Outdoor Education Camp Tecumseh YMCA

Here I am at my job!

In the Outdoor Education Department at Camp Tecumseh YMCA in Indiana, Pauly (also known as Pollywog) and his coworkers teach several programs to visiting school children. Pioneer Heritage, Foundations for Success and Earthship Journey are three that Pauly specializes in. For two or three days the children learn, grow, play and have and incredible time at camp with their parents, teachers and the YMCA staff. After they leave, the staff who worked with them make a quick video telling them how much they enjoyed their visit and it is sent to the school along with their love. They are called "Video Postcards" and they are hilarious to make. Here are some of the ones that Pauly has been in. If you would like more information about sending your children to Camp Tecumseh then go over to http://www.camptecumseh.org/adventures/field-trips/ and give it a look!