pizza hut manager is fired

i just read the pizza hut story for the first time.

"the only "big deal" i see is a franchise owner who wants to make more money and a disobedient employee." was my comment to one of my friends who brought it to my attention.

i believe the true issue here is a problem of the feeling of "entitlement" that most yankees feel they have. somehow people who live in the u.s. or the u.s.a. seem to think that they are owed more than their fair share of the bargain.

there are a lot of people out there who would disagree with me and whine and moan about "basic human rights" on a holiday.

are you jewish? are you a pilgrim? are you a from the wampanoag tribe? no? then shut up. are you fat? did you shop today? did you drive around and get upset in traffic. yes? shut up again.

the point is: these are NOT YOUR HOLIDAYS. they are borrowed into your culture and are a tradition... not an actual HOLY DAY (which is what holiday means thank you very much).

as a messianic karaite jew, who, as a practicing christian appreciates the pilgrim ideals of leaving a totalitarian oppressionistic regime and moving countries to find religious freedom, it is hilarious to me to have chanukah and thanksgiving be celebrated by people who have less in common with it than i do.

find a real complaint mister pizza hut manager.

you agreed to work for a wage. you agreed to work for your boss. work the job. it's a trade. you are PAID to be there after all... durrrrrr.