Cuban reporter calls Obama a Dumb Negro

Cuban reporter calls Obama a Dumb Negro

Negro, are you dumb*?
Thursday, 03/24/2016 24:12
By Elias Argudín in Sección Opinión
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Just a few hours ago, Havana was the scene of what, undoubtedly, is the most important news in a long time. The President of the United States visited the capital of the Greater Antilles to meet his Cuban counterpart and his people, which -for unusual and even unlikely until relatively recently time- qualifies as an historical event, called to mark a before and later in the relations between two nations protagonists of a long and bitter dispute, and even of becoming a global scale.

Obama came, saw, but unfortunately, with the intended gesture of reaching out, he also wanted to win. No, in his capacity as occupant of the White House, he has done as much as him for the approach, normalization of ties, and lifting the blockade; great merit much like, but still on the practical means little, with the addition of having conditioned the advance requests that lacerate sovereignty in matters that only concern the patio.

During his stay, praise, however, regardless of the reception of the hosts and their guest status, far beyond recognition, he chose to criticize and suggest, with subtleties, in an evening, yet unmistakable, incitement to rebellion and disorder, regardless of abode be in others. There is no doubt, Obama was overdid it. I can not help but tell -at style Virulo- "But Negro, you're DUMB*!"
We were very courteous, even to the point of letting him speak alone (and at home) with enemies within the home, after all, it is against the inhuman and cruel blockade; it is a pity to come to realize when it is already the end of his second term and has no chance for another reelection.

As Obama himself has said, lifting the blockade is the best way to help Cubans, however still in force, and while the US president can not abolish it without the consent of Congress, if you can empty its contents -in good measure , to make only assert their executive powers.

Gestures? Which? It is not Cuba who tends an economic blockade on the United States, neither assaulted him or exercises financial pressures. Taking a democratic model Yankee style that is alien?

Freedoms? Which? Does enjoyed by (police) targets for slaughter in cold blood to any African descent?

However, if there is interest of achieving standardization, the blockade and the occupation of a portion of Guantanamo really are inadmissible.

In both cases, i.e. removal and return, is right thing to do from a legal point of view, not to mention that the blockade is also cruel, inhuman, genocidal, "anti-UN, anti-International Law"; return the usurped portion gesture of bravado, show of force. The US should not lose the opportunity to repair discredited sizes and act in accordance with the speech of his agent.

*The wording is “Swedish” Did you know that, literally translated “hacerse el sueco“ means ‘to play Swedish’? Though the real meaning is to play dumb or to pretend not to hear/not to notice.
One explanation of this expression is in the origin of the word “sueco” which stems from the Latin word “soccus” (log). So, if you “play the log“ (soccus = sueco), you’re pretending not to understand/not to hear something – just like how we ‘play dumb’ so we dont have to responsible for something.

However, the most logical explanation refers to the times when Swedish sailors docked in Spanish ports. To avoid certain inconvenient obligations and affairs, they unconcerned themselves by using the lack of Spanish languageskills as an excuse to basically get out of doing something.”