revival fire: the cassette tape that made it's way around the world

this tape changed my life.

i got it on a fluke and it sat on my desk in 1999 and screamed at me.

not really, but every time i walked into the room it was the only thing i saw.

and eventually,

i wore out three copies of it.

and i gave away over 100 copies of it.

(1)revival fire cassette side one
(2)revival fire cassette side two



1) passionate preaching
2) point of view history
2) emotional theme music
3) weeping
4) personal stories & testimony


1) martin luther - protests the churches prosperity with 95 thesis (1517)
1) john knox - protestant reformation spreads (1549)
2) john wesley (1739)
3) welsh revival (1904)
4) hebrides revival (1949)
5) toronto / brownsville revival (1995)


enjoy this gem.