Paulys 2011 Backyard Garden 1

here in our lovely 6b zone, we are planning on planting some russet and irish potato, red and yellow onion, okra, bush green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, acorn squash and some pumpkin. we are late in planting the potato and onion, but that's ok. it almost froze last night, better safe than sorry.

oh i love this awesome yellow cart. so much gets hauled around.

jen is seemingly happy in these pictures. that's because these pictures were taken at the beginning of the garden experiment.

you probably won't see jen anymore. she gave up after cultivating weeds away. she left me to dig up the remaining ground.

here you see some adjustment. the grass had begun to get on my nerves, and i wanted to get the pumpkin patch kinda away from the back door.

it's the 28th of march. late planting for potatoes, but it's gonna happen today.