Government Declares New Crime: “Food Hoarding”

by Jeff Davis

Apparently our lords and masters know something we don’t about just how bad the coming “recession” (read Depression) is going to be. Most of us expect new gun laws. Obama has been sufficiently perturbed by a huge increase in gun sales to comment on this in public. One news article notes “As gun sales shoot up around the country, President-elect Barack Obama said Sunday that gun-owning Americans do not need to rush out and stock up before he is sworn in next month. ‘I believe in common-sense gun safety laws, and I believe in the second amendment…’ ”

Unfortunately in the mind of a liberal, a “common sense” gun law will probably ban 90 percent of the currently legal firearms. We all know how “devoted” Barack Obama is to the truth and how much we can rely on what he says. His first book (possibly ghost written by Bill Ayers) paints a rosy picture of his father, a man he met only once. In reality his father was a polygamist, who was already married when he met 17 year old Ann Dunham, Barack’s mother, in a Russian language class (which they were probably taking because they were both very sympathetic to Communism).

It’s not entirely clear if this massive gun-buying spree is due to (1).fears that many guns will be outlawed, (2).fears that Obama will build a leftist police state here in America or (3).fears that the economy will so thoroughly collapse that Americans will have to protect their homes and stockpiles of food with those guns. Maybe it’s all of the above.

Speaking of stockpiling food, the Christian World View Network website reports “Ohio authorities stormed a farm house in LaGrange Monday, December 1, to execute a search warrant, holding Jacqueline and John Stowers and their son and young grandchildren at gunpoint for nine hours. During the raid the Ohio Department of Agriculture and police confiscated over ten thousand dollars worth of food, computers and cell phones. The Stowers’ crime? They run a private, members-only food co-op… While state authorities were looking for evidence of illegal activities, the family was not informed what crime they were suspected of, they were not read their rights or allowed to make a phone call. The children, some as young as toddlers, were traumatized by armed officers interrogating the adults with guns drawn. The Morning Journal, a newspaper serving northern Ohio, reported that the Stowers were believed to be operating without a license. However, the Stowers claim that the food co-op they run does not engage in any activities that would require state licensing. Friends of the Stowers openly question why such aggressive tactics were necessary to investigate a licensing complaint.”

That seems to be the only way the Federal government knows how to operate –tyrannical overreaction and total disrespect for law-abiding White Americans. At Waco, the Feds could have questioned David Koresh while he was out buying things in town or they could have drove up while he was out jogging. Who knows what paranoid motivation caused the BATF to go storming the Branch Davidian compound while the leftist Clinton regime was in power? Who knows what similar atrocities may take place place when Obama becomes president? Has he given Janet Reno a job yet?

The article continues: “The Ohio Department of Agriculture has apparently been chastised by the courts in previous cases for over-reach, including entrapment of an Amish man to sell raw milk, which backfired, when it became known that the man gave milk instead of selling it to a state undercover agent, refusing to take money for what he believed to be a charitable act. The Amish literally interpret the Gospel of Matthew (5:42) to ‘give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.’ The matter has been forwarded to the Lorain County Prosecutor’s Office and the Lorain County General Health District according to Lorain County court records.”

One thing we learned at Ruby Ridge, at Waco, and during the Montana Freemen incident, which all you “survivalists” out there need to sit up and pay attention to, is that the System will not allow you to opt out or withdraw, or disconnect yourselves or your children from the mainstream news and “culture.” In fact, there’s a growing movement among liberals to outlaw home-schooling so that all those White school children are forced to go to the nearest public school, no matter how many minority gang members, it has, or how likely it is that young Johnny will wind up stabbed on the playground.

The “food raids” on these people in Ohio whose sole crime seems to have been to produce and store food without a “license” and without sufficient government control must seem bizarre to most people who hear of them for the first time. The truth is that things are going to get much worse before they get better –if they get better. The people stockpiling guns are right. Ordinary Americans will probably need those guns if they want to keep their property. It’s a little shocking to see the government acting against “food hoarding” this early. Just how bad do THEY think it’s going to get in the next four years?