silent hill and general movie watching

watched two movies today of note: silent hill 2 - terrible remake. don't even bother. carrie-anne moss, sean bean and malcom mcdowell wasted their time... the cloud atlas however, was a beautiful movie and full of life encouraging lessons on the truth of anti-slavery, corporate corruption, the search for the end to disease, as well as a lesson in how not to compose your last symphony and the futility of suicide and cannibalism. here's to wishing that i had the patience to watch it again sometime.

a little note about silent hill however, silent hill is by far the "creepiest" movie i have ever seen by a long shot and in the top 20 for scariest. it was also pretty innovative as it was the first movie to incorporate the whine/loss of hearing noise into a scene one has when hit with a concussion to the head as well as the first movie i recall with not one but two female action leads. heck, the top four actors in the movie were women. also i would say that based on a video game or not, many of us who knew nothing of the game were greatly surprised and happy to see the scene evolve when the siren went off. i was really blown away as well by the special effects and the use of fog/darkness/ash/crumbling walls to play into the suspense. i would watch it again and again but those little babies give me the heebie-jeebies far worse than the one from trainspotting.