When Pauly Leaves The Interweb

(A continuing edit)

august 21, 2012 -

one day, i will leave the interweb way of life.

all 300+ (to date) of my websites, online profiles and online-only projects will be abandoned.

i will give the passwords to my brother, his son and my God-son for the continuance of their message.

i will not be dead, that day will happen before my death in 2091.

instead, i will be absent. leaving this all behind for a better life.

that day will not be today either, unless, of course, you are reading this on that great day.

i will continue to create and perform in a just and Godly manner but will not share it on my own.

the ownership of interweb activity will not belong to me.

all of my digital information will become public domain.

let me repeat that: everything i have created digitally will, on that day, become free.

the accounts, however will remain in the custody of the three people mentioned and they will hold power of attorney over my online presence, except for outside media sources.

you will be able to find out all items about me leaving the interweb by using a browser and searching: "pauly hart left the internet".


august 21, 2012

i realize that most people haven't done this. would it shock you to know that i already have my funeral plot paid for as well?