For Greater Glory Movie Review


note - what follows below is my reaction to a "christian" site putting this up as a vanguard of "their" religion. it is actually a well made, mostly historically accurate film to which i have no issue.

what i do have issues with is the using this film to promote some weird doctrine not taught in the bible.


christian film database writes -

CFDb Review!

Wow, what a powerful film. It felt a lot like watching the Crusades, but for Mexico. If you like watching people stand up for their faith, and what the believe in, even in the face of death then this film is for you.

You can not judge this war by a few who make wrong choices, for they show the wrong in their choices and how they went on to fight with honor. If a child can stand up for what he believes in, then why can’t we? This is a MUST SEE film! Check out the CFDb Blog!

pauly hart writes -

this movie is sin. Christ doesn't want us to use guns. whoever recommends that violence solves conflict doesn't have a place in the kingdom of heaven. again, if you believe that rebellion is a solution (especially an armed rebellion) to any political structure, then perhaps you need to accept Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord and Savior.


Jesus is my Lord, not guns, nor liberty, nor freedom... Christ alone is my hope, my all in all, my peace. He is my rock and salvation, no man comes to the Father but thru Him an Him alone. whoever reads this (if you delete it), then you are no Christ-ian. if you take this post down or disagree with it, then you are a goat. read matthew 25 part two again. goats are those who do not lift a hand to reach out and do good.

i must write these words, for me to do not would be a sin. war is wrong. the God of the old testament fulfilled His mission with Christ Jesus as the full sacrifice for the sin of man. not a partial sacrifice. the weapons of our warfare are guns and bullets... oh no... wait... the weapons of our (Christians) warfare are NOT carnal. not flesh-bound. not made of matter. not solid. but they ARE mighty. they are mighty because they are love. God is holy and immutable and His word does not change.

love the Lord God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. loving your neighbor does not include shooting him to dramatic music to "win freedom" for any dogma.