needing blurb writers

due to unanticipated marital unrealistic expectations, my proof-reading staff for my new book: "by the gates of the garden of eden" of two is now one.

this slows things down a bit for editing.

99 days to go for the book,
99 days to go!
one goes by,
boy how time flies -
98 days to go for the book!

it will get done, but i might not get proofs out to those that i wanted to before the release.

i will probably fix this with edition two... complete with a good foreword and blurbs on the cover.

and then in edition three i will place the blurbs in the front several pages.

if you have read any of my other plays or books (see the right panel of and would like to submit a blurb about my writing in general, please send an email to: