Gotthard Base Tunnel In Switzerland Bizarre Opening Ceremony Inside and Outside

(Inside Ceremony)
Entrance of coach - The Royalty
Entrance of Workers - The Slaves
Entrance of the ideals (on flatcars)
     Flatcar 1 - Sexuality and Lust enter
     Flatcar 2 - Pain and Toil enter
Worship of Sex - Where the many worship the first ideal
     Flatcar 3 - Demons enter
Satan enters with three Overlords worshiping
Procession of the Unclean Priests
Procession of the Virgin Sacrifices
Procession of the Nature Worshipers
The Unholy Dance

(Outside Ceremony)
Entrance of Workers
Race to tunnel
Breaking down the mountain
Breaking through the mountain
Disrobing the Worker
Showing the strength of man
Full disrobe and The Dance of Humanity
Chaos and Unity Dance
Tower  of the Worker
Emergence of the Devil and Demons
Lament of the Virgins
Rising of the Scarabs
Rising of the Demons
The eye of Satan on Mankind
Mankind perishes, Satan's triumph
Satan raises the dead
The Virgins give themselves to Satan
Satan calls the twelve Unholy Disciples
Satan dies and gives life to the Man of Sin and his two mothers
Procession of the New Priesthood
The Men of the new age appear with enlarged intellects
The hordes of mischievousness and gaiety appear
The past is the future and time is irrelevant
The hordes offer their lives and sacrifices
The Men of the New Age offer their allegiance
The Celebration of Man and Humanity