new poems


what it all comes down to
is what is wrong and what is me
and where i began
is right where you left off

am i wrong
for feeling

am i wrong
for feeling

am i wrong
for being
upset at you

for feeling



about you

cause i am love
no one can tell me differnnt
i'll always be
the me
deep within


so this is now
and these are the seasons
and where we are
is where we're supposed to be

is it because
you feel that im a loser
but baby please
all you've lost is me

is it because
you feel that im a loser
but all ive lost
is the sense of being me

and here i stand
in the open arms of mercy
reaching to
the sky thats closer than your heart

can we see
beyond this disillusion

the things we need to be


song with jeremy on april 9th

V 1

dont call my name
its only time, time, time, time
and all these things
will be added into mine


ten years ago
you spelled our love love love love
with ten long strands
of your hair, in my soul

Pre CH 1

solid states
drift away
forms that
we used to know

Pre CH 2

the dreams
used to dream
ideas we
used to hold


and i can see everything
from up here
and i can feel all the
wasted years

and if you will let me fly
on my own
i swear i cant
do it alone

-pauly and jeremy