There are big things in store for Canada

Dan Dicks
Press for Truth
January 17, 2009

There are big things in store for Canada. The global elite are preparing for the emergence of a North American Union which can be described as nothing less than the centralization of power into fewer hands ultimately bringing us one step closer to a new world order.

Over the years, Canadian politicians have been moulded shaped and manipulated by the Bilderberg group to think that deepening our integration is a good idea. Consider the fact that the following men have all attended Bilderberg meetings:

Paul Martin – Signed the SPP

Jean Chretien – Implemented NAFTA

Allan Gotlieb – Instrumental in the signing of the FTA

Stephen Harper – Current poster boy for deeper integration.

The first three men in this list have all attended the same meeting! Gotlieb, Chrétien and Martin all sat together around the same table at the Bilderberg conference in 1996. All three men have contributed to the North American Union agenda and all three men have stated to me complete denial of participation in this nefarious plan.

I asked Paul Martin if he was aware of a plan to integrate the three countries into one nation and I asked him as a former Bilderberg attendee to explain what his intentions were when he signed the SPP on behalf of the Canadian people. He shrugged off the Bilderberg connection by stating that “just because I go to a Maple Leaf game that doesn’t mean I’m a Maple Leaf fan”. He than stated to me that the SPP “had nothing to do with any kind of a Union”.

Jean Chretien said NAFTA was such a bad deal he would insist that it be renegotiated. He even voted against it in Parliament. Then when he became Prime Minister he implemented NAFTA without amendment. NAFTA was almost set up to fail through disagreements on softwood lumber in order to be able to suggest that we need something better (like the SPP or eventualy the NAU). I asked Jean Chrétien if he was in favour of a North American Union and in an effort to move me along as quick as possible he simply replied “NO".

I am currently producing a new documentary on the North American Union and we recently interviewed Allan Gotlieb about his involvement in the NAU agenda. Gotlieb is the North American Deputy Chairman of the Trilateral Commission and he was the Canadian ambassador to the US from 1981 to 1989. When asked about being at the same Bilderberg meeting as Chrétien and Martin, Gotlieb denied being there! When we asked him about his views on sovereignty he stated that “sovereignty is a 19th century concept” and that “the UN was the first great body that sacrificed/tossed sovereignty out the window”.

We asked him if “order out of chaos” could be utilised to bring about a North American Union and Gotlieb stated that “I certainly agree that in periods of great instability and chaos, you have the greatest opportunity for creating new institutions and moving in new directions” he than suggested that “when you have incremental damage and it keeps increasing you can wake up one morning and realize that something has to be done”

We interviewed the “father of the Amero” Herbert Grubel. His interview was also very telling in that he denied having any involvement in a plan to form the NAU, yet at the same time was very proud of his accomplishments and contributions to the academic community with his document outlining the benefits of a North American common currency.

Grubel stated the following;

“ I have been paid very generously all my life, being a professor devoting myself to putting out these ideas and my hope is that eventually if there is a major catastrophe, there will be enough people around who will say, well this may be the time to try out this new idea, when and whether this will happen, I don’t know, but as far as I’m concerned I’ve done my job of introducing these ideas into the public domain and now its up to your generation of young people the next generation, to see whether its worth it or not”.

And then there’s Harper. It has been 6 years since Stephen Harper attended the Bilderberg meeting in Versailles, France. Three years later he became Prime Minister of Canada. The same year he became Prime Minister, the Bilderberg group came to Ottawa Canada to discuss the plan for a North American Union. (I caught one of them on tape). The following year Harper meets in Montebello Quebec with George Bush and Felipe Calderon to discuss the SPP and the agenda for a North American Union. My last documentary “The Nation’s Deathbed” documented the horrific events that transpired at the SPP summit in Montebello Quebec. Stephen Harper has indeed sold this country out by doing the bidding of his Bilderberg overlords.

Trailer for The Nation’s Deathbed

In a few days from now President elect Barack Obama will be sworn in as the President of the United States. He has already stated that his first official visit to another country will be to Canada. Our Parliament is currently suspended until January 26th. Within that one same week there will be major changes to how both Canada and the US govern themselves.

Yes there are big things in store for Canada alright. The Bilderberg group (along with the CFR and the Trilateral commission) have stated that they would like to see the beginning of the North American Union by 2010. Canada is hosting the Olympics in British Columbia in 2010. It is absolutely crucial to wake up your fellow citizens to the elite’s agenda for a North American Union, especially when I consider the fact that the elite often gain their control by utilizing “order out of chaos”.

We are living in historic times. We must inform as many people as we can about the NAU and subsequent NWO agenda.

Do your part. Spread the word. Press for Truth.