Go to fun.

Do you go to work or go to fun?

Pauly Hart
May 16th, 2014 5:30AM

Talking with an old friend of mine who is changing his life for the better. He looks at the posts that I make about my new career at camp and he is genuinely happy that I finally have a way to make money and support myself and my wife while doing something that i love to do.

At one time in my life, when I was single and an artist-by-profession, I lived in John William Conrad's closet... Literally. I would stretch out diagonal and sleep and most of my possessions hung on a wall... and I was happy with it. It was warm, there were no leaks.

But God saw fit to bring into my life the most adorable and cutest female-of-the-species woman for me to have and to hold for the rest of my days, and she would like a little more space than that (no offense to John). And so it went that I took jobs that I hated, worked seventeen hours a day until there was such a time that we moved into a house that we are buying.

And thus, step one of the five year plan was complete. Yes... We actually had one... And it was posted in our kitchen. What was step two? For me to move into my "career" and move away from "jobs". And thus, this also has arrived. Now I go to "fun" every day and they give me money for smiling at people.

Life is good, no matter where you are. you look to the future, set a goal and work seventeen hours if you need to, until you get to that goal. take a quick break and then move into whatever's next. Whatever it is may be far away, it may be coming tomorrow, but it is not now. So quit complaining, dig in and work for it.

Now, get off your butt and accomplish something for yourself!