FOX NEWS says: Jesus only saves HALF of people

FOX and ZONDERVAN (makers if the NIV) are both owned by mogul Rupert Murdock

Over 60,000 words missing* from the original manuscripts to "correct" new versions.

*(missing! this does not include diluted phrases or misinterpretations to achieve a new copyright status to bring it out of public domain status)

You don't get saved with the NIV bible. TOO FUNNY!

non-inspired version (NIV) deletion list


Wescott and Hort are the two men, who in the late 1800's popularized the two texts, the Sinaiticus and the Vaticanus.

The two texts have become known as the minority manuscripts because of the way they stand apart from the vast majority of manuscript evidence, known as the Textus Receptus.

The letters of the two men, Wescott and Hort, clearly show us that one leaned toward Rome and the Vatican to the point of trusting in transubstantiation ( a Roman Catholic Dogma), and the other was friends with Darwin and the yearning for 'naturalistic' explanations for the origin of species.

So, two splits, three branches. One is truth, the others have more sway and/or more money.

In much the same way as the early dinosaur bone diggers could promote their careers with a great find, Wescott and Hort would propel themselves to the fore by promoting their minority manuscripts as being older and therefore 'more accurate'.

As a matter of fact, the NIV is the version that the Jehovahs Witnesses carry going door to door (they just might not admit it.)

As a matter of fact: The Codex Vaticanus, AND Codex Sinaiticus are riddled with ancient corrections, as if a monk of inferior intelligence had begged to be allowed to work in transcription and then made many errors that needed correction.

lol... "Hey Brother! Can I work on the scripts too?" he pleads... "Yes brother Dufus, get out your medieval crayons after nap time."

Just thought I would 'share' this lovely tidbit with my fans.