tattoo vs you

i was asked by one of my friends in the PBS network to share my story of my tattoos. here it is.

this is the symbol on the back of my neck. 義 means righteousness. i got it after the last failed reconciliation with my ex-wife for the last time telling myself that i would never make the mistake of letting her control me.

the only other tattoo i have on my body is the wedding ring tattoo that i got with her in our betrothal to Jesus Christ. since she nullified that covenant - leaving me and sleeping with other men, i felt justified in signing the divorce papers and receiving another tattoo to explain the first tattoo.

i never broke my promise to her or her three children. i eagerly seek to spend time with her kids, but as to her, she has birthed three bastards with another man that she currently lives with and i do not believe that God wants her and i to reconcile. one is reminded of the snake. just because you forgive it for biting you does not mean you should seek it out and let it attack you again. my middle name is not doormat. but enough history and back to the tattoos.

both tattoos are drawn by me. the first tattoo is a celtic knot, purple and green with a black cross in the center. the second is the chinese character 義 translated - the scapegoat that covers my sins. or: - Jesus forgives my mistakes. you see, i really can't say as a Christian that i ever will achieve anything good on this planet without He who saved me... from myself.

because Jesus DID save me. almost every epoch in my life i have undergone complete salvation from this or that calamity, starting with being born with prune belly syndrome. i wasn't supposed to walk, breathe, function... live a normal life. and yet i do, even better than some. and to give a promise that betroths you to another is to give your life to that person.

so instead of removing the first tattoo, i received a second. i am reminded by looking at the works of my hands that all i have is the things that i do and they are not perfect. my hands get me into trouble, they are mine, and God can save me from the mistakes that they make...

but as to the second tattoo, the placement of the character 義 is something of a pun, and i will share that with you here. i got it on the back of my neck because:

1) i cannot see righteousness now, only the reflections of it.
2) this is not my righteousness. this is Gods shown to me, therefore i know it is there but cannot see it directly.
3) Gods righteousness is always on the back of my mind.
4) Gods righteousness follows me around wherever i go.

so. there you have the story of my tattoo. here is a video explaining the tattoo -

have a great day!

-pauly hart