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Times Square bomb: terrorism or PR?

Israeli Uncensored News
May 2, 2010

In what might be a watershed development, police defused a car bomb at New York’s Times Square. The bomb was of the classical Iraqi type: propane cylinders and gasoline. Fireworks were used instead of explosives. Amateurish, yes, but simple and efficient.

If the car bomb was planted by Muslims, that might be a harbinger of Pearl Harbor proportions. The 9/11-type hijacking is a relatively sophisticated affair, but Muslim saboteurs can easily plant any number of car bombs anywhere in America. Unless the American national spirit has changed drastically in the seven decades, such ubiquitous attacks would push the US public opinion toward an all-out war against terrorist supporting regimes – naturally, Muslim regimes.

Quantity is the real test. If car bombs start popping out in US cities, we can assume the Times Square bombing attempt was for real. Some details are immediately suspect. Why would the terrorists use a false license plate instead of renting a legitimate car? How did they get hold of a license plate which the owner had sent for scrapping? Why use an SUV instead of a roomy mini-van – a standard car for bombings, and less conspicuous for parking? Not the least, technical failures are extremely uncommon in car bombs which are carefully assembled in suitable conditions.


Will Feds Blame Car Bomb On Patriots?

NY’s Times Square Car bomb made safe

ITN News
Sunday, May 2, 2010

Police have “rendered safe” a car bomb found inside a sport utility vehicle that triggered the evacuation of New York’s Times Square on Saturday night.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has told a news conference it could have turned into a very deadly event.

“We have no idea who did this and why.” He said the bomb appeared to have been made in an amateurish manner.

The device is being dismantled and kept for forensic study. Mr Bloomberg says the black coloured vehicle was filled with explosive materials.

Police were alerted to the smoking vehicle by a street vendor. The car had also emitted a small "flash".

Authorities are checking CCTV footage from around the area in Manhattan to see whether they can work out who was with the vehicle and reports that a man was seen running away from it.

Saturday is Broadway's busiest night and many people were left watching from behind cordons as events unfolded.

New York authorities have remained on high alert for another attack since the Sept 11 2001 attacks in which hijacked airliners toppled the World Trade Center's twin towers.

Last year police said they thwarted a plot to bomb the New York subway system and arrested a number of suspects in a case that has led to some guilty pleas


Media Speculates Car Bomb Was Reprisal For South Park Controversy

Nick Allen
London Telegraph
May 2, 2010

“Luckily, no one is hurt, and now the full attention of city, state and federal law enforcement will be turned to bringing the guilty party to justice in this act of terrorism,” New York Governor David Paterson said.

The bomb, which failed to detonate, was left in a sport utility vehicle close to a Broadway theatre where a production of The Lion King was showing.

It contained three propane tanks, fireworks, two five gallon gasoline containers, two clocks with batteries, electrical wires and a 4ft by 2ft metal box.

The dark green Nissan Pathfinder with tinted windows was parked near the junction of 45th Street and Broadway.

The location is also adjacent to the Viacom building, fuelling speculation that it might be linked to the company’s controversial South Park cartoon which recently depicted Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit.