thursday march 17th 2011: a normal blog entry

usually i don't "blog" on my .tk but today seemed kind of interesting and i am trying to ween myself from facebook as it is the devils playground... blech.

so an interesting little ditty today that i started working on and you should too if you live in the northern hemisphere, is my vegetable garden. i live in the rural midwest and live in a 6b zone (USA mainland residents find out here what your zone is)... so it's time to plant for fall harvest! starting now until about the end of april is preferably the best time for us to do our sowing so we are gonna get after it.

i decided on using my back yard for this and laid out some old boards from a broken fence to kindof space it out. i noticed that the neighbors had just left their old fence to rot in an unused runoff area that the neighborhood shares in common so i got my trusty little hand cart (pictured here) and brought along almost half the fence.

2 hours and several splinters later, after disassembling most of the fence, i was able to section off the area in my yard that i wanted to use.

i have 6 plots thus far.

during march 19-20 i am planting onions and irish potatoes, hopefully staying away from that 1845 fungus... but i will not plant them next to eachother, as they do not grow in harmony with eachother... dunno why, maybe bulbs and tubers go to war underground?

anyway. interlocking with these two are:

green beans and okra. we are planting these mid april. i will have the potato and beans touching and the okra and onion touching and the onion on the opposite side of the potato. and these four veggies are to enjoy and can if we cannot eat them all. but then to make some money we are going to plant some pumpkin and summer squash variety in early may so they will be ripe in time for fall. hopefully this will coincide nicely with the summer activities.

there is a lull in may and june and then mid june the green beans, okra and summer squash will be ready to harvest followed by the potato and onion and then finally the pumpkin right in the middle of august.

i really don't look forward to "pikin them punkins", however, we plan to sell them in front of our house so there will be no travel to haul the goods.

so. hopefully, my one year wedding anniversary on june 4th and united states of america independence day will be quite boring garden-wise.

but the time to plant is NOW. prices are rising and food is not healthy when you buy it from WAL-MART and other satanic locales. raising your own food might just be the way to go. i plan to eat what i want, when i want this summer.

if you want, you can come over and help me pick those pumpkins when the time comes.