Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Guide

Daily Grinding Guide (And not buying anything)

This is the way I play, and I am doing great.
This takes me one hour.

1) Login - Claim daily rewards
2) Check inbox for Daily Squad Arena Rewards and Allies - Claim them
3) Data Card get! - Free and otherwise (Reoccurring, when you have them, go get them.)
4) Daily Activities (Reoccurring, when you have them, go get them.)
5) Train one Character with one T1 training droid. This is just to get Sim tickets.

Here is where I might differ. The following is if I do not already have THE squad that I want.

Path A - Getting a squad

6) Lightside 1C Hard Sim Count Dooku shard 3 times (or whoever you are trying to build)
7) Darkside 1C Hard Sim Count Dooku shard 3 times (or whoever you are trying to build)
8) Characters - Upgrade your main battle squad (5 guys you use the most) with the best gear. Do this until all of your energy is gone for the day. If you need to battle to get to locations that are not listed, then do that.

Path B - Buffing a squad

6,7,8) Characters - Upgrade your main battle squad Making sure that you hit five hard, three light, three dark, upgrade that gear!

9) Store -  Buy all of the doo-dads for credits (Don't spend any shards).
10) Arena - Buy shipment(s) and battle once. Make sure that your opponent is lower than you are. I've hit the refresh button up to twenty times. Winning is worth it. At the time of this writing, one of my accounts is ranked #320 so it's worth it.
11) Challenges - Do as many as possible
12) Arena - Do another battle
13) Cantina - Battle B, Luke Skywalker shard. Do the remainder of your Sim tickets
14) Arena - Do another battle
15) Galactic War - (If you have it available) Do half. BABYSIT these guys. Getting to the end is well worth it.

Here is a tip. If you are doing REALLY poorly and are thinking about retreating. DON'T. Just close the App and reopen it. It will go back to before you started the battle.

16) Finish Arena and Cantina Get the character shards you want.
17) Tweak out remaining characters attacks and abilities with whatever ability materials you have left.
18) Finish Galactic War. Remember... Babysit these jokers and don't be frustrated if you lose.
19) Buy all the stuff you want for tomorrow.
19) Close and continue Jedi training.

Here is my Galactic War flowchart:

1) take out lowest hp healer
2) take out other healer(s)
3) take out debuff/support guy
4) take out the asshole (the high powered mutant who is being a prick)
5) quit using special abilities at this point, save for next battle
6) take out lowest dps
7) take out other dps
8) troll tank with first strike skills

Here are some screenshots. The first account was started on day four of release, and each one, two days after.

Note: you may notice that I do not use Chewie. True. I let my allies do that. I personally can't stand him. He's no good on autobattle. You walk away with two stars every time and you have to babysit him. Ugh. I would rather have two healers doing some buff/debuff than one stupid tank.