sharing your new beliefs with your family

something i told a new flat earther when she expressed that she was at the end of her patience when she was sharing some flat earth facts with her parents.
Love and patience wins your debates. Stop trying. I've been "trickle feeding" my beliefs on facebook by causally releasing "questions" about gyroscope experiments, southern hemisphere flight times, verses in the bible etc... to them.

After I got over my final belief stumbling blocks last year and went whole hog into the idea i was overcome with elation that i finally understood so much about reality that i did think about telling all of my family.

Face it, my wife still does not believe. That's ok. One day everyone will believe it, but that day is not today. The only thing I can fight with is prayer and a positive life and speaking the truth. "Wise as serpents and harmless as doves" I think is the example that we are supposed to be.

As you get older in the movement, you will find 100,000 different beliefs even in the flat earth movement and many of us "have proof" of this or that or whatever... I encourage you to continue exploring and choose right now:

"When I am offended I will get BETTER and not BITTER."

Because I could name three people right now that I would love to punch in the face in the flat earth move, but the power and love of Jesus Christ compels me not to. So there's that.

Strange as it may be for me to say: Don't worry about the "globe-believers" for now and focus on what you believe. Again, there are probably enough unique views on the whole thing as there are believers in it.

Start looking at historical records, look at science, watch the good videos and don't worry about the trivia for now of trying to convert. The more wisdom you have under your belt; the more armed you are with GOOD information, the more good you can be to the whole movement.

I would say this: When Saul was struck with blindness on the road to Damascus and after his conversion, he waited FOURTEEN years before he went to Jerusalem and was ready for ministry. There was a lot of things he had to work on in his heart before he was ready to preach.

When a sponge is cut from the ocean, there is a time of threshing and beating and cutting and curing before it is ready to be used in fresh water for the purpose of doing human's good.

I would encourage you to take time and learn. I've been in the "movement" for almost a year now publicly and every two months or so I will come up with a question or infographic to help the movement as a whole, but mostly, I am still on my journey to find the whole truth.