Amanda Carter

here are the photos that i found of my good friend amanda carter.

she passed away several days ago and i am sad to see her go. she leaves too early in this life. she was a good friend and a great comfort in times of need. when we were together, she always had my back and when we were apart she was still a good friend.

we had a conversation about God a while ago and it was good to hear her talk like this. here it is:

I hope that you appreciate all the people in your life and tell them about the hope that Jesus brings. it's funny that when we are "rich" we don't "need" Christ and His comfort, but when there are life situations where you are in your mid twenties and the doctor tells you that you have breast cancer...

and that was her exact situation. and she died right there in that situation.

we had a conversation after that one about her life story and i was encouraging her to write it down and share it with the world. she invited me to be her author. maybe i will pick that up as a book. i don't know if i have all of her story to put it all together but i do know quite a bit.

she loved her sister and loved her mom and loved her little girl.

and in the end that's what really matters. loving your family and sharing with them the faith that you have.

i cried my tears yesterday for my friend.

one day i will cry for you.