Tenacity to love

What is tenacity? What is stewardship over the lambs and sheep that YHVH has sent  my way? What am I to do with my gifts and callings? Let me tell you... I continue.

And that's the hardest part. Continuing. Perseverance. Tenacity. Going on after you've already gone on. The Apostle Paul said: "When you've done all to stand... Stand." And I feel that way sometimes. I press on towards the higher calling in Christ Jesus. No matter what. No matter if my best friends think I'm a freak. And they do. I've lost friends along the way for all sorts of reasons.

I wear Tzit-tzits because the Bible tells me to. I obey Sabbath because the Bible tells me to. I think the earth is flat. Seriously. Why? Again... Because the Bible tells me that it is. And that's a matter for hatred and revision right there. Christians think I'm nuts, Torah people think I'm nuts... And regular folk think I'm certifiable. But guess what? I persevere. The Bible calls it: "Long Suffering."

As a child my father had me memorize Psalms chapter one. Do you know what it says? You should read it. Basically it says that if i think about Torah all day long I will be successful. That if I meditate on it, ponder it, think on it, I will succeed. And guess what happens when you think about The Word all day? You start falling in love with the Creator of the Word. Remember John chapter one? The Word became flesh. The Torah became alive and dwelt among men. That's awesome.

So I don't give up because of Jesus. I love Him. He's my favorite. He's my only. He's my home. Look... When you've had fame and disappointment and get reviled by other authors you know personally it sucks. I've been famous. It lasted a couple of seconds and then it was gone. I got thru it. And then I got famous again, and then that was gone. Fame can't feed you. Fame can't get you thru the night. Fame is fleeting. It's ugly, and even sinful.

But guess what remains? Humility. People remember humility in times of grief and hardship and suffering and loss. And I totally respect those who are in grief because they call me when they don't know anyone else to call. They know I love them and they know I'm kind of a hard-ass about morality but they know that I stand for something that they don't understand... They know I have an anchor.

It's not the world or the things in the world. I don't submit to the things of this world. I submit to God, and because He wants me to obey authority, by submitting to Him, then I submit to God. I'm not open minded. I'm a bond slave to Christ. I'm not a free thinker. I'm a bond slave to Christ. I'm racist. As a matter of fact, I'm the most racist person that I know. Why? Because the Metaphysical Reborn are not carnal Mudmen and Spare-ribs anymore. We have had our heart of stone replaced with a heart of flesh. No, I’m not a bigot. Mankind is only divided into the lost and the saved. Those are the races of men.

Sorry, probably some of that went over your head. But guess what? When you have the Spirit of the Intelligent Designer living inside of you, He will teach you in all things. So feel free to ignore the ramblings of that "One Pauly Hart Dude" if you must, but do this: Believe me when I tell you that I believe in the Bible and the Creator of the whole cosmos SO MUCH that I would be willing to die for my faith.

That's right, you heard me correctly. Look. Genesis 6:3 says that I can live to be 120 years old, so that's cool. But I tell you what, if Hillary Clinton and the whole of the Arkansas Cocaine Mafia comes after me to martyr me for my love of Jesus, then TO DIE IS GAIN. It's not that I have a death wish or anything... I will never commit suicide. Mark my words, and I'll say it again. I will never do anything stupid like rob a bank or touch little girls or blow up an abortion clinic or go against the ethos of holiness that God himself directs me in.

And that's why they may come and martyr me. Not because I'm evil, but because I'm righteous. Blessed am I when they revile me for His name's sake. Amen. And like I was saying, my friends don't agree with me. They don't. My family doesn't either. Oh they  may say that they believe and shed a few hot tears in their mega-buildings on Sunday mornings after the "tithe" is taken up and a really emotional song is sung by an overweight ethnic woman... But is that "Christianity?" No.

Look, when your brother, father, and all your family think your insane... When the co-authors of the book you wrote together revile you... you keep writing flat earth books. Tenacity man. That's what it takes man. Tenacity. The only way we who are reborn into Christ and are grafted into the vine can be defeated is when we quit. I will say it again. The only way we lose is when we quit. Let that sink in because there will come times where you feel like shit. There will come times when you feel like a dog in heat. But persevere.

When you're drunk - pray. When you're afraid - pray. When you're horny - pray. When you're high - pray. Be sober minded and alert and awake and obey the commandments that Jesus taught. Obey like Daniel did. Obey like Josiah did. Obey like Paul did. Obey. Do you know why? Because to obey is better than sacrifice. That's what Samuel said to Saul and then had to cut off the nasty old head of Agag because Saul had misplaced His obedience and let his own plan get in the way.

Even in success, things get tempting. That's why fame sucks. That's why fame is horrible. You want to know something? It's easier for a famous man to get thru the eye of a needle than it is for him to enter into the kingdom of God. So let the pulpits and lecterns be filled with the self-righteous. Let them swarm to them like wasps to honey. Let them play their tambourines and their pipes in the marketplaces and make their prayers loud. I will go into my closet and pray until I burst the capillaries in my forehead for their repentance.

The axe is laid at the root already, for every tree that bears not fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. So what should you do? Repent. Turn back to your God, turn back to the one you forsook. Return to your first love. Return to that place at Summer Camp where you gave your heart to Him for the very first time with tears in your eyes and your friends sweaty hugs.

What is tenacity? What is it that drives me? What is the calling of God in my heart so loud that I cannot help but to tell people that Jesus loves them and has a plan for their lives? It's the overflow. The loving living purifying pater of the precious Holy Spirit of God. It's Jesus alive on the inside. It's love that drives me. Love makes me tenacious.

- Pauly Hart
8/16/2019 1:15am