pauly hart gives mad props and one love to tokelau

since april 24th of last year i have been blessed by people coming
and visiting my website. as you know "dot tee kay" is pretty unknown.
i would like to take a minute to show you who they are.

the domain is a registered country domain for the non governing
territory of tokelau, formerly the union islands. pretty cool. it's
directly east of new zealand on a map and stop when you are directly
under hawaii.

middle of nowhere really. well... i guess if you see samoa (island
neighbor 300 miles to the south) as close then... ok. it is in this
sense that the u.s. is neighbors with new zealand. we touch. really.
best of pals. can i borrow a cup of suger?


this is me wishing i was in tokelau

made up of the three islands much like my virgin islands are, the
islands are, from north west to south east, atafu, nukunonu, and fakaofo.

good people. love the music.

they offer free domain hosting and i jumped on it.

it mostly re-points back to stuff that i am doing.
whichever is easiest actually.

ifin you want to... heh, that was not a typo... ifin you want to
register for the site, simply go to and you should be
good to go.

your browser should be able to pick the language for you.

here's french just in case you forgot english

that's funny 'cause you're reading this article.

have a great day.

-pauly b hart, right from the start.