pauly during the #fakedemic

1) i've has been working
2) my wife has paid-laid-off
3) the puppy is driving me nuts
4) the gofundme's are doing quite well
4.5) distribution of funds may be tricky... we will see
5) i've published thee books recently! wow!
6) passover was great
7) this week during feast of unleavened bread will be tough
7.5) i will miss pizza and hamburgers
8) i'm formatting a book and being paid for it
9) our house sold, now just to close it
10) the buyer got really good financing
11) we might refi our other house with these great rates
12) my boss got a forgivable loan so i'm for sure getting paid
13) i found my mag for my rifle and almost a half bucket of rounds
14) i hate being a consumer right now
15) Jesus is still God.

photo not related. i refuse to wear a mask during the #fakedemic