is it coincidence that the 25th parallel north both house the dragon triangle and the bermuda triangle? within each are contained the lost underwater cities of yonaguni and the (very under-discussed) ones off the coast of cuba and bahama. more research by Pauly Hart shows that these cities were all built around 5000 years ago when the earths water level was "mysteriously" lower than they are now. sure sounds like pre-deluge technology to me. what else is interesting is that these LARGE structures around the world all seem to coincide with eachother in time frame. what is also interesting is the information given to us from the uncannonized book of Enoch I in which we see the Nephalim ruling the world. it is from these times that science and many ancient religions difer... isn't it possible that these "extra-terrestrials" were just another form of mankind?

also, just learning that the imara indians around the area of lake titicaca today have a story that is told to them by their ancestors about the sunken city at the bottom of the lake... that it was built by giants at the beginning of time. sounds like genesis 6 again.