the micro manager

on the subject of work - 

many times in our lives we are confronted with micro-managing bosses who make us feel less competent than what we truly are. without malice towards them, let us instead dismantle their power over us in our minds-eye. let us bring them down to the level of jealous child instead of looming monster. they are only human after all. they are not better than us, they have no hold over us. we are the same two employees with different name badges.

it is in this way that the disgruntled once again gains vision and focus in the midst of a tragic workplace. it is in this way that we rise to the top, above our bosses and are placed in a position of power over them... not to rule heavy-handedly, but to rule with mercy and equality, the way we wanted to be ruled.

in the end, perseverance wins out the race with an unjust employer. perseverance and respect for his position, not respect for his actions.

this is something i am learning

have a great day!

-pauly hart