how to solve biblical prophesy using humanitarian efforts.

How Humanity might yet avert it's Apocalypse-because our survival is at stake.

J. Croft

As a writer, and a Human Being, I have over my brief time in this world observed the gathering storm of disasters that threaten our race. I have watched the tv news and read the newspapers and internet at all the disasters-mostly preventable-that have struck again and again. Famines. Wars. Economic Sabotages. Industrial foul-ups of all kinds stemming mainly from our purposely faulty, wasteful, backward technology. These disasters could be preventable, even by retards yet they keep happening. And they keep getting worse. Union Carbide in Bhopal. The Murrah Building and the two assaults on the World Trade Center. Pearl Harbor. The last Great Depression. The in-progress demolition of America's social and economic being that is nearly complete save for the last props that are primed for detonation… the props that are touted as the very roots of America's and the world's economic and social prosperity. Then again, someone could decide to salvo their nuclear arsenal at some enemy in a radioactive gottendammerung. It keeps getting worse and worse, as though according to a deliberate master plan.

It is.

And there's a whole gang of enviromental catastrophes. Asteroids. Hurricanes. Drought. Supercell storms. Earthquakes. Coronal Mass Ejections striking the Earth. The Yellowstone Supervolcano that's primed to blow and destroy much of America and kill off most of Earth's biosphere in a black cloud of toxic ash. Yet, nobody's securing ways of growing our food, or hardening our infrastructure in the face of these threats. Nobody is preparing a defense against the asteroids or even a much more serious search for them. Nobody who matters, who can make things happen in this corrupt society is saying we must make emergency preparations against a CME strike or try to do something to avert a Yellowstone eruption or prepare. Well, if nobody's doing anything against the traitors sabotaging our Civilization, you can't expect them to be honest about the threat of sudden ice ages or falling celestial bodies.

Stupidity? No: the people who run the show didn't get there by a lifetime of beer swilling and television addiction. The people who run the show KNOW what the hell they're doing, so it's obvious: it's all part of a evil, genocidal master plan. I say genocidal because our current path is going to lead to all of our deaths.

I have been in my former life as a unthinking "christian fundamentalist" a avid consumer of what's referred to as biblical prophecy; that the Hebrew god Jehovah, that rogue, that murderer and enslaver would impose on some poor Bronze Age soul the heavy yoke of being one of his prophets. These "prophecies" would logically be directed at some enemy of this Yahweh-either some haughty Assyrian or Hebrew king that usually wound up in a genocide of some form and enslavement of the unlucky survivors. And yet… and yet, somehow they're forming up to be heralds of the events I keep seeing on the tv, the newspapers, the internet. I won't engage in reprinting bible verses-anyone reading a essay on Revealations should know them pretty well. A series of catastrophes that break the Human Race to the point where they accept a planetary wide techno-slavery and worship some fraudulant "messiah" that in a short time is replaced by another "messiah". A "messiah" that doesn't attempt to stop what's called the "antichrist" but let's that evil plan come to fruition just so he or they can come in and mop up.

So what does the above mean? I've been thinking about it for a long time, railing in my mind and heart against the gross injustice of it all. The pronouncements by so-called "holy men" that Man is evil, filthy, deserving of "divine judgement" unless there's a willingness to debase one's very soul and accept spiritual slavery. That from what I've observed cannot be true. It makes no sense: God-our Creator-grind us down as if He were the devil? Evil can't come from the ultimate good. Yet God creates because He wants to interact, to be with others, to share in our experiences, help us out if we need. We're His Children. Viewing creation, the natural conclusion to reach is God is very creative and loving-so the conduct ascribed to Him in much of the Bible? We all have the spark of life, a shard of the divine in us. Not to sound like some new age twinkie but if you recognize you are a part of the Creation you are inclined to take care of other parts of the Creation, like your fellow man. So, I've been thinking and have come to two conclusions.

The first is that the organized religions are in the most part a evil perversion of spirituality, of Man's connection to God. Not that that three letter word even does justice to the concept of the Creator or Source of All. No! It's a evil perversion set up by brilliantly evil perversions of Creation to pervert and subvert our connections to the divine and eternal out of our ignorance-so that we are enslaved to whatever self-destructive doctrine that "they" set up. I can relate detailed, gruesome firsthand experience vainly justifying my former faith in Christianity with what that Frankenstein of a "holy book" called the Bible says… or contradicts itself somewhere else in saying.

To make sense of the Bible you have to take into account it's origins:

*The first five books-known as the Torah in Judaism-were handed down by Jehovah to the Israelite underclass that had been a worker class in ancient Egypt, much as Latinos are in modern America. These five books have very strict rules on how to copy them; one flaw and the whole document must be ritually destroyed. Why? Allegedly, they contain a vast code that can "predict future events". Genesis, on the origin of humanity, is a highly compressed, edited version of much older Sumerian texts.

*Later Hebrew writings incorporated into the Bible(by a debauched Roman Emperor)reveal Jehovah to be a absentee god-who comes around to make his estranged followers suffer. These encounters when scrutinzed reveal not a God, but something akin to a being using advanced technologies to beat up on hapless bronze age humans.

*The New Testament is composed of the four gospels, Paul's writings, a few token writings by James and Peter, and Revealations. Seeing how it's Christianity, it's rather suspicious that Jesus Christ is only in the four gospels-which were written decades afterward, that barely scratch the surface. Where's the Jesus-what did Jesus teach-there had to have been a hell of a lot more than what's in the four gospels. Then, we have to suffer that pretender Paul-a liar and a hypocritical Pharisee(the ancient religious lawyer class of Judea)who's teachings contradict what little of Christ's teachings survived?

It's Paul's writings that are the center of gravity in the Bible we know. Jesus is used as a religious symbol-can be because Jesus was already long ago edited out. The Jewish writings become the Old Testament, that are used because they form a history, a code of religous based authoritarianism. Slavery. A slavery Constantine the Roman Emperor brought forth out of the Council of Nicea in 326. The final form of the Holy Bible was formed by another debauched royal, James II in the 1600's.

Religion is a evil perversion of spirituality, so why take it at what's presented as face value? It's spiritually suicidal, separating us from Our Father.

And Revealations?

My second conclusion logically derives itself from the first: what is presented as the Apocalypse is but the execution of a evil plan laid out thousands of years ago. Evil by evil perverted creations, the cancers and viruses of the Universe to have their way so that their secret backer takes advantage of the mother of all hegelian dialectics to be the solution. That solution being the genocide of the Human Race, God's greatest creation.

The Apocalypse of St. John, and Ezekiel, Daniel, what was attributed to Jesus at his last sermon; these amount to prototypes of the Protocols of Zion(Illuminati)… they're blueprints of a horrible master plan for the Human Race laid out in general millennia ago, to be finalized and executed as the scheduled time of their enactment drew near. Suppress genuine Human spirituality. Rob us of our true history-whatever that was, born witness by all the massive monolithic structures that keep being found all over the planet. Enslave us all in warring, competing Empires and States run by despotic frontmen to the master plan. And the kicker is, they've laid it out right in front of our faces in the Bible, just like they lay out their Masonic front symbolism and tout them as American.

To the master plan, laid out as Revelations, "Jesus Christ", the "messiah", the second coming are the ultimate authors of this horrible, genocidal master plan invading and finishing off the pathetic, enslaved, deluded and divided remnants of Humanity on the plains of Meggido. The scrolls, cups and bowls of the Apocalypse are the general layout of a plan to crush Humanity before we can arise and throw off our enslavers… our murderers.

And, so, coming to grips with the truth, then the only proper response for the Human Race-for any Human Being-is to RESIST. Resist it all; resist the economic attacks, resist the formenting of plots, resist the cultural, religious and economic chains of enslavement and death, resist their enforcers, resist the allowance of unpreparedness against enviromental destruction. Most of all, resist the evil, perverted creations, the viruses of the Universe who insist that what was written down two millenia ago in what reads like a ET encounter of the Fourth Kind be stopped. Resist the final implementation of a ritualized genocidal campaign. Resisted whether they present themselves as Presidents, Experts, Central Bankers, Royalty, and especially as any kind of "messiah".

So, we must resist. Yet how are we to do that? How can we?

Let's review, shall we? The solutions are readily apparent if we really want a solution.

We must take personal responsibility for ourselves, our families, our communities, our people, our planet. This is all interrelated but it comes down to not passing the buck to others because that's a big part of how we got in this mess in the first place. The actions of a individual can reach from the lowest common denominator to the very shaping of history itself.

So what does that mean for you? First it means educating yourself as to how things really are. You probably have already come to the conclusion either by first hand experience or by study that what's passed as our institutions are frauds. You must do more. Find out for yourself whether what you come across the Internet or other resources are true or not. This might take time away from the TV or your golf game but those are amusements designed to distract you, to keep you passive and ignorant.

Passive and willfully ignorant will get us all killed.

Educate yourself as to the way things really are. Then you'll come to the conclusion that you must join others and together separate yourself from the system-the entire system of culture, lifestyle, law, commerce, politics that's been carefully designed to enslave us as Americans, yet touted as freedom.

Culture: watch TV for hours, entranced by it's banality and programming-which it literally is! Turn it OFF!

Lifestyle: renting it under debt(slavery) a oversized tar paper and plywood "mansion", a gas guzzling SUV, a "home theater" that'll be obsolete in a few years anyway. The clothes, the fake gold jewelry, the credit cards. Sell it. Sell it all to someone dumb enough to stay with the illusion. You can get by with a hell of a lot less; lot's of fine folks around the world have no choice. We were NOT born to borrow luxury at 9 to 22 percent annual interest.

Law: written by the lawyers in our representative bodies-which we've given up trying to control so we can just be bothered deciding which show to watch on TV. These lawyers have operated unopposed by a sleeping America for a century now, and thanks to our negligence and apathy have built the greatest most sufforcating body of law in the known history of mankind. Is this the mark of a free society? You clean your own self of what enslaves you, you seek out others like you. Find a town that has a weak government and take it over on the local level. Then, clean out all the laws oppressing us and become a example of what being Free really is.

I have more details on how to do it in my essay, "Message to Mr. and Ms. America at

We have to seize back control of ourselves, and then seize back control of our planet.

If we cannot persuade those that make the rules that govern commerce, govern the value of our money, that "gatekeep" what's presented on the media as news and entertainment, that not destroying their fellow Creations is in their interest, then we must remove ourselves from as much of their institutions as possible. Stop using their sabotaged fiat currencies. Use money that has intrinsic value in and of itself, like Silver and Gold-real money that's been supressed by that "them" because they can't destroy it's value with a printing press or debt issuances. Or straight up trade for items with other items or with skills.

Even better is to stop consuming so damn much in the first place. The economy is set up for maximized purchase of goods and purchase of services to fix said goods. Why feed what we know is utterly corrupt and designed as bait to enslave us in debt? Stop spending on trifling junk! You are DEFINETELY NOT what you pay back at 21% annual interest to borrow to purchase. Americans have been sold a false set of goods with the "American Dream"; a cleverly executed bait and switch on the promise of freedom. Does that SUV, that plasma screen, that prefab faux mansion allow you to be you? Of course not! You're literally killing yourself body and soul in debt slavery, working overtime hours at a job that's slated to be moved to India or China soon!

I must also insert something about Nations and nationalism. Our cultures help define us, and as long as you keep in mind that the culture at large can do a better job of nurturing and supporting Human free will and expression, then defending your culture from the ravages of enslaving, numbing globalism is a duty. It however does not give license to engage in what America's dumbest President has been told to call "wars of pre-emption". This means no so-called war on terror. No jihad to make the world muslim. No war for international socialism or aztlan, or a greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere or Third Reich or any of that crap. They are the tools and excuses that malignant "they" use to get us to kill each other faster. If we all can't wake up and point our guns at the true enemy of us all, all the attempts at political, economic and spiritual liberation will be for nothing.

You are you in what you do, in what you contribute to those around you and to our Race. In fact, sell your junk. Get rid of it NOW while it's still worth something relatively speaking. That relief you'll feel is the sweet breeze of freedom.

Yes, sell that damn TV! What's on but distractions from the engineered destruction of society? If you live where America experienced it's greatest yet blackout in 2003, you'll remember-fondly I bet-how pleasant it was to step out of your mortgaged cocoon and actually talk with your neighbor. There was no TV trying to sell you something or make you envious or scare the crap out of you. You could actually think. For yourself. And that redneck or scary black person or snobby yuppie across the street probably turned out to be someone a lot like you-in the same sorry boat as you. How, people supported and helped each other and were courteous and understanding. And talked. And for one night acted like Americans-like Human Beings can act.

And then the damn power came back on and we all went back into our mortgaged cocoons and had our brains zapped by the damn TV you bought with debt. But the lesson was plainly evident; people not twisted by evil are generally moral, decent Creations. And we don't need all that crap we're sold really.

So, our economic freedom means separating ourselves from the economy. Trade items. Learn to grow food, make or repair items. That sort of thing. People will be isolated at first but clustering together in groups, and then trading with other groups, with our own monies, people will liberate themselves. Becoming independent of the global economy means independence from the worse effects of the coming engineered collapse.

With the liberation of time and labor will come the opportunity to liberate our own minds with observation and reflection. With stress and the TV largely gone, people can begin to think for themselves. At first it will be about practical day-to-day things but eventually it comes around to "why are things so screwed up?" Then the questions shall fly-all the questions our leaders, our institutions and our so-called faiths desperately try to stifle. Like all the protestations to love thy neighbor, unless gawd orders them massacred-or so that preacher says. Humanity must learn to be critical about the terminally diseased bovines sold as sacred cows if we all are to free ourselves. And if there are no honest answers coming from whoever is asked these questions, then where they're coming from will be apparent. They will be the enemy.

We as Free People must come together. It matters not who you are or where you're from. And we must come together to mutually support each other. I mean that foremost in a literal sense. The Libertarians have the right concept in their "Free State" efforts but their numbers are far too few to effect state wide changes. They and all of us must crawl before we can walk.

We must start with communities. A community: geographically isolated situated on defensible terrain. It must have the basic resources; water, decent soil, raw materials of some kind. The people already residing in this community would be the kind sick of their current local government, and I'm picturing a inept pack of busybodies and petty tyrants given way too much authority for way too long.

We move in as Free People. We integrate into the community, offer our skills and goods. Come election day we pack those voting booths and insist on receipts of our votes. We will add our votes independently of the election board and raise all kinds of hell if they even attempt to execute any vote fraud.

We take over the community. And we scrap whatever bureaucratic nonsense that's accumulated. We rewrite the local laws to honor freedom. Freedom of assembly, information, self-defense, association, travel. We revoke the criminal property tax and restore alloidial title to all private property. We hire police that honor the right to bear arms enough to train a volunteer community militia in the latest swat tactics. We rescind all traffic laws save those that actually keep the roads safe and make the local roads free to travel on without a license. We encourage third, fourth, fifth parties. We open the accounts of the community and if the Combined Financial Annual Report shows enough of a surplus-we let the government live off that and end taxation.

With the liberation of this community it will be a lightning rod of retaliation. It will also be an example-provided we expand on our alternative media production and distribution efforts, as the "mainstream" media will crucify this effort.

This liberated community of Free People shall become a example of how everyone could live in peace and freedom and prosperity. These Free People will of themselves replicate their efforts in neighboring communities. This will expand the liberated area to a county wide arena. It will greatly enhance the economic, political and if necessary the defensible viability of the liberated community.

And no doubt, the zone of liberation will expand to other communities, other counties, and eventually states and regions will become liberated, and with that shall come a showdown with the powers that have enslaved us since before recorded history. It is a showdown that must be embraced, must be won-because victory, even in extinction, is preferable to the absolute slavery they're attempting to push on us.

And don't kid yourselves for a minute. The enemies of Humanity who control our institutions will resist these attempts at liberation. All I can say is be ready. Always have extra places to go, extra goods, money to survive on. As a group, be willing to assist others in common defense. And always be spreading the light on your own as individuals. Liberation is one person at a time, one person at a time. Be ready to lose but fight to win. And we shall win. Strange as it sounds from someone who trashed religion as perversions and lies I have faith in God in our eventual victory. You have to have that faith in your heart. Because we must win. We must wrest control of our Civilization and Destiny from these evil creatures that plot to systematically destroy us if we are to have a chance to survive the enviromental catastrophes. Because with those threats, the only hope of survival shall be a truly socially, politically, and spiritually Liberated Humanity acting as ONE to defend itself.

And, finally what of this second coming? Gentle Jesus wouldn't lay out a monstrous hegelian dialectic to get us to ritually murder ourselves, especially on numerologically significant dates and coincidences? Gentle, healing, loving Jesus wouldn't let a pack of inbred jackals enslave the human race-I bet in fact that was what he opposed with all his heart… going so far as to command the disciples to get weapons no matter the cost as his final teaching.

No, mostly the depiction of God in the Bible is actually an enslaving alien entity and it's step n' fechit human coolies. If when we liberate this planet we come in possession of the technology-the true technological state of the art-of the human race it will be a no brainer to use it in the final stage of this revolutionary war. Take on and defeat them, because in the end it's the only option we have.

These however are contingent on Humanity acting together. Humanity acting together isn't going to happen until Humanity frees itself from the financial, social, political and religious chains of slavery that keep us all dependent, despairing, dumb, at each other's throats and enslaved to the notion that we must go through the Apocalypse of St. John.

We don't have to!