA!
* Bend Over!
* Food for thought
* The District of Criminals
* Police State
* Red Hot Product!
* Advisory
* Belarus's Lukashenko Slams Global Elites, Says They've Made 'Trillions' as Economy Burns to Pandemic
* Shamrock's Missive
* Letters To The Editor
* Quote of the month!
*** Welcome To Freedumbville USSA!
30,000 college football fans unknowingly captured by facial-recognition test at Rose Bowl
- Nick Givas
Over 30,000 fans who attended the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., this past January were being watched before they even got to their seats because their features were captured by facial-recognition software from a company called VSBLTY.
As fans showed up to see the Oregon Ducks take on the Wisconsin Badgers, there were four hidden cameras underneath digital signs near the FanFest activity area that were secretly scooping up data on those who passed by, according to OneZero.
Cameras reportedly analyzed their age, gender, if they were carrying a weapon or not, and if they were on any government watch lists. One of the fans who was surveilled spoke with OneZero and said he was not given any advanced notice that he was being filmed.
"I actually had no idea they were using that type of tech at the game, nor was I informed that I would be recorded or analyzed by such tech, Benjamin Mercke of California told OneZero. "Actually, that's incredibly concerning to me.
VSBLTY, based in Philadelphia, issued a statement calling the exercise "an audience study," which helped obtain data that would be used to enhance the consumer experience.
Microsoft joins Amazon, IBM in vow to not sell facial recognition software to copsVideo
"Traffic count and other venue data collected, when combined with machine learning, can help improve operational efficiencies and venue logistics. Facts about fans, their habits and actions—in addition to demographic and psychographic information—will help plan audience activities as well as serve as a tool to validate the value of on-site advertising impressions to sponsors," the statement read.
"High tech video cameras combined with video display signage were strategically placed in front of the stadium where pre-bowl game fan activities were staged to collect key audience information through signage analytics," the message continued. "Along the pathway to the stadium, four cameras were deployed at different locations among "Fan Fest activities that included two FESCO units displaying archived videos of Rose Bowl legendary players and advertising messaging."
The statement concluded by championing the combination of personal habits and data with artificial intelligence, to interact with consumer audiences on a more direct level.
"The strategic use of digital signage paired with machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand how audiences act and react is proving to be one of the most important and effective audience analytics tools for sports and entertainment venues as well as transportation hubs and other public places," the company wrote.
This news comes just one day after Microsoft President Brad Smith said they'd be following in Amazon's footsteps and not sell facial-recognition tools to U.S. police departments until Congress passes a law clarifying the matter.
Smith was speaking with "The Washington Post Live" and expressed concerns about such technology being unleashed upon the public, especially given the current chaos in major cities.
"We have been focused on this issue for two years," he explained. "We've decided that we will not sell facial-recognition technology to police departments in the United States, until we have a national law in place, grounded in human rights, that will govern this technology."
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*** Bend Over!
You might want to change your password after this shocking study
- Brooke Crothers
After big security breaches, users rarely change their password, which is a big mistake, a new study says.
The research from Carnegie Mellon University's CyLab said only one in three people who had accounts on breached websites changed their passwords. And only 13 percent of people with accounts on these websites changed their password within three months of the breach announcement.
That's surprising, says the study, especially in the wake of a steady stream of news of major businesses and websites getting hacked and sensitive user information getting pilfered.
"Many may find these findings alarming, given the ubiquity and growing number of corporate data breaches in recent years," wrote Carnegie Mellon's Daniel Tkacik in a blog post about the study.
Major breaches include the "Collection #1" data breach in January of 2019 that impacted more than 770 million unique email addresses and more than 22 million unique passwords.
In April 2019, third-party Facebook app datasets were exposed. One database had more than 540 million records with account names, Facebook IDs and other personal data.
A few months later, in July 2019, a data leak at First American Financial, the largest real estate title insurance company in the U.S., exposed transaction records of 885 million individuals.
This and many other data breaches that don't make it into the news means the chances that your personal data has been stolen are very high, Tkacik said.
So what should consumers do?
One of the most effective ways to keep your accounts safe is to never reuse passwords, Lujo Bauer, CyLab faculty member and professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Carnegie Mellon and an author on the study, told Fox News.
"Reusing the same or a slightly changed password across accounts is a huge source of risk," Bauer said via email.
"If -- really, when -- one site gets breached and the passwords used on that site are stolen, attackers can -- and do -- try using the stolen passwords to log on to other sites as well. Supposedly this is how Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked," he added.
The upshot is, always create uniquely different passwords for different accounts.
"Of course, it's next to impossible to remember as many different passwords as we have accounts, so many of us use password managers, which make it easy to ‘remember' a different password for each account," Bauer said. "On top of that, password managers typically offer to create strong passwords for you, so you don't even have to worry about whether your password might be easily guessed by an attacker."
Gerald Beuchelt, Chief Information Security Officer, LogMeIn, a remote connectivity software company, agrees.
"Some of the most common ways people are leaving themselves vulnerable online is by using weak, easy to crack passwords, and then re-using those same passwords on their other online accounts," Beuchelt told Fox News.
"Taking just a few simple steps to improve your password behavior can lead to a significant increase in your online security," he said.
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Food for thought
My retirement income is just $16,600 a year, but I want to retire in a beach town 'where the sky is blue and the water warm' — where should I go?
- Catey Hill
Dear Catey,
I read your story from the couple who had $95,000 in retirement income and wanted a beach town to retire in. Well, my retirement income is $16,600 per year. Is there a place I can go where the sky is blue and the water warm? Where can an average person like me retire?
Dear R.S.R.,
I hear you — it's frustrating to read about people who get to live large in retirement when your reality (and frankly, most Americans' reality) is very different. The average Social Security retirement benefit in 2019 was $1,470 a month or $17,640 a year, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Even with benefits of that size, though, there are options for a beachy retirement. Here are affordable spots at the beach for you to consider.
If you'd like to stay in the U.S.: Gulfport, Miss. (with some part-time work)
I'm not going to sugarcoat this: It's tough to live in the U.S. on $16,600 a year, especially in a beach town. That said, if you can supplement your life with some part-time work, it's doable.
One town for you to consider: Gulfport, Miss., which is one of the most affordable beach towns in the country.
The cost of living is nearly 19% lower than the U.S. average, according to Sperling's Best Places, and you can find small apartments to rent for under $600 a month. Plus, Mississippi is tax friendly to retirees, with SmartAsset noting that "Mississippi exempts all forms of retirement income from taxation, including Social Security benefits, income from an IRA, income from a 401(k) and any pension income.
Gulfport offers warm weather and nice beaches — and other perks, too. "This city is having a serious comeback moment … and there's a bounty of cool, hip new businesses," Vogue writes of Gulfport. "One gem in particular is Fishbone Alley: a funky destination that backs up to a handful of restaurants and bars, boasting original local art along the buildings." The downsides include muggy, hot summers and the risk of hurricanes.
If you want to stay close to the U.S.: Mazatlán, Mexico
Heading south of the border can help you stretch your funds more effectively than is generally possible in the U.S. — and you'd be far from the only American there. Indeed, as I reported last year, plenty of people receive their U.S. Social Security checks in Mexico (behind only two countries, Canada and Japan). Of course, certain parts of Mexico have downsides including hot summers and high crime.
But, as I wrote in this recent column for a woman looking to retire near the ocean on between $800 and $1,000 a month, there are some places that fit within your budget. I suggested she consider Mazatlán — a Pacific coastal resort town with "cobblestone streets, neoclassical and French Baroque architecture and cultural amenities like theater and art galleries." (We also talked to a woman who retired to Mazatlán on $1,000 a month, and she doesn't feel she's pinching pennies too much.) Note that Mazatlán itself is in the state of Sinaloa, which the U.S. government advises Americans against traveling to, though this exempts parts of Mazatlán, as we have reported.
One hiccup: There are monetary requirements for Mexican residency that you may not currently meet, as they stipulate a certain monthly pension income or a minimum value held in investments (these numbers change with the exchange rate and other factors, but you can read up on that here.) Thus, if all your $16,600 will come from Social Security and you have no savings and investments, retirement there might be a problem; if, however, you have a larger investment account to draw from, it can work.
If you're up for an adventure: Pedasi, Panama
This chilled-out town on the Pacific Ocean, roughly 4½ hours from Panama City, is "unpretentious and laid-back," writes Lonely Planet, adding: "Pedasi has streets lined with tiled colonials and leafy spaces. For years this sleepy retreat came to life only at festival times. But outsiders are discovering the big appeal of small-town life and relatively unspoiled beaches."
To be sure, this town is small, with fewer than 5,000 residents, and rural, but as International Living puts it, "Pedasi is rural living at its best." It's surrounded by green pastures and grazing cattle yet lies within a 10-minute drive of the ocean, according to International Living, which adds that "miles of unspoiled beach and little development" are found locally.
You can also live here on your budget, though it may, as International Living notes, require "boots-on-the-ground investigating with the locals" or moving a bit farther from the ocean to get a better deal on rent. (Though, they point out, paying $500 a month for an apartment is doable.) Even if you pay a bit more in rent, you'll benefit from Panama's pensionado program for retirees (which has income requirements of roughly $1,000 a month) as it offers tons of discounts for older people on everything from entertainment to prescriptions.
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*** The District of Criminals
TSA to take mug shots of domestic air travelers
- Edward Hasbrouck
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has officially although quietly announced that, as it has planned for years, its deployment of mug-shot machines at airport checkpoints will move from pilot projects to the new normal for domestic air travelers.
According to a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) released last week, the TSA plans to integrate facial recognition into the Secure Flight profiling, scoring, and control system used by the TSA and other linked agencies to decide who is, and who is not, "allowed" to pass through TSA checkpoints to exercise their right to travel by airline common carrier.
Cameras to photograph would-be travelers' faces will be added to each of the stations at airport checkpoints where TSA employees and contractors currently scan would-be passengers' travel documents (boarding passes and, if they present ID, ID documents).
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in collaboration with airlines and airport operators, already collects photos of many international travelers. CBP has been moving in fits and starts toward making mug shots mandatory even for U.S. citizens traveling internationally. As of now, mug shots are still officially "voluntary" for U.S. citizen international travelers, although many U.S. citizens have reported not being allowed to opt out. But last month, as we noted in an earlier blog post, the CBP official in charge of deployment of facial recognition said CBP plans to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for mandatory facial recognition of international travelers before the end of this year.
We expect that, consistent with the TSA's "biometrics vision for all commercial aviation travelers", deployment of facial recognition at TSA checkpoints for domestic air travelers will follow the same steps as have been followed by CBP in rolling out facial recognition for international air travelers: first pilot projects, then universal deployment of "optional" mug-shot cameras at airports (on an allegedly "opt-out" basis), then increasingly adverse treatment (delay, more intrusuive and in time of pandemic dangerous groping, etc.) of those who opt out, and eventually — if most travelers "voluntarily" submit to mug shots — denial of travel to those who don't. The PIA doesn't say how soon any of this will happen.
The time to say "no" is now, while you still can. Don't consent to being photographed at TSA checkpoints or airline check-in counters or kiosks. For your own safety as well the protection of your civil liberties, don't remove your mask! TSA checkpoints, check-in counters, and all kinds of kiosks are among the places at airports where transmission of contagious diseases is most likely. We are very interested in hearing from any traveler who is ordered to remove a face mask.
The TSA claims that domestic air travelers will be allowed to "opt out" of facial imaging, but it will be up to you to spot the cameras and stay out of their field of view. Notably, the TSA's Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) doesn't say what, if any, notices will be posted for travelers to see before they come into range of the mug-shot cameras.
The required notices are dictated by the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) and the Privacy Act, but the TSA has ignored both of these Federal laws in its facial recognition plans.
Even if a "collection of information" (including biometric information) by a Federal agency such as the TSA is voluntary, the PRA requires that it be approved in advance by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and assigned an OMB control number. That OMB control number and other notices specified by the PRA must be provided to all individuals from whom information is to be collected.
Pursuant to the PRA, no penalties may be imposed for failure or refusal to provide information unless these approval and notice requirements are complied with.
The PIA for facial imaging at TSA checkpoints doesn't cite an OMB control number, and so far as we can tell, there is none. If TSA checkpoint staff ask you to take off your face mask so that they can take your mug shot, ask for the OMB control number for this information collection and a copy of the applicable Paperwork Reduction Act Notice.
The TSA says that facial images collected by the TSA "will be retained for no longer than 24 hours after the flight departure time ". But regardless of how long this data is retained, any retention of personal identified information such as mug shots is prohibited by the Privacy Act unless the agency has previously published an applicable System Of Records Notice (SORN) in the Federal Register. Operation of a system of records without proper notice is a crime on the part of the responsible agency officials.
The new PIA for the TSA's facial recognition scheme for air travelers claims that the data collected would be covered by the Secure Flight SORN promulgated in 2015. But facial images collected at checkpoints are not among the categories of information listed in the SORN as included in that system of records.
The bottom line is that the TSA facial recognition scheme described in the latest PIA would violate both the PRA and the Privacy Act. To the extent that it would require or induce travelers to remove their face masks, it would exacerbate the pandemic hazards of travel to the health of travelers and airline, airport, and TSA staff and contractors.
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*** Police State
This Is Exactly What Is Going To Happen If Police Departments Are "Disbanded" Or "Defunded" All Across America…
- Michael Snyder
By now, you have probably heard that the Minneapolis City Council plans to completely disband the Minneapolis Police Department, and other major cities are considering significant cuts to the funding that their police departments receive. Needless to say, such moves will only make our streets even more unsafe, but a lot of people out there are so upset about police brutality that they are ready to support such drastic measures. In the aftermath of 9/11, police departments all over the country were heavily militarized, and thousands of troops returning from our wars overseas were hired as officers. This shift in policing culture caused enormous problems, and complaints about police brutality soared. But instead of reforming law enforcement, many have now decided that the best approach would be to get rid of the police altogether.

Those that advocate for such an approach seem to believe that most people are inherently good, and that if the police are removed from the equation that we could build a police-free utopia where we all learn to get along with one another just fine.
But there is just one huge problem.
People are not inherently good. That has been true all throughout human history, and it is most definitely true today.
Given the opportunity, there are a lot of people that will burn, loot, riot and harm others without even feeling bad about the pain that they are causing to others. By nature, humanity is deeply selfish, and it has not been easy to organize us into civilized societies. In order for a society to be governed by the rule of law, a relatively high level of morality is required, and for much of American history that has been the case.
But now we have raised a new generation of Americans in an environment where we have rejected the core values that once governed our society, and we are beginning to reap the consequences. If you doubt this, just look at what has happened to the city of Minneapolis. Large areas of the city have been utterly destroyed, and the Minneapolis City Council has decided that the way to fix things is to "end policing as we know it"…
A veto-proof majority of Minneapolis City Council members announced Sunday during a rally at Powderhorn that they are planning to disband the police department.
City Council members said they will invest in community-led safety initiatives instead of the police department.
"Our commitment is to end our city's toxic relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department, to end policing as we know it, and to re-create systems of public safety that actually keep us safe," Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender said at Sunday's community meeting.
So without any police, who is going to stop criminals from raping, looting, stealing and killing?
If you are reading this, perhaps you are thinking that you will just gun them down if they show up at your home.

But what if the criminals greatly outnumber your family and they have even bigger guns than you do?
During the looting that just happened in southern California, a Los Angeles Times reporter asked a few of the looters why they were looting. In response, one of the looters truthfully admitted that "we're doing it because we can"…
The young man flanked the shattered entry of a ransacked CVS in Santa Monica, where people had swept the shelves clean of everything from diapers to detergent. The man, who did not cover his face, admitted he was a looter. He did not apologize.
"We've got no other way of showing people how angry we are," he said.
Out of the store ran another young man, this one holding a carton of eggs. He grabbed a friend and started scanning the street for targets: police cars. "We're doing it because we can," he said.
If heavily armed police officers had been stationed on every street corner, the looting would not have happened because there would not have been an opportunity to loot.
But given an opportunity to indulge the selfish human nature, these looters gleefully grabbed it.
Down in Houston, rioters were actually filmed attacking a children's hospital. What an incredibly evil thing to do, and this is more evidence of how much our society has decayed.
If those young people had been raised in an environment of faith and morality, perhaps they would have turned out much differently. Unfortunately, we have been teaching our kids that good is evil and evil is good for decades, and so what is happening now shouldn't be any sort of a surprise.
Taking the police off the streets will not solve anything. Instead, it will just give criminals a lot more opportunities to commit crimes.
Unfortunately, radicals are running many of our major cities now, and it looks like police budgets are about to be slashed all over the United States…
In New York City, lawmakers and policing reform advocates have called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to slash millions in police funding as the state budget faces what one official called "economic devastation not seen since the Great Depression." In Los Angeles, four City Council members have introduced a proposal to reverse the mayor's planned 7 percent police funding increase. In Durham, North Carolina, protestors gathered at a local theater this week for a "Defund the Police" protest. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the African American Roundtable—backed by more than 65 organizations—called on the city to divest $75 million from the police department and to reinvest $50 million into public health, with the rest going to housing cooperatives. In Philadelphia, where the mayor has proposed a $14 million increase in police funds, activists have been signing up in droves to testify virtually at a city budget hearing next week in protest.
If we want lots of civil unrest, rioting, looting, death, destruction and chaos, this is the right path.
In the end, the truth is that we need the police. Yes, police brutality is a major problem in this country and I have been writing about that for many years. Police culture in the U.S. must change, because that is the only way that public faith in the police will ever be restored.
But abandoning our communities to the criminals is not any sort of a solution at all. Instead, it will just unleash a torrent of evil on our streets.
As things stand, approximately four out of every five Americans already feel as though "things in the country are out of control"…
Four in five registered voters in a new poll feel "things in the country are out of control" as the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic approaches 110,000, unemployment remains at a level not seen since the Great Depression and protests continue across the U.S.
According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday, just 15% of voters think matters in the USA are under control and perceptions of the economy are at their worst since the end of President Barack Obama's first term, when the country was still recovering from a recession.
Sadly, this is just the beginning.
More civil unrest, rioting and looting are coming, and it is going to be a very dark chapter in our history.
If the rioters come to your neighborhood, the first thing many of you will do will be to pick up the phone and call the police.
But if you live in one of the communities where the police will be disbanded, they soon won't be on the other end of the phone to answer you.
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The Leprechaun really knows what he's doing...
Thank you for supporting PT Shamrock over these many years. As you're a part of our growing community via our bi-monthly newsletters which covers interesting articles along with our products, offers and services, as well as opportunities for PT's or soon to be PT's, we're excited to have you along on our journey! Breathe Life Into Your Financial Life!...... and experience true quality and anonymity!
Why Consider Offshore Banking? The raising of taxes to fund a failing economy, local courts and administrations encouraging a culture of legal actions aimed at asset confiscation, the prevalence of divorce, malicious prosecution, and out unstable political world. These political and social factors that you cannot control could effect assets held domestically in your home jurisdiction and all make their own argument each for relocating assets offshore. The offshore environment, on the other hand, delivers freedom from the above concerns and freedoms from red tape. Offshore banking with the diverse section of banks we have on offer, however, isn't only about protecting assets. Offshore banking also equals access to investment products and opportunities that might not be available from your domestic bank, as well as an effective level of privacy/security usually unheard of "onshore."
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For full particulars, just email the leprechaun and place "NO Visit Worldwide" along with your jurisdiction selected as desired" in your subject heading. We'll immediately email you full details.
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*** Belarus's Lukashenko Slams Global Elites, Says They've Made 'Trillions' as Economy Burns to Pandemic
- Ilya Tsukanov, Sputnik
One of the only countries in Europe not to institute strict lockdown measures amid the coronavirus crisis, Belarus has so far managed to keep virus-related fatalities impressively low.
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has taken a shot at the world's elites, accusing them of taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to put "trillions of dollars in their pockets while the global economy burns.
"The coronavirus has put the whole planet into a state of psychosis...I call it a psychosis because someone clearly needs this. And you've probably noticed yourself who. It's the same as always: after the swine flu, the bird flu, SARS…today we're facing another pandemic, another pneumonia, only in a new form. And you remember who took advantage of these situations in the past, who put billions in their pockets," Lukashenko said, speaking to officials in Mogilev region on Saturday.
"The whole world today has stopped; the global economy has not just stalled, but been demolished. But leading companies, leading billionaires and states have put trillions of dollars in their pockets," the president added, referring to the current crisis.
"That's why I have always asked the question, going back three months ago, as you may remember: Who needs this? Is this a man-made event – this health pandemic? So far I do not have an answer to this question, and hope that you don't either," Lukashenko noted.
Belarus's President Warns Global Elites Using COVID-19 Crisis to Try to Reshape World Order
The Belarusian president also went after his critics, recalling how media and the internet joked about his 'advice' to treat coronavirus with vodka, sauna, tractors and work in the field. "I said this as a joke, and it became a kind of a 'Lukashenko brand', used to say 'see, he's crazy, he doesn't know how to treat people,' even though behind these comments were very serious ideas," Lukashenko said, recommending that people take up sports and engage in outdoor exercise to build up their immune systems and prepare for any possible 'second wave' of infections. "I emphasize again: everything that people say criticizing me is a bluff: nobody knows what's going to happen tomorrow," the president concluded.
Belarus faced the wrath of media and medical experts around the world after refusing to institute mandatory lockdown measures, with the country's factories, farms, schools, shops, restaurants and other amenities remaining open throughout the past several months even as its neighbours closed down. However, recently published data have shown that while the country's per capita infection rates are comparable to other European nations and the US, its mortality rates have been among the lowest in the world, ranking 45th among 49 countries with 10,000 or more cases where sufficient data is available.
This week, the Institute for Policy Studies, a Washington-based think tank, concluded that in the US alone, billionaires have added $565 billion to their fortunes since mid-March, with their total wealth up by 19 percent since the pandemic began. The figures were published amid reports that close to 39 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits amid the crisis. Similar trends have been observed in countries across the world, from Europe to Asia.
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Shamrock's Missive:
Mr. & Mrs. Blahsheblu
[Reprinted by request from our September 2016 Newsletter.]
Once upon a time there was a hardworking couple named Mr. & Mrs. Blahsheblu, pronounced "blah-she-blu."
Mr. & Mrs. Blahsheblu were happily married for 17 years with three young children, owned and operated a successful business employing 52 persons for more than 15 years. They also had an upper class home, fully paid off mortgage of recent date and everything was just hunky-dory for them!
One day out of the blue, a squad of government alphabet agents showed up with guns drawn at their business, unannounced and without warning. The head alphabet honcho flashed his badge/ID card and boldly announced that they (the alphabet agents) had a criminal search warrant and were there to inspect the business, building and question all the employees. Naturally Mr. Blahsheblu was shocked, surprised and quite unset by this occurrence, but complied with all the agents' demands.
Mr. Blahsheblu was bodily searched (for guns?) and not allowed to make any calls to anyone, including his attorney until the alphabets departed.
The inspection of the business and the grilling of the employees lasted all day. In fact, the alphabet agents ordered pizza for lunch and left pizza boxes, soda cans, paper coffee cups and cigarette butts all over the establishment when they finally departed late that evening. Mr. Blahsheblu was forced to keep the business opened for three hours after the normal closure time, whilst having to pay overtime to his employees. At the end of this very stressful 'inspection' and interviews of all 52 employees, the head alphabet agent and alphabet agents finally departed.
Mr. Blahsheblu was so upset by this invasion by the alphabet agents that he couldn't sleep for three nights. He then immediately called his attorney. The attorney said he would try to find out what was going on, but as it was after hours, nothing could happen until Monday, as this happened on a Friday payday at Blahsheblu's business. All the attorney got Monday from that particular alphabet agency was they could not comment on an ongoing criminal investigation.
After a few days all appeared to return to normal and Mr. Blahsheblu got back into the swing of things with the business once again running smoothly and efficiently, or so he thought.
The next inkling of trouble occurred about two and a half weeks after the 'inspection' by the alphabet agents. Mr. & Mrs. Blahsheblu's payroll check's to their 52 employees bounced. After frantically calling the bank to find out what the problem was, Blahsheblu learnt that not only was his business account frozen and all business funds having been sequestered, but Mr. & Mrs. Blahsheblu's personal checking, savings and brokerage accounts also faced the same fate, i.e., frozen and sequestered.
Later that same morning Blahsheblu received a registered letter from the alphabet agency stating what Blahsheblu already knew, his funds were frozen and sequestered plus he was being investigated for criminal activities and employee abuse and discrimination. What alleged criminal activities were not disclosed!
Once again Blahsheblu called his attorney and faxed him a copy of the alphabet order or letter. The attorney said he'd get back to Blahsheblu and did so about an hour later. Blahsheblu's attorney said this matter was way over his head and recommended a criminal attorney associate of his and then arranged a meeting the following Wednesday, two days away.
At the meeting with the criminal attorney, who was a former employee with the same alphabet agency that raided Blahsheblu's business, the criminal attorney said this was a serious matter and would take a good while to sort out. He then requested a US$50,000 retainer if Blahsheblu wanted to retain his services and informed Blahsheblu that his services were US$500 per hour plus expenses. Ouch!
As Blahsheblu had difficulty raising the 50,000 USD due to the seizure and sequestering of all his funds, it took him a few days to borrow the money from friends and relatives. However by the end of the week he obtained the $50,000 for the criminal attorney's retainer and the soon to be long drawn out matter started its slow snail like bureaucrat process.
Naturally this was all over the news and TV and even class mates of their children said that their father (Mr. Blahsheblu) was a crook and were told by theirs parents not to play with Blahsheblu's children. Nice people eh?
Matters went from bad to worse during the next ten months. The banks called in their loans to Blahsheblu, which he couldn't repay on such short or no notice. Long time employees left by the droves and replacement employees had to be trained, all placing an incredible amount of stress and financial burden on Bladsheblu.
Suppliers wanted cash on delivery for anything ordered. Vendors drastically cut back ordering from Blahsheblu and financial matters finally came to a head ten month after the raid... The Blahsheblu's had to file for bankruptcy protection in order to salvage what was left of their life, finances and in hopes of saving their home.
The coup de grace came when Mr. Blahsheblu was served with divorce papers after returning home from work one day to find an empty house. Mrs. Blahsheblu had taken the children and went to live with her parents' on the other side of the country without the decency of telling him face to face.
To make a very long and sad story short, after spending $350,000 on legal fees of one sort or another, filing for bankruptcy, having a nasty divorce with unfair alimony and child support (based on what he was earning BEFORE this debacle started,) losing his home, business, life savings and family, plus his health as well, Blahsheblu learnt that a disgruntled former employee had filed numerous complaints with 3 or 4 alphabet agencies until one agency took notice and acted on their complaint. Apparently the disgruntled employee claimed racial discrimination, sexual harassment, and claimed that Blahsheblu personally instructed employees to operate machinery in an illegal manner, all of which was a total falsehood.
Although the criminal case was eventually dropped, a consent agreement was mandatory if Blahsheblu wanted to put this matter behind him. In the order, which he signed to get rid of this once and for all, he was to pay a $500,000 fine and penalty, which couldn't be discharged in bankruptcy because he had filed for bankruptcy recently to try and save his business and home as well as agreeing not to discriminate, harass and otherwise instruct employees to do anything illegal. At this point, he didn't matter, because Blahsheblu had already lost everything, including his business which was sold off at auction for pennies on the dollar after 15 years of hard work and starting from scratch, and worse of all, his family!
Now if you don't believe something like the above with Blahsheblu could ever happen to you, fine and very well. You can delete this missive and get on with your life. Good luck to you and we will wish you well.
However be advised within the united States (correct spelling,) there is a 99% probability that during sometime in their life before one reaches the age of 60, they will be sued civility or criminally (or both,) divorced and or attached by some alphabet governmental agency, especially the IRS!
If you are in dispute with a Federal Regulatory Agency, it is very easy for a low grade bureaucrat to press a button on his PC. He enters your social security number, and is able to quickly identify your bank accounts, securities, and real estate. Another few buttons are pressed ... and just like Blahsheblu, your property is "frozen," and your personal, business bank and brokerage accounts are transferred to the government. Bye bye ass and assets!

Hope springs eternal - A bullet proof offshore trust
With your assets held abroad in a bullet proof offshore trust it is not possible for a creditor to locate them with any precision. In fact it is virtually impossible to confiscate trust assets. Why? The lawyers of bureaucrats and plaintiffs don't like difficult investigations and long, drawn out court procedures. Especially if lawsuits must be filed and pursued abroad. As a result, in most foreign jurisdictions (unless the local governments are collaborating), not even Big Brother can get at your assets.... even if they know where they are!

While Americans cannot expect any protection in Canada or vice-versa, co-operation in seizing the assets of Americans in most countries only comes into play when the issue is involved with serious crime, such as drug dealers, child porno rings, or bank robbers. Conversely, with our recommended bullet proof offshore trust it becomes possible for you to personally access your funds, instantly, in cash, twenty-four hours a day, anywhere in the world.
It is also likely that if your offshore trust assets are earning excellent returns, you won't simply pull funds out for consumer spending. It is more likely that when you need cash you will borrow against these offshore assets. In view of this probability a credit line can be arranged in advance.
Shark Repellent
It is well known that ambulance-chasing lawyers are constantly sniffing out potential defendants by identifying high net worth individuals. By keeping some of your assets in an offshore trust you can lower your visible level of wealth. This makes you a far less attractive victim.
Before a contingent fee lawyer will file suit, he always gets a full report on his target's assets. Since funds and properties held in an offshore trust are invisible (or at least less discover-able) much litigation can be avoided or favorably settled.

The same reasoning, reducing your visible net worth, goes for repelling other blood sucking pests and predators who seek an unwarranted share of your wealth. The list includes burglars, kidnappers, extortionists, ex-spouses, tax-collectors, disgruntled business associates, disgruntled employees, crooked cops, insurance sales people, and bent bureaucrats seeking bribes.
You're Word
Particularly where your heirs are likely to squabble over their inheritance, it is likely that most of your estate could be eaten up in legal fees. Also, in some jurisdictions, the "forced heir-ship" law provides that you must leave all or a certain percentage of your property to a forgotten separated spouse, or to a child who detests you (and vice versa).

Assets in an offshore trust can, upon your demise, be given to any person or be used for any purpose you designate. Once again you have the right to choose who gets the benefit of your estate. You don't have to let the State make those choices for you.
Many countries have controls on foreign remittances that make it impossible to move money to where it is needed. Many Chinese-Americans were criminally charged years ago for simply sending subsistence money to aged parents on the mainland. Expat Cubans faced similar risks recently.

Wealth taxes and other taxes eat away at your savings and profits. An offshore trust can help you save on taxes, and allow you to spend or invest your own money as you please. Certain "roll-up" investment funds convert taxable income into non-taxable, unrealized capital gains.
Don't be like poor Mr. Blahsheblu, a should of, could type of person who didn't act when he had the time to… before any attacks against him started.
Don't be obtuse. Act now to protect your assets for your family, heirs and yourself.
Email for full particulars about our "Cook Islands bullet proof offshore trust" by emailing and placing "Cook Islands offshore trust" in your subject heading.
See you next issue
"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion."
- Edmund Burke, 1784
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*** Letters to the Editor:
Keep them postcards and letters coming' folks, 'cause we
done mailed the rosebushes!
Dear Shamrock,
I'm between a rock and a hard place and am contacting you for your advice please.
Because of this Covid-19 lockdown business we've all been going throw, many of my friends and associates, including myself, have been hard hit financially from this debacle. I have therefore vowed never to allow this to happen to myself and family again. Hence my contacting you.
I've read previously in your past newsletters and recall some opportunities that made money working anywhere with an internet connection. I don't have much money but am willing to invest it along with my time and best efforts to build something secure over the next years. Do you think you could advise me regarding similar opportunities today? If so I would be most grateful.
Thanks in advance and your kindest is much appreciated.
G. C.
Dear G. C.,
Thanks for your kind words.
Hope springs eternal! Perhaps you should become a fortune teller because an old longtime associate is just now retiring and selling his online business, which is similar to PT Shamrock's web site. The best news is that he is selling it for what I believe to be at a rock bottom, very affordable cost, i.e., just one Bitcoin or the US$ equivalent via a bank wire.
You can email for details by return email and place "Online Business" in your subject heading and we'll send you the full details.
Trust this helps and we wish you and yours a safe, healthy and prosperous future.
Kindest regards
PT Shamrock
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Quote of the month!
"There's no art which government sooner learns than that of draining money from the pockets of the people."
- Adam Smith
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"The right to privacy is a part of our basic freedoms. Privacy is fundamental to close family ties, competitive free enterprise, the ownership of property, and the exchange of ideas."
PT Shamrock - issue one; 1994
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A journal entry - Not a drop - Day 3

Here's an excerpt from my new book of essays.

Purchase it today at:


Yesterday, the day before and today I have been bathing with a sponge, washing my hands from a bucket, and cooking and brushing my teeth with bottled water. This is due to the fact that somewhere, somehow, there is no water flowing into my house. There was water flowing into my house literally, before I took possession of it. it was flowing in and all around the basement. My agent found that out. She called everyone that she could: including the sellers agent and nothing happened. So, she called the county sheriff, who called the water department, who came and shut it off. This was good... Usually the pool goes outside the house. so the sellers agent, after a couple of days of procrastination, calls the seller (who is a bank) and the bank calls her back and tells her to go fix it or get fired, so she calls a plumber who then in turn comes and installs a new cut-off valve where the leak was. Cool.

So we take possession of this quaint little 1800 square foot house in an adjoining county to Tippecanoe county, where we have just recently moved from, which is the home of Lafayette, which is in Indiana, which we moved to from Tulsa, coincidentally located in Tulsa county, which is obviously in Oklahoma. And here I sit. very stinky. for two days ago I was packing at the old house and my wife was at the new house (where we are now) and she was having a conversation with the water department that went something along the lines of "ok ma’am your water is on from the street, but I have no clue why it is not on inside your house so you have a nice day now goodbye." which is all very fine and good if my wife happened to be a plumber. The last time I checked, she does not plum.

Which leads to a very disturbing text that was sent to me. Which leads to my heavy heart whilst packing, which led nowhere, because packing took priority and I had a U-Haul to fill. So I am packing and she has returned and I have just spend most of the day filling the seventeen foot U-Haul by myself with help from her putting things in boxes. our only challenge was our couch. well... that and the three inches of snow that fell while I was packing... when it came time to finally put the couch in the truck I knew that she would not be good for it, so we got as far as we could... knowing that God would do something cool, because He usually does stuff like that to me all the time. a guy and a gal were walking by and I had a weird feeling that I should ask him to help us, and lo and behold it was one of Jennifer’s friends: the great x-ray. Seriously, the guys name is Xavier Ray. and I want to pay him when he's done, but he turns down the offer of Abraham and is on his way. but I think the point of this paragraph was to tell you of the trials and tribulations of me trying to get packed when water was on Jennifer’s mind and I am telling her that packing is a priority over water at this point and she gives me the fire-eyes and says: IS IT to which I melt away from the burning sensation and continue to pack on my own.

And we then at the new place. and our neighbor Sam is helping me dig thru the snow and open up the water cap and peer down at the meter in the dark with a flashlight, a couple of shovels and some questions. ok. the valve is set to the on position... the meter is not moving... both valves in the house are on? oh yeah. Jennifer has a heart-attack almost trying to call the world about where the shut-off valve is to the house while all the while downloading a .pdf from the inspector and it's there on page 45 showing that it is up against the wall, in the crawlspace, behind where the main T is for the sewer connect. and so rock-paper-scissors... even though I won... and I am crawling back in there verifying that it is on... is it on? I yell... NOOO I hear back... is it on? I yell... NOOO I hear back... is it on? I yell... NOOO I hear back - and so it goes, no water. yes Sam, there is no water, and so Sam puts the cap back on the thingy and the other thingy back on the top thingy and leaves me with a five gallon of water and the best wishes, because he and his wife are pretty cool people, and I even give them a tour of our pretty unique dark wooded pocket doors and hand carved pillars and they are like: oh you really got a great deal.

But there is no water today. I spent all that night unloading the trailer while I sent my wife to bed. That nice ramp came in handy. Total move time for me? Fifteen hours. No big deal right? Well tell that to my muscles. They yelled at me all day yesterday. so, ring, ring, hello? yes, come over! Here is our agent crawling around there yesterday and she couldn't figure it out... Leftie loosie and rightie tightie, we brought a heater down there to try to warm it up... maybe it is frozen we think. but in the end I believe that there is naught we can do but shell out the money ourselves and hire a plumber who will either lay hands on it and a miracle will happen or just dig up my backyard and repair a crack from the water main at the street to where it comes into our house... but I am still of the opinion that it is frozen from the street to our house, but what do I really know anyway, I am tired, my hands are gross, my feet stink, my pits and crotch have some sort of jungle-party happening, there is a pile of dishes beginning that will probably become some monstrosity, and I have just used the last of the five gallon bucket to flush a morning bowel movement...

And my friend asked on Facebook a couple of days ago: is running water a need or a want? to which I still have my answer: it is not a need still... But the price of working so hard to get fresh water for all of the daily tasks that I have make it probably number one on my convenience list. So if I divided up all the things in my life into the "need, want and desire" categories? If water is in the need category, then running water is at the top of the charts of the want category. I would like to lie (still) and say that it is a need, but it's not. You can always haul water... it takes a lot of time. Too much time for me I say. so all I can do is wait until the plumber is called and in the mean time? Be meek and inventive.

One day, when I look back and this and laugh, I hope to do so... while taking a long, hot shower.

PT Shamrock's Mid June 2020 Newsletter

PT Shamrock's Mid June 2020 Newsletter

"Only one form of contagion travels faster than a virus. And that's fear."
- Dan Brown
In this issue:
* Welcome To Freedumbville USSA!
* Bend Over!
* Food for thought
* The District of Criminals
* Police State
* Red Hot Product!
* Advisory
* Benjamin Netanyahu Proposes Mark Of The Beast,
* Shamrock's Missive
* Letters To The Editor
* Quote of the month!
*** Welcome To Freedumbville USSA!
"Your Every Move Will Be Watched": Post-COVID Offices To Resemble China's Social Credit System
- Tyler Durden
We recently detailed how when America's white collar work force returns to their offices, business complexes, and sky scrapers, their experience in the post-COVID 'reopened' work space is likely to resemble something more like an airport security check zone, complete with invasive protocols like frequent temperature checks and 'social distancing' and health surviellance, as well as Plexiglass enclosed cubicles and HR-style enforcement monitors.
If all that sounds like a hassle, the WSJ has since taken up the question of America's near-future office spaces, and the end result looks to be worse than expected. "Your every move will be watched," the report emphasizes:
In Midtown Manhattan, thermal cameras will measure body temperatures as employees file into a 32-story office tower at Rockefeller Center. The building's owner, RXR Realty, said it is also developing a mobile app for tenants to monitor — and score — how closely their workers are complying with social distancing.
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP said it is preparing to launch this month a phone app for employers that traces contacts by analyzing workers' interactions in the office. More than 50 clients have expressed interest, including some of the nation's biggest banks, manufacturers and energy companies.
It sounds like something very close to China's 'big brother' social credit scoring system which made world headlines last year, as it relies on cutting edge facial recognition software designed to permanently store a citizen profile while actively tracking individuals' public movements.
There's already been reported instances of Chinese citizens being prevented from taking trains due to the system forecasting they might not be able to pay, or some other 'pre-crime' risks.
And now this is getting closer to home, possibly coming to an office near you:
Advertising giant Interpublic Group of Cos . is exploring dividing its 22,000 U.S. employees into three separate groups, according to perceived health risks, which could include age. Workers could be asked to disclose medical and other personal information about themselves and, in some cases, family members...
"It is a reasonable approach, if you can get through the operational and some of the privacy and regulatory issues," Dr. Ossmann said.
It's certainly alarming anytime it has to be admitted that "privacy issues" are merely a pesky little something to "get through".
The Wall Street Journal
Covid-19 is taking workplace surveillance to a higher level, with some employers planning to track movements and gather personal information like never before in Western democracies
Welcome Back to the Office. Your Every Move Will Be Watched.

Employers plan new tools to measure office interactions and track workers' health. Some offices say it's the only way to reopen without a vaccine; others worry the new technology could remain in...
There's already talk of health tracking apps set up on a reward/punishment system of incentives sounding like something straight out of the dystopian futuristic series Black Mirror.
This would further be integrated with controversial thermal imaging technology - some already set up at Amazon warehouses - capable of storing face recognition data (thought the company promises not to activate the storing software).
And it's complete with live "guinea pigs" — rather, currently returning office employees, as the WSJ writes of one real estate company:
RXR, the real-estate company, is testing new systems on its own employees. "We are using ourselves as the guinea pigs," RXR's Chief Executive Scott Rechler said.
The company aims to have its social-distancing app ready at the end of May. Workers' movements are tracked through their smartphones — you get a higher score the more time in the office you are farther than 6 feet from another person. An individual would see his or her own score, and the employer would see aggregate data on how employees are complying with social distancing as a whole.
Your email...
Comply or else what?... Yet another reason why employees would have to worry about keeping their jobs.
And more on labeling broad groups of employees according to perceived COVID-19 risk factors:
A worker that tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, indicating they had the infection in the past, would be considered a "Level 1" employee — the lowest risk— and could return to work when states and cities lift work-from-home orders.
Those without antibodies but who are considered a low to moderate risk would count as "Level 2." This group would include employees who are under 65 years old, don't live with high-risk people and don't have chronic diseases including diabetes or hypertension. This group could potentially return to work in a second wave.
Employees over 65, or those who are pregnant, smoke, have chronic diseases or health issues would be considered "Level 3." These at-risk employees would have to wait the longest to return, Dr. Ossmann said.
We wonder when the initial discrimination lawsuits based on how identifying characteristics are interpreted and assigned would start rolling down hill.
But again, to see how all of this would actually play out, one need only watch episodes of the Black Mirror. What could go wrong?
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*** Bend Over!
Wrong Think
Twitter Will Now Warn You If You Are About to Post Wrongthink
- Allum Bokhar
Are you about to post a tweet containing "harmful" language? Don’t worry — Twitter is experimenting with a feature that will warn you ahead of time, so you don't accidentally infect any users with your wrongthink.
"When things get heated, you may say things you don't mean," wrote Twitter's official support account in a tweet yesterday.
"To let you rethink a reply, we're running a limited experiment on iOS with a prompt that gives you the option to revise your reply before it's published if it uses language that could be harmful."
It's a bit like "precrime" in the 2002 Tom Cruise film Minority Report. Twitter will notice when you're about to use a bad word, giving you the chance to avoid a rule violation and save your account from the digital gulag.
"We're trying to encourage people to rethink their behavior and rethink their language before posting because they often are in the heat of the moment and they might say something they regret," said Sunita Saligram, Twitter's global head of site policy for trust and safety, in a comment to Reuters.
Twitter's "trust and safety" department was acknowledged by its then-policy manager, Olinda Hassan to be "controversial," in an undercover video recorded by Project Veritas in 2018.
In the same secretly-recorded exchange, Hassan said one of the things the Trust & Safety team was working on in 2018 was ways to "get the shitty people to not show up." (The comment was made in response to an undercover reporter asking her about the prominence of tweets from author and filmmaker Mike Cernovich).
Twitter now appears to be taking a different approach. Instead of trying to get you to not show up, the platform intends to train its users out of their bad behavior, like unruly dogs.
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Food for thought
The price of Covid freedom may be eternal spying
- Andy Mukherjee
Much of our pre-coronavirus lives may be reclaimable with some modifications around how we work, socialise and travel. In one crucial way, though, the post-pandemic landscape will be very different: The individual's autonomy over her data may be lost forever. Our mobiles will keep us safe — by spying on us.
This will have important consequences for the relationship not just between citizens and governments, but also between consumers and businesses.
Blame the coming end of privacy on success. South Korea and Taiwan have won acclaim for flattening the Covid-19 curve by digitally tracking infected persons. As my colleague Anjani Trivedi described in March, no government was using dispersed databases as extensively to fight the spread of the disease as Seoul. Before an explosive outbreak in its worker dormitories, Singapore earned praise for TraceTogether, which claims to be the first Bluetooth contact-tracing app covering an entire nation. The 1.4 million users represent roughly a fourth of the island's population.
It hasn't gone unnoticed that enthusiastic adapters of such software are in East Asia where, as MIT Sloan School of Management professor Yasheng Huang and others note, "a collectivist spirit may encourage civic-minded embrace of and a more willing compliance with governments' infection control."
But while cultural differences can help explain the beginning, the end game may be more universal: power and profit. Safely restarting economies will require governments to restore trust in people mingling in factories, offices, cafes and trains. It can supposedly be done with data more granular than what can be obtained from cellphone networks. Hence states want access to phones, with or without informed consent. Turning the clock back will be hard, if not impossible.
Take India's Aarogya Setu, or Bridge of Health, Covid-19 contact-tracing app. It's got privacy warriors worried because the country lacks a data protection framework. Among other things, activists want the government to ensure that "any data collected in an external server is designed to be deleted and that it won't be integrated with other databases," according to a working paper by the New Delhi-based Internet Freedom Foundation. For now, there are only assurances that the app will wither away once the outbreak is contained, but no legal guarantees.
The Singaporean app records physical proximity in an anonymised form on smartphones. Minimal data is stored on servers. Only if a user falls sick are his contacts tracked and alerted. Given that it's been less than two years since the revelation that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's health records were hacked, I'd hesitate to brand the experiment as foolproof. But it's at least a voluntary exchange. India's app is anything but. As the country tentatively reopens after a 43-day lockdown, it's been made mandatory — first for public-sector employees and now for private-sector workers. Company bosses are liable to ensure their workers download the app, though nobody is accountable for misuse of data.
TraceTogether's building blocks are in the public domain. The source code of Aarogya Setu is yet to be opened. The Indian government recently denied a French security researcher's claim that the privacy of 90 million Indians is at stake. Hours later, the so-called ethical hacker who goes by the name of Elliott Anderson tweeted that five people were feeling unwell in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's office.
Where boundaries between private and public are thin to begin with, a pandemic can make them disappear. A New York Times analysis of China's Alipay Health Code software, which mixes a cocktail of data to colour-code a person's health status, found that some information is shared with the police. The digital prowess of Alibaba Group Ltd. or its rival, Tencent Holdings Ltd., has no match in India. But firms are eager to harness the online footprints of the country's 1.3 billion people. Covid-19 might give those plans a fillip.
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*** The District of Criminals
Ex-Fauci Employee Who Was Jailed Speaks Out In Viral Interviews
- Kelen McBreen
An expert virologist who worked under Anthony Fauci before being jailed and placed on a 5-year gag order is speaking out in a pair of viral interviews.
One interview comes as part of a documentary called Plandemic that is being censored by YouTube.
The Plandemic filmmakers released a half-hour long vignette where renowned scientist Judy Mikovits PHD exposes Dr. Fauci's involvement in purposely withholding information that could have saved millions of lives during the AIDS epidemic.
"The entire continent of Africa lost a generation as that virus was spread through because of the arrogance of a group of people, and it includes Robert Redfield who's now the head of the CDC, right along with Tony Fauci," she explains.
The full film is set to be released this summer.
YouTube uploads of the interview are being taken down, but with multitudes of users uploading the video to their accounts, several versions still exist. states, "In an effort to bypass the gatekeepers of free speech, we invite you to download this interview by simply clicking the button below, then uploading directly to all of your favorite platforms."
Another interview with Dr. Mikovits, uploaded by popular YouTube channel Valuetainment, has been viewed over 1 million times in one week.
In the nearly 2-hour interview, Patrick Bet-David asks Dr. Mikovits about her two books, her history with Dr. Fauci, life as a fugitive and much more.
One thing is certain, the establishment wants to silence Dr. Mikovits, but the people are hungry for the information she's presenting.
From the Plandemic website:
Humanity is imprisoned by a killer pandemic. People are being arrested for surfing in the ocean and meditating in nature. Nations are collapsing. Hungry citizens are rioting for food. The media has generated so much confusion and fear that people are begging for salvation in a syringe. Billionaire patent owners are pushing for globally mandated vaccines. Anyone who refuses to be injected with experimental poisons will be prohibited from travel, education and work. No, this is not a synopsis for a new horror movie. This is our current reality.
Let's back up to address how we got here…
In the early 1900s, America's first Billionaire, John D. Rockefeller bought a German pharmaceutical company that would later assist Hitler to implement his eugenics-based vision by manufacturing chemicals and poisons for war. Rockefeller wanted to eliminate the competitors of Western medicine, so he submitted a report to Congress declaring that there were too many doctors and medical schools in America, and that all natural healing modalities were unscientific quackery. Rockefeller called for the standardization of medical education, whereby only his organization be allowed to grant medical school licenses in the US. And so began the practice of immune suppressive, synthetic and toxic drugs. Once people had become dependent on this new system and the addictive drugs it provided, the system switched to a paid program, creating lifelong customers for the Rockefellers. Currently, medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US. Rockefeller's secret weapon to success was the strategy known as, "problem-reaction-solution." Create a problem, escalate fear, then offer a pre-planned solution. Sound familiar?
Flash forward to 2020…
They named it COVID19. Our leaders of world health predicted millions would die. The National Guard was deployed. Makeshift hospitals were erected to care for a massive overflow of patients. Mass graves were dug. Terrifying news reports had people everywhere seeking shelter to avoid contact. The plan was unfolding with diabolical precision, but the masters of the Pandemic underestimated one thing… the people. Medical professionals and every-day citizens are sharing critical information online. The overlords of big tech have ordered all dissenting voices to be silenced and banned, but they are too late. The slumbering masses are awake and aware that something is not right. Quarantine has provided the missing element: time. Suddenly, our overworked citizenry has ample time to research and investigate for themselves. Once you see, you can't unsee.
The window of opportunity is open like never before. For the first time in human history, we have the world's attention. Plandemic will expose the scientific and political elite who run the scam that is our global health system, while laying out a new plan; a plan that allows all of humanity to reconnect with healing forces of nature. 2020 is the code for perfect vision. It is also the year that will go down in history as the moment we finally opened our eyes.
Editors Note: Do yourself and loved ones a favor and invest 26 minutes of your time watching and listing to this brave person's sad and scary story. Watch it before it is taken off line. – Watch Here -
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*** Police State
Baltimore civil rights groups oppose aerial surveillance pilot program
- Brie Stimson
Civil rights groups in Baltimore voiced their opposition to a pilot program announced by the police department Friday that would involve three surveillance planes flying over the city in an effort to stem violent crime.
The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland and the Coalition for Justice, Safety and Jobs issued a joint statement that said the program is a "fateful step" that will "impact the privacy rights of Black and Brown residents for generations to come."
The statement said the airplanes would put every Baltimore resident under permanent surveillance.
City solicitor Andre Davis, left, listens as Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, right, announces support for a pilot program that uses surveillance planes over the city to combat crime on Friday, Dec. 20, 2019, in Baltimore. (Jerry Jackson/The Baltimore Sun via AP)
City solicitor Andre Davis, left, listens as Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, right, announces support for a pilot program that uses surveillance planes over the city to combat crime on Friday, Dec. 20, 2019, in Baltimore. (Jerry Jackson/The Baltimore Sun via AP)
Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, who was a previous skeptic of the program, said the test (which could last up to six months) will be "yet another tool" to fight the increasing violence in the city.
The planes will collect imagery during high crime hours, with technology developed by Ohio-based Persistent Surveillance Systems, that will be reviewed by investigators for specific crimes.
Harrison added that police will not have access to live feeds.
"We will be the first American city to use this technology in an attempt to solve and deter violent crime," Harrison said in a news conference Friday.
The pilot program set to launch in May 2020 has been controversial since it was secretively tried three years ago by a different police commissioner.
Top officials were unaware of the program's use in 2016 until it was reported by Bloomberg Businessweek. More than 300 hours of images were captured by the cameras. The images were primarily used to see criminals arriving to and leaving crime scenes.
"During the short test in 2016, in the equivalent of two weeks of flying, we watched five murders and 18 shootings and provided that information to investigators. We look forward to supporting the people of Baltimore in their efforts to reduce major crime and we look forward to doing so in a very open and transparent way," the company's president said.
Harrison announced there will be a series of meetings to inform the public about the test and how it will benefit the city. The cost of the program will be covered by philanthropic funds, not tax dollars.
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*** Advisory
The Ultra-Rich Are Now Buying 'Pandemic Passports' So They Can Move to Safer Countries
Applications for new nationalities have increased 42 percent since last year, according to citizenship broker Henley & Partners.
- Robb Report

Australian PassportJamen Percy/Shutterstock
Wealthy travelers have been playing a game of "beat the ban" as countries have closed their borders to try to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Getting it wrong can be very expensive, as one British couple recently learned. The pair bought two GBP10,000 ($12,000) first-class tickets to escape from London to Barbados, but they were so worried that British Airways would axe its service that they paid GBP100,00 ($125,000) to charter a private jet instead. (BA carried on flying.)
Now the super-rich are buying the ultimate insurance policy to make sure they will be able to travel to whatever virus-free, sunny bolt-hole they choose, if a second spike in Covid-19 infections triggers another global lockdown. The world's wealthiest are snapping up multiple citizenships in countries around the world.
Henley & Partners, a London-based citizenship broker, is one of the biggest players in the nearly $4 billion-a-year "identity management" business (a.k.a. "passports for sale"). The firm's latest figures show a 42 percent year-over-year increase in the number of people filing a formal application for a new nationality during the first three months of 2020. The number of inquiries is up by 25 percent.
"'Investment migration' has shifted from being about living the life you want in terms of holidays and business travel to a more holistic vision that includes healthcare and safety," Dr. Christian Kalin, the firm's chairman, told Robb Report.
Private jet
So, what exactly is convincing high net worth individuals that they need an escape plan? According to one Italian multi-millionaire who is critical of his government's handling of the pandemic, the decision came down to two factors: the varying performance of national healthcare services and the closure of national borders, which has split up families. "We want to know there is a safe place, with good medical services, that the whole family can go to at short notice if we need to," the millionaire told Robb Report. "Only citizenship can guarantee that." Countries that have closed borders have continued to admit nationals returning home. Most national airlines have maintained some flights to major capitals.
The most popular "pandemic passports" or permanent residency programs are those of Australia, Antigua, St Kitts and Nevis, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta and Montenegro. All offer nationality or permanent residency in return for a direct donation to the national treasury or investments in local property or businesses. It can cost as little as $100,000 per family member in the Caribbean, rising through €1 million to €uro 2 million ($1.1 million to $2.2 million) in Malta and Cyprus, to €uro 7 million ($7.6 million) in Austria.
Australia and Austria are particularly attractive because they not only have high-quality national health services but the government of each country acted quickly to limit the spread of the virus. The United Kingdom, which has been a magnet for the super-rich in recent years and offers residency—but not a passport—in return for multi-million-pound investments, is not considered a safe haven because critics say the government botched its handling of the pandemic by reacting too slowly to the threat and failing to ensure the National Health Service was properly prepared.
Although having funds to buy multiple citizenship's gives the rich an advantage in protecting their health and lifestyle, Kalin points out that the fees and taxes they pay are a source of much-needed capital for hard-pressed governments that now have to raise funds to pay for Covid-19 emergency economic bail-out programs. "Take Antigua," he says. "It depends on tourism and now there is none and there won't be for some time. It needs fresh sources of funds. Citizenship by investment is one."
Editor's Note: You may not be one of the super rich, but you most likely can afford the "2nd Best Passport!" Email the leprechaun for full particulars simply by placing "2nd Best Passport!" in your email subject heading and we'll forward you complete details.
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*** It's Official! Benjamin Netanyahu Proposes Mark Of The Beast, Calls For All Children To Be Microchipped First
This follows Bill & Melinda Gates filing patents for similar systems
- Infowars
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling for all children to be microchipped in the name of protecting public health.
Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Netanyahu suggested the Health Ministry use new technology to help Israel socially adapt ahead of lifting the coronavirus lockdown. "That is, technology that has not been used before and is allowed under the legislation we shall enact," he clarified.
"I spoke with our heads of technology in order to find measures Israel is good at, such as sensors. For instance, every person, every kid – I want it on kids first – would have a sensor that would sound an alarm when you get too close, like the ones on cars," Netanyahu said.
Hear that? Children are just like cars! So why can't they be microchipped like cars?
However, the prime minister received swift pushback from cybersecurity experts, with some claiming that using the implantable microchip technology to keep children socially distant is "fictional and dangerous."
"It will be hard to do it to more than a million schoolchildren who return to their educational institutions in order to ensure one student sits at the distance of two meters from another. It is fictional and dangerous," cyber resilience expert Einat Meron told Ynet.
"Theoretically, I get the idea behind it," she said. "But although such distance-sensitive microchips exist in vehicles, it is different in humans."
"A beeping sound telling me I got close to someone is not enough. Who says it will change anything? I would have gotten closer either way," Meron added.
This comes after Bill Gates announced his plan to implement tracking bracelets and invisible tattoos for Americans to monitor their health.
Additionally, Microsoft filed patent #060606 in 2020, which details a technology that uses internal human body activity to mine cryptocurrency.
The dam that is the globalist dehumanization agenda is breaking, with all its advanced tracking and control systems already being rolled out.
In China, the communist regime uses a social credit system to control how its population makes purchases.
Here in the U.S., the same technology is being rolled out to control Americans, but in the name of medical security and public health.
And remember, this is in addition to Big Pharma's plan to vaccinate over 1 billion people by next year.
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Probably the last thing you want to read about is anything to do with the "Covo19 virus." However I would be remiss if I didn't put my thoughts into this missive for you to ponder. Like 9/11/2001 previously, this Covo19 virus will change the world as we knew it.
As I write these words, we're still in a lock-down mode, which was once again extended. I suppose I should be happy about this, as according to the powers to be being one of those most at risk, i.e., a person over 60, is more likely to contact the dreaded Covo19 than younger folks!
That said there just may be a hidden opportunity with all this virus mess we're in and have been going through. Sooner or later, as always in the past, we'll recover economically from this financial debacle we're going though.
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Then try opening an account offshore, especially if you happen to be one of our American friends! Most offshore banks won't touch American clients with a ten foot pole because of Amerika's arcane banking laws. For others, personal appearances at the bank are mandatory, plus having a banks proctologist examine your entire financial life, demanding an unbelievable level of financial intrusion into ones life just for considering you as a possible account opening client, all of which is reprehensible to say the least.
Having had a good deal of time on hand due to travel restrictions, etc., we've kept ourselves busy contacting numerous banking contacts around the world. Banks are hurting nearly as much as we are these days. And the very good news is that some banks we've contacted have become very much more flexible regarding account openings and offering accounts to our Americans friends.
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*** Letters to the Editor:
Keep them postcards and letters coming' folks, 'cause we done mailed the rosebushes!
Dear Shamrock:
The US Government is creating ways to prevent people from leaving or traveling within the US. I recently had my drivers license suspended saying I owed child support for kids I do not owe money to!
CSED claims I must pay back thousands of dollars. I cannot win as I've already tried. The Child support enforcement is out of control. I believe that the US Government is going to find a way to make all the people who live here (US) felons, or claim they have fake debts, or force them into "DEBT" to control their traveling or leaving.
I did try to use the link at your web site for your drivers license program, but it didn't work. I would need a new type of drivers ID number or SSN#, I believe to keep them from stopping me the airport if I were to leave or travel within the US. I cannot get a passport here unless I pay the United States Communist Regime.
How much do your driver's licenses cost and where are they from?
From a Friend.
Dear Friend:
Our DL's are created "after hours" from an English speaking Asian issuing office. Therefore, they are not registered in that governments system. That said not a single client over 20 years has had a problem using them, whilst driving in a proper manner or for ID purposes. Naturally if the authorites contacted the DL governments office all bets are off if one had a serious accident or a drink driving offense. Other than those kinbd of serious offenses, that is highly unlikely.
The DL's come with 2 x international drivers licenses, dated consecutively. Note all international dl's (IDL's) are valid for one year only. We include 2 IDL's; dated for example June 1st, 2020 to May 31st, 2021 and the 2nd IDL from June 1st 2021 to May 31st 2022.
The DL is valid for 5 years and can be issued in any name, place and date of birth. The cost is Euro 1,250 including shipping.
Keep the faith!
PT Shamrock
Dear Shamrock:
I've been trying to open an offshore bank account with my driver's license with no lick. Can you help?
Dear R.P.
Unfortunately, offshore banks today require a notarized passport copy, utility bills, plus, plus plus! There is just no way around this nowadays I am sorry to write.
Alternatively, you can order a bank account from us with our Leprechauns' "No ID" option, at additional cost, or our nominee banking package from the UK, which is highly recommended. Email if this information is desired.
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PT Shamrock
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Quote of the month!
"Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say."
- Edward Snowden
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PT Shamrock - issue one; 1994
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