The woman's' kiss is not to be desired above our masters

The woman's' kiss is not to be desired above our masters

There is only one woman in this world for me.
She's the only woman who does it for me,
Only. She is the only one woman,

Only. And I am only her man.

Jesus. I find your truthful love.
Jesus. It's just you that I love.
Jesus. Send this woman to me.

Jesus. She'll see Jesus in me.

Lord, I surely need a woman. Just as
much as I need a hole in the head.
Lord, all I need is you.

All I desire is your tender kisses.

Lord God and Father and maker of all.
Take out my life, Lord put away Paul.
Burn me completely, Lord burn me to death.

Chastise me with your most wondrous breath.

I don't need a woman I only need you.
I don't want a person to be above you.
I don't want a girl or a sexual ploy.

I do need your friendship and love to enjoy.

A person is one thing, but you are more real.
A wife nagging me and sometimes surreal.
I don't not like women, I enjoy them much.

But as for now, you are all. I don't need a crutch.
So I want your love Lord, I want it pure.
I want your love, Lord strongly endure.
Lord surely you love me and I love you too.

So I'll kiss you my Jesus, because I love you.

Kiss me Father, kiss me again.
Tell me I'm your closest friend.
Love me Spirit, love me once more.

Love me the way that children adore.

Just like the way you did it before.
Pour out your life, I'm yours forevermore.
Use me, chastise me, rebuke me again.

Do to me only, please do it again.

Holy and spotless and pure in your sight.
Visions of halos now dance in the light.
True holiness, True peace is what I desire.

Fill me up Lord with your burning fire.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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