The following are samples that can help get you started on writing letters. However, please use them only as samples. Be original and use your own personality.

Your Address
City, State, Zip
Current Date

Employer’s Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip

Dear Mr./Ms./Dr./Individual’s Name:

Introduction: Reference previous conversation or correspondence… give specific dates if possible… state appreciation for past considerations… succinctly state current business.

Body: Give details on purpose of letter… make reference to attachments… write short but complete sentences… avoid large and unnecessary words… cover the central theme completely… make paragraphs with indentation and two to five sentences.

Close: State the action you expect from the recipient… keep paragraph short… indicates your next plan of action… offer specific date of expected action if appropriate… thanks the recipient.

Very truly yours, (sincerely, sincerely yours, truly yours, etc.)

(Three spaces)

Typed Name

P.S. Information that came after the letter was written. Sometimes used for emphasis.

Encl. (Indicates that there is an attachment)

cc: Career Services Office (Indicates others who are kept informed)

After an informational or a specific job interview, reception or office visit, it is both polite and helpful to follow-up by sending a thank you letter. This need not be lengthy or involved, but should merely thank the interviewers for taking the time to speak with you or spending time with you.

The thank you letter provides a pleasant reminder to the interviewer that you were in to speak with him or her. It refreshes his/her memory of who are you, and keeps him/her thinking of you.

To help personalize your letter, immediately after the event, jot down a few things you discussed. Ask for a business card, perhaps put your notes on the back to help remind you what you talked about and with whom.

It is also appropriate to write back after you receive a turn down. This lets the employer know there are no hard feelings and you are still interested in the company and it’s opportunities for you.

Additionally, this type of follow-up note provides you with the opportunity to add anything important that you may have forgotten to say, and to again clearly state your feelings about being considered for the position in question.


P. O. BOX 737

Lubbock, Texas 79416

(806) 333-3333

July 20, 20XX

Mr. Fred James
Employment Manager
XYZ Manufacturing Company
Bidwell, North Carolina 28100

Dear Mr. James:

Just a short note to thank you for my recent interview. It was a most interesting and informative dialogue and further heightened my interest in XYZ. I particularly enjoyed our conversation about the new product line and our common interest in race cars. (State something special you remember to help the recruiter remember YOU!) I am certain I can be an asset to your firm.

I have enclosed a listing of my references, as you requested. I will look forward to your decision regarding the available sales position and hope it is favorable.


Fred M. Stone


Louis Mabley

1711 Travis Heights Blvd. Austin, TX 78704 (512) 442-4949


Paula Boynton
Frito Lay, Inc.
P.O. Box 660634
Dallas, TX 75266-4800

Dear Paula;

I was very disappointed to miss the Frito Lay reception on Tuesday the 10th of October. As I mentioned in my phone message I was unfortunately taking an accounting midterm.

Believe me, I would rather have been at the reception.

I am very interested in marketing at Frito Lay. I enjoyed my internship at Kraft Foods immensely this summer, however, for a few reasons I believe Frito Lay would be a better fit for me. Primarily, I am impressed by the relative small size of Frito Lay marketing department and aggressive growth figures that you have recent earned. This combination suggests that Frito Lay is a great place to learn, and a place with ample opportunity. From my discussions with Frito Lay representatives at the Eyes on Texas career fair I got the sense that the people at Frito Lay are both energetic and friendly. For me it is very important to feel comfortable in my working environment. Lastly, as I may have told you, I used to live in Dallas and look forward to returning.

Thank you for your time. I am enclosing a resume and look forward to the opportunity of further discussing career opportunities at Frito Lay when you return to Campus. I would also like to add that I am running the Job Shops program this year for the Marketing Network. If you are ever available to come down and speak to first years on opportunities at Frito Lay and what Frito Lay looks for in the recruiting process I think they would find this very interesting and useful. If you are interested please call me at the above number and we can look at dates. Thanks again.


Louis L. Mabley

Daniel W. Carsel
3500 Greystone #136
Austin, TX 78731
(512) 794-0105

February 20, 2000

Richard J. Cagley
Senior Product Manager
Coca-Cola Foods
2000 St. James Place
Houston, TX 77056

Dear Richard:

I would like to thank you for the interview at UT Austin today. It was a pleasure speaking with you and learning about what you do at Coca-Cola Foods. I am looking forward to speaking with you further about a summer position in Houston. It is clear that the company needs people who will be able to hit the ground running. It is also clear to me that people are considered a valuable resource. I am very impressed with that.

I am looking for a company that will allow me to put to use all the business skills that I have developed over years – and not stamp out my creativity. I am very excited by I have seen at Coca-Cola Foods. Please let me know if there is any more information I can provide to aid in your decision.

Very truly yours,

Daniel W. Carsel

1200 Barton Hills Drive Apt. 265
Austin, TX 78704

February 18, 2000

Mr. Indraj Gill
Server Brand Manager
Dell Worldwide
2300 Green Lawn Blvd.
Round Rock, TX 78664

Dear Mr. Gill:

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me about the opportunities available at Dell this summer in your Marketing Department.

I am very excited about the prospect of working at Dell this summer because of the entrepreneurial spirit of the company. As an outside sales representative for Smiths Industries Medical Systems, I spent a great time working alone and relied on my own self-motivation to succeed. My work and school experiences have allowed me to develop the necessary communication and analytical skills to contribute to the Marketing Department at Dell. As in the Health Care market, the computer industry is rapidly changing and growing. With my background, I believe I have the flexibility and drive to flow with these changes.

I have a strong interest in working in high technology marketing. I look forward to taking on the challenges and responsibilities of a marketing intern at Dell.


Kathy Lewis

September 15, 2000

Mark W. Addicks
Director of Marketing, New Enterprises
General Mills, Inc.
P.O. Box 1113
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Dear Mark:

I am writing to thank you and the entire General Mills Texas Recruiting Team for an excellent reception and dinner. Your team has set a very high standard for others to follow!

While I was disappointed that I did not get to chat with you at dinner, I did enjoy meeting you at the reception. I particularly valued your assessment of the entrepreneurial spirit that you have found within General Mills. Such a spirit in combination with the responsibility and opportunity presented to Assistant Marketing Managers certainly places General Mills at the top of my list – I wouldn’t even mind the cold.

I have “dropped” through the career services automated system and, to be safe, I have included a copy of my resume for your review. I look forward to the opportunity in October to show you why I would be an excellent fit at the Company of Champions.

Thanks for the Frosted Cheerios (they’re quite good!),

Paul Verdu


125 S. High Street
Austin, Texas 78744

May 1, 2000

Key points:

· Graduating

· Commercial Sales

· Financial Orientation

· Industry Knowledge

· Leadership

· Transcript Skills

· Relevant Hobby

· Local Contact

Mr. James R. Big
Director of College Relations
Palo Alto, CA 94444

Dear Mr. Big:

In May I will be graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in marketing supported by strong set of finance and computer applications. I am seeking a position in commercial sales, which draws equally from my marketing and finance strengths. Your opportunity in calling on corporate financial managers for the purpose of selling financial software and hardware solutions excites me.

Hewlett-Packard and other hardware vendors in the computer industry offer a unique opportunity to use many of my skills. My elected leadership activities and involvement in intramural team sports give you some clue to my personality and spirit. My unofficial transcript illustrates the depth and breadth of my skills and interests in your opportunity.

I read several popular computer magazines regularly and have attuned to recent developments in microcomputers and related equipment throughout college. I work part-time at a local computer retailer dealing with everyone from hackers to local business owners.

The enclosed resume provides detail about my credentials and interests, but I need an opportunity to personally talk to you to best express how I can contribute to Hewlett-Packard. Even if you could put me in contact with a local representative as a shadow for a day, my talents would be clearer. I will call you on Wednesday to see when we might be able to get together.


Edward R. Bell

Enclosures: Resume

Unofficial Transcript

Excerpt from Career Planning Today

125 Schwartz Hall

The University of Texas at Austin

Austin, TX 78705

January 5, 2000

Mr. Harry Smith
Director of Sales and Marketing
Major Corporation
133 Lieutenant Circles
Dayton, OH 17385

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am submitting my resume for your review for the position of Sales Representative Trainee with Major Corporation. I feel that I have the necessary qualifications for your serious consideration and would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate this through a personal interview with your recruiter during your upcoming interview scheduled at UT.

Although short in experience, I am long on interest and enthusiasm! I am an outgoing, friendly individual who would enjoy developing strong personal relationships with customers. My bias for action and strong service orientation would serve me particularly well in responding to the needs of client organizations. My drive, determination and leadership skills are well evidenced by the following accomplishments:

· Grade Point Average of 3.6/4.0

· Fraternity President in Senior Year

Fraternity Vice President in Junior Year

Pledge Chairman in Sophomore Year

· Captain of Varsity Football Team – Senior Year

Varsity Football – 4 years

Varsity Tennis – 3 years

Intramural Wrestling & Boxing

· Producer & Director – Fraternity Play

I would like the chance to put my energy, drive and enthusiasm to work for a company such as yours. May I have the opportunity to further discuss my interest and qualifications during a personal interview with your representative?

I will call you on Wednesday, January 15, to determine your interest and to arrange a suitable time for a meeting with your recruiter. Thank you for your consideration.


Donald Kurt


Excerpt from The Perfect Cover Letter

Apartment 22

Stone Hill Estate

Austin, Texas 78705


February 1, 2000

Key points:

· Target field

· Personal Qualities

· Industry Interest

· Maturity

· Regional Interview

· Will Call


Excerpt from Career Planning Today
Mr. C. B. Executive
Personnel Department
Professional Pharmaceutical
Middletown, MI 47720

Dear Mr. Executive:

With a BBA degree in marketing and ten hours of chemistry courses at The University of Texas at Austin, I think that my academic qualifications and personality are well suited for a career in pharmaceutical marketing.

Two summers and many part-time jobs in sales-related positions have convinced me that sales is the best entry-level position for me to begin my career as a future marketing executive. I value the freedom and independence that you offer an individual after your training program, which I read about in the Career Services Office. Each my previous employers will tell you that I work hard and thrive under pressure and challenge. Although I have not been active in campus life as a leader because I have had to work to get through school, every work supervisor has expressed pleasure at my enthusiasm to serve customers.

In my last experience at Super Drugs, I worked for a pharmacist and talked with several salesmen who called on us. They all commented on the individual rewards of working in the booming health-related industry. The attached resume only brushes the surface of my qualifications so I hope I have the opportunity to elaborate on my credentials in person.

I am willing to work hard, study, learn and take responsibility. My I have the privilege of an interview? Since we are several hundred miles apart, would it possible for me to schedule an initial interview with any of your salesmen in this region? I plan to call you within the week to see if something might possibly be arranged. I need a chance to start as a sales representative because I know I can advance on my own merits with Professional Pharmaceuticals. Please call me if you need more information.


Morris Catt


Key points:

· Situation

· Strong Interest

· Great Visit

· Information Requested

· Confirmation of Motivation

· Decision Date

· Appreciation

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name

I really enjoyed the day I spent on Wednesday, November 1st, at your facilities talking to your managers. The reception I received was very welcomed. The interest shown in me heightened my excitement about the possibility of joining your management team.

Enclosed is information, which Ms. Jones requested, that will give you an indication of my ability. A couple of reference letters shows my commitment to excellence and hard work.

Thank you for your time and for an informative day exploring potential employment opportunities. I shall look forward to hearing positively from you soon. As you know, I would like to make a decision by (date).


Key points:

· Situation

· Impressed

· Expenses

· Excited

· Anxious to Hear


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Thank you for arranging a most complete day of interviews for me last week. Because of the well-planned and organized day of interviews with so many people, the time seemed to fly by. I hope that your people were as impressed with me as I was with them. I can see why you are so profitable with your high caliber of management personnel.

Enclosed is the expense statement, which you requested. The hotel apparently billed you directly because the desk clerk said there was no charge when I checked out.

The visit was truly enjoyable and productive for me. I am even more enthused about pursuing employment with you now. I have enclosed a copy recommendation letter from a former employer, which you may include in my file.

In my interview with Mr. Smith, he expressed some reservation about my writing and research ability, so I am also enclosing a copy of a term paper, which shows my capabilities. (Any additional information you may wish to use to support your cause should be included, but don’t overdo it.)

I am anxiously awaiting your reply. If you require any information, please call me.

Very truly yours,


123 Blue Ridge Road

Austin, Texas 78705

January 10, 2000

Key points:

· Capitalize on University

· Systems Openings

· Technical Qualification

· Self-description

· Non-technical talents

· Follow-up Plans
Mr. Ned Hill
Director of Information Systems
Aim Financial Services
Cleveland, OH 44207

Dear Mr. Hill:

The Career Services Office at the University of Texas at Austin recently posted an opening for a systems analyst in your computer center Cleveland. Being from vicinity, I know your organization well and feel that my qualifications will be of interest.

I have tried to merge my technical skills with marketing and communications courses. Although I am proficient with several computer languages, my other strength is my ability to work with others, define problems, and present alternate solutions.

My activities reveal my talents in working in teams, prioritizing my time commitments, and communicating to large groups. My resume shows the wide variety of experiences that I have enjoyed at UT.

I would appreciate discussing my interests with you. I will call you within the week to schedule an interview.


Scott Mills

Enclosure: Resume

Excerpt from Career Planning Today


Key points:

· Disappointed

· State Job Seeking

· Still Interested

· Preferred Employer

· Appreciation

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name

I was indeed disappointed to receive your letter of March xx informing me that you selected another candidate for the (title) position. However, I must say that it was a pleasure to meet with you and your colleagues who generously gave time to me.

The impression that you made on me was remarkable. Based upon your interviews I have decided to concentrate on exploring opportunities in your field. If there is any chance that you might later be interested in me, please give me a call. You would be my most preferred employer.

I would really be interested in hearing from you if any openings later materialize for which I might be qualified. Thank you for the consideration given to me.


Excerpt from Career Planning Today


Dear Mr./Ms./ Last Name:

Thank you for your consideration of my employment as a Financial Analyst in your company. I have given a great deal of thought to the offer and have decided to decline the offer.

You have a fine organization and there are many aspects of the position that are appealing to me. At this time, however, I have decided on another career opportunity.

Once again, thanks for considering me and for the many courtesies extended to me.

Very truly yours,

Excerpt from Successful Interviewing for College Seniors


Dear Mr./Ms./ Name:

This will confirm my acceptance of the position of marketing analyst in the XYZ Division of your company. I am delighted with the opportunity to join your organization and feel this matches my objectives precisely. I also feel certain I can make a significant contribution to the XYZ Corporation.

The arrangements for starting work as outlined in your letter of March 6, 2000 are entirely satisfactory. I will arrange for the medical examination and drug test and report to work at 8:00 a.m. on July 5, 2000 as stated. Enclosed are the forms you requested I fill out and return to you.

This promises to be a fine opportunity and I look forward to joining your company.


Your Name


Excerpt from Successful Interviewing for College Seniors


Basically, the job applicant has the unenviable task of trying to match his talents and experience to the stated or anticipated needs of the potential employer in an honest and appealing way.

Unfortunately, there are no magic formulas for doing this, as every potential employer, employee and position are different.

You can try lifting cute phrases from any one of a plethora of cover letter writing books that are available in bookstores and libraries.

But as with a $ 5,000 prepared resume, if the words are not your own and do not really represent who you are, the only person you may be fooling is yourself.

One good way to check whether you cover letter truly reflects who you are as a person and a professional is to read the letter out loud to yourself and any other trusted friend or family member who has time to listen to you.

If words sound like a stilted college lecture or a slick TV commercial, chances are that it will not go over too well with someone who does not know you and has little incentive to do so.

An effective cover letter is one that grabs the reader’s attention and makes him really want to get to know the person behind it. Ideally, you want a potential employer to echo the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Who you are speaks so loudly, I can hear what you are saying.”



General Broadcast Letter

Inquiry Letter

Internship Cover Letter

2nd Interview Thank You Letter

Request for Time Extension on Offer

Offer Acceptance Letter

Offer Rejection Letter

Follow Up a Company Rejection Letter
Request for Time Extension on Offer

December 10, 1999

Dr. Julia Edmonds, Marketing Director
Atlantic Engineering Systems, Inc.
1220 Warwick Avenue
Newport News, VA 23607

Dear Dr. Edmonds:

I have just recently received your written offer and wanted to thank you for your prompt follow up to our last meeting.

In your letter you requested a response before January 11, 2000. As you may well know, this is the peak interview time for all, soon to graduate MBA’s. I have a few remaining second and final interviews and hope to be in a position to make a sound and informed career decision on or before the end of January. I appreciate your interest and sincerely hope we can extend the response deadline.

As I have previously mentioned, I am extremely excited about the possibility of going to work for Atlantic Engineering Systems Inc. I feel confident that my experience and education qualifications will help me make immediate contributions. However, I want to be sure I am making a sound decision that will guarantee us both future long-term success.

I hope this request for a time extension will be acceptable. I would hate to miss out on such an excellent opportunity because of a few weeks difference in time. Please contact me as soon as possible and let me know your decision.

Thank you again for all of your time and consideration. I am anxiously looking forward to hearing from you.

Offer Acceptance Letter

December 11, 1999

Mr. George Jettson, Vice President of Operations
Spacey Sprockets
2001 Space Odyssey Avenue
Jupiter, New Jersey 20000

Dear Mr. Jettson:

I have received and reviewed your offer letter and am very pleased to let you know that I accept.

My understanding of the key points of my employment offer is as follows:

· My position title will be Product Marketing Manager

· Starting salary will be $75,000.

· Start date is January 22, 2000

· I will receive a signing bonus of $15,000, to be paid to me within the first two weeks of employment (taxes will be withheld at the standard IRS rate for a single individual, with no dependents)

· Relocation expenses are covered up to a total of $5,000. (Receipts will be required for relocation expense reimbursement)

· An annual performance bonus check will be received in December of 2000, and is guaranteed to be a minimum of $5,000 and possibly greater

If any of the above offer points are not correctly understood, please contact me so we may discuss the details and resolve any misunderstanding.

I thank you very much for the excellent opportunity and am anxiously looking forward to meeting you on January 22 to begin my career with Spacey Sprockets.


Tom Arnold
Internship Cover Letter

December 10, 1999

Mr. John O. Main, Director of Recruiting
Merrill Lynch and Company Incorporated
World Financial Center
New York, NY 10281-1331

Dear Mr. Main:

As a student in the finance concentration of MBA program at the University of Texas. I am presently pursuing internship opportunities for the summer of 2000. I recently attend your reception, hosted by Mr. John Doe, and find your internship program very appealing. I want to use my engineering background in the valuation of “high tech” securities or in the analysis of corporate debt-equity structuring.

My decision to expand, from engineering into business, was fueled by a desire to work in the financial industry, providing analysis and consultation to firms that developed advanced technology. I have a solid understanding of the technical and financial issues related to the successful operation of an emerging technology business.

Highlights of my accomplishments include:

· Heading a viability study for the use of robotics in nuclear reactors under a $600,000 Department of Energy grant

· Providing technical expertise on projects in Western Siberia

· Developing models of space station designs for NASA that were later utilized in space station design specifications

· 3 years work experience in the design and development of industrial processing equipment and systems

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you, in greater detail, your internship positions and my unique qualifications.

Thank you again for you time and consideration. I will follow up this correspondence to confirm receipt of my enclosed resume and to hopefully discuss potential internship opportunities with your organization.


Edgar E. Engineer
Inquiry Letter

December 19, 1999

Ms. Crystal Boss, President
Really Big Ad & P. R., Inc.
521 East Fern Street
Indianapolis, IN 82320

Dear Ms. Boss:

This fall I will be graduating with my MBA in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin. Wanting to get a jump on the competition, I am beginning to research potential career opportunities with progressive, highly visible consumer product manufacturers. Having recently read the Fortune magazine article on your company’s record-breaking quarter, I was impressed and am very interested in learning more about your company.

Highlights of my qualifications and professional experience include:

· 4 years experience in a privately held consumer products company as a product development/marketing manager

· Summer Internship with Procter & Gamble as Product Development Specialist

· B. S. in Marketing & Management from Tulane University in May 1994

· Graduate GPA 3.6 in major (3.2 GPA overall)

I will be in Indiana during the week of October 10 and hope your schedule will afford us the opportunity to meet briefly to discuss potential career opportunities and my qualifications. I will call your office next week to see if such a meeting can be arranged.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.


Stanley B. Student
General Broadcast Letter

December 10, 1999

Ms. Jane Doe, Vice President of Marketing
MBA Corporation
121 Yellow Brick Road
London, England 76545-0343

Dear Ms. Doe:

I am completing my MBA at the University of Texas at Austin and have enclosed a copy of my resume for consideration for the position of Marketing Manager. Based on what I have read about your company and understand about the position responsibilities, I feel confident that I have the necessary skills and motivation to make significant contribution to your marketing team.

The following highlights a few of my most significant accomplishments to date:

· Developed a major marketing plan to re-introduce a product line that represented 35% of our overall sales and 40% of our total profits

· The plan succeeded in a increasing sales 35% with 25% gain in net profits after 8 months

· Received the “Presidents Circle” for 1996, 1997, and 1998

I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to meet personally to discuss your staffing needs and the details of my personal and professional qualifications. I will follow up this letter with a telephone call to confirm your receipt of my resume and discuss the potential of setting an appointment for an interview.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Michael M. Masters
Follow up to a Company Rejection Letter

January 14, 1999

Mr. Bob Smith, Recruiting Director
ABC Corporation
250 Commerce Drive, Suite, 14
Columbus, IN 47210

Dear Mr. Smith:

I received your letter on Friday, January 23, containing the disappointing news that ABC was not pursuing employment possibilities with me further. The reason I am writing is to ask if this decision could be reconsidered.

I was, and am very excited about ABC Corporation. My research on your company and my visit convinced me that ABC offers the most challenging and rewarding career opportunities of all the firms that I have met with. I also feel that my educational background and prior work experience make me a well-qualified candidate for your company and the position we discussed.

I feel strongly that the future for ABC and its products and services are very promising, and I definitely want to be a part of the exciting growth ahead. Furthermore, I am attracted to ABC’s small town environment, having lived in a very rural area for much of my life.

If this request seems a bit “out of line”, I apologize. My desire to work for your company is strong enough that feel it is important to take the risk. I appreciate your time and consideration and hope to hear from you in the very near future.


William F. Waiting
2nd Interview

Thank You Letter

October 10, 2000

Ms. Joan Smith, Director of Marketing
American Consumer Products Company
1500 Elm Street
St. Paul, MN 55400

Dear Ms. Smith:

I wanted to thank you for the time you spent interviewing me for the Product Development Manager’s position. Your opportunity sounds like it offers significant professional challenge and has outstanding career growth potential, both of which I am actively seeking.

I believe that my early work experience, providing technical engineering information to product research and market development teams, has given me significant insight into the key responsibilities of a product development manager. Also, having four years experience managing diverse groups/teams of individuals, from multi-functional areas, has sharpened my leadership, organizational and communication skills.

As I stated at the conclusion of our last meeting, I am very interested in continuing the interview process with your company. I believe that the opportunity and future career path are excellent fits for my short and long term career goals.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding the next step in the interview process.


Susan A. Student
Offer Rejection Letter

November 15, 2000

Ms. Wilma Flintstone, Managing Partner
Stone-Aged Consulting Group
383 Bedrock Blvd.
Jurassic Park, New York 36654

Dear Ms, Flintstone:

Thank you for your recent interest in my becoming an employee of the Stone-Age Consulting Group. I received your offer letter and wanted to respond immediately.

Although I feel confident that the professional challenges and personal rewards are substantial with your company, I am going to have to decline your offer. My reason for not accepting has nothing to do with your company, the offer parameters or any of the really great people I have had the opportunity to meet with during the interview process.

My decision is based solely on my strong preference to enter the field of investment banking. Although I am extremely impressed with Stone-Age Consulting, I feel confident that I am making the right decision.

Thank you again for all your interest. I wish you and your organization the greatest possible future success.


David S. Smith


Although personal references are not usually requested at an interview, it is helpful to have some in case you are asked to provide them at some time. Normally, 3-5 references are provided to a prospective employer. These may include academic, personal and work references. Your list of references should be separate from your resume.

In obtaining references, ask the person if he would like to be a reference for you. Be sure they know what type of positions you are looking for and what skills and strengths relate to it. This will enable the reference to “sell” you. Always give your references a copy of your resume to their use. Carry several copies of your references with you to interviews and office visit. Be prepared in case you should be asked to provide them.


References for Sarah Smith

Mr. R. J. Reynolds
R. J. Reynolds, Inc.
Post Office Box 2356
Chicago, IL 606068
(312) 000-0000

Dr. Phillip Brown
Chairman, Department of Finance
The University of Texas at Austin
CBA 6222
Austin, TX 78712
(512) 000-0000

Ms. Margaret K. Price
Senior Vice President
Allied Union Bank
Post Office Box 8765
Dallas, TX 75980
(241) 000-0000
It is also a good idea to have written out your previous employment places, dates, address, phone numbers, supervisors, duties, etc. This will provide you with a resource for completing employment applications. Sometimes you are asked to do this at an interview.


_____ Do you have the correct address?

_____ Are you sure you aren’t sending the same letter to more than one person at the same company?

_____ Have you spell checked the letter?

_____ Have you read the letter through for grammatical errors?

_____ Have you enclosed your resume? – Not important if they already have it.

_____ Have you told the reader why they should interview you?

_____ Have you answered the question “Why our company?”, or “Why this industry?”

_____ Have you checked the letter for style issues? i.e. the right format, paper, and tone.