Tonights read

Tonight is the big night of the broadcast. I will be online at from about 11:30 PM to 1 AM Eastern Standard Time reading from the novel starting around chapter 24 or so.

I will be giving away an autographed book tonight sometime during the show.

So stay tuned.

For those of you who have been over to the Amazon site (thank you a million times over by the way) - you will be getting your book in the mail and it will be arriving to you all hot off the presses and that's awesome. I have never had the experience of a close friend of mine writing a book to where you can go and order it and then yell at him when the ending doesn't turn out the way you expected it.

For those of you who have not yet put your order in., there is still a zillion years to do it over at Amazon. You will also find my first published poetry book "Stupid Mind Tricks" there as well.

It might be a neat treat for you however if you do it before a zillion years has elapsed. Probably in a zillion years, we will have a quite different form of book distribution.


If you want to record it, that's fine. Just tag it with me and the book title and upload it anywhere you want. I could use the free publicity.

Also. Once you read the book, head back over to the Amazon site and give it a review! That would be awesome!

See you in an hour!