what is poep

what is poep
stream of consciousness
writing exercise
wednesday, 24, may, 2017

a lean time
forsaken lust
i've forgotten
how to cope

today lists
tomorrow hopes
jungle apathy
lying in wait

wanton creeps
deciding naught
juxtaposed listen
i will tell you

i have everything
i have nothing
i am lying
telling to truth

tight white shirt
bound collar
striped tie
gold death

give me a desert
give me a stream
give me a mountain
let me believe

i am nothing
i am naught
every liar
will get caught

fret my love
sick as blood
teams of doves
droves of hugs

bound corrosive
letting off steam
goats on the left
sheep to believe


i looked down at the body
it was bruised and bloated
yellow purple spots lumpy
where the hypocrisy slumped

truthers and haters
and little boys hate Jesus
when their uncle rapes them
but Christ loves them anyway

do you seem to drown
in a lifeboat all your own
do the waves take you
does the sea shake you

i am not my own
i am bought with a price
i am the bride of
the Lord Jesus Christ

together listen
killing you means nothing
you were judged to be guilty
and i do my job with patience

the glistening dew
butterflies steal nectar
i am the spider
i wait i wait i wait

morning has come
like the lord to the manor
servants and workers shake
for the work is not ready

beeping and chirping
the old jeep rumbled 
up into the forest 
full of bibles and medicine

and i woke from the dream
with shaking and sheets
stained from withholding
for the monthly coming came

forlorn and alone
on the mountaintop
you left me for him
you left me for good

ice cream cake and candles
a stained photograph
i remember being sick
sugar coma of cheer

an empty refrigerator
a bounced check
the trouble at school
the heart of regret

jumping out jumping in
lingering not wanting
to tell you anything about me
that would give you reason

i strive the mean stream
get bet a hard start
string things with deep peeps
heart chart my real deal

what is poep
said the class
jelly sat in the corner
dunce cap quavering

hunter hunting
the hunters hunt
prey is praying
the penitent prayer

shaken broken
pining trying
listen chasten
roofers trouble

i told her no
i told her again
again and again
pools of blood now

like the only time
like the first time
like one time
like never

i write nothing
i write nothing
i write because
i have to write

there is a lot on my head
my mind is full of ideas
but where do they go if i quit
the practice of remembering

poep poep i don't know
take a tiger by it's toe
tiger, tiger burning slow
holy holy is the Lord

rub it in
take my

but there were only dreams
that were worth remembering
and the three that have just left
tease the fourth with whips

i am not alone
i am never alone
there is always with me
the moon, sun, and wind

and i cannot willnot shallnot
become more than what i am
for in the am that i am is within
whatever scope of dreams that is

and yet she persisted
there were only two blades
the one in her hand
and the one in her side

the lemon
the lemon
the lemon
is a lie

the old man stirs the batter
pouring it out with care
it is time to make the pitas
his daughter will soon be there

i save the document so carefully
i do not want to lose the poetry
and yet it is a created thing
how can it ever become lost now

he drained the bathtub with regret
it was cold now. the soap was stale
the air was crisp. needle sharp.
the blood and water flowed... soon

awful tasting creeping nausea
hearing loss and the slow tilt
the world was on end
he vomited in bed again

there was no one else in the room
the flies circled around
he could tell she was lonely
by her petulant pencil tapping

they came into the prairie
two by two with blankets
on chestnut draw horses
it was time for the great choosing

she looked into the tree
and it stared back at her
she never spoke of it again
to anyone ever

doing by day
trying by night
we have fretful plans
no one is our guide

the arm hair stood up
the neck was chilled
the pen moved my itself
their camera was on

agag's head rolled to his feet
picking it up, he noticed the sneer
the bleating of sheep
still off in the distance

his ring and his cloak
were in her hands
she was the whore
he had met last week

hezekiah moved his lips
gad and nathan weren't there
it was growing late but
the sun moved anyway

what will it take
to get you to leave
i am tired of advances
i just need to sleep

timmy and alura
and all of the kids
we made our bed
she left me alone

the most planning we could do
would not stop me from plastering
all of those fliers around downtown
kim and pj were so mad at me

purple sweaty bangs dripped
weathered beaten hands dipped
cigarette smoke and drugs slipped
my heart broken, my life ripped

i alone will take you
i alone will make you
you alone will fake me
you alone will rape me

for if ever i kept subject
to the things that you offer
reasons come destitute
plying their wares asundried

up jumps the sun
down splashes moon
the garden of the ocean
the playful happy sea

red and spiny thoughtless love
june was the day that i kept hope
alive and spring fed
harpies circle above me