Jurassic World is horrible

Boo. This movie was a waste of money. Unless you are a Godzilla fan, then it was a comedy about the smallest Godzilla baby and how he has fun with his friends.

But... Probably not. So...

"Blarrrr! I'm a Velociraptor!"

Your friends will go see it. You might go see it. You will love the twist at the end, but that's about it, and you will be left with a hollow and empty feeling inside.

Jurassic World relies heavily on nostalgia to sell the movie. There were no new concepts to add except perhaps Godzilla. The terrible acting, the wooden plots, the lame romance, even the bad guys were terrible.

The children in the film didn't click together, they did not establish an emotional bond with the audience. Neither did the mom and dad, who (What? Unresolved plot hole spoiler!) may have been going thru a divorce? We don't know, the makers of the movie didn't care about us enough to tell us...

But that aunt! Ohh! Hotness! But, not really. She never appeals to the masculine audience, who just want to strangle her at the end.

What about Chris Pratt? Yes. I think that there was one good thing to come out of this movie, and that was that I saw Chris Pratt play himself in a role that was meant for him.

What about the bad guys? InGen shows up and does a number in the film. I guess they just kind of run things? The owner doesn't even seem to know what to do with them.

And the owner and the chief scientist? Ugh. Don't get me started.

Speaking of the scientist... Let's talk about science? How random... Cuttlefish? LOL.

But what about all the nostalgia? Nope. The T-shirt was funny... NOTHING else worked.

So. What did I like about it? Nothing except Chris.

The movie may score in the 80's on Rotten Tomatoes, but there is no love for the movie from the critics. They are all scared of what their friends will think if they bash this film.

Remember Avatar? Yes? This movie is like that. Full of really flashy things with NO moral message behind it... EVEN THOUGH they talk a lot about morality, it is never addressed.

However, I guarantee that if you love your friends more than your own opinion, then you should just repeat what they tell you and say: "Er Meh Ger, It wuz Amazeng!"... But you will be wrong.

And here is the number one reason:

"Oh my God! The news about Godzilla being able to change colors and ignore heat sensors and show intelligence just so happens to be the exact day the investors, your nephews, the owner and the InGen guy are all visiting at once? And wait! The InGen guy has just revealed his secret military intentions for the Velociraptors? And you just told me that Godzilla escaped? How could this all happen at the exact same moment?"