Wookies are for Rookies

The tankiness of Clone Wars Chewbacca in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

I believe the only tank in this game that is worthless is the self healing tank. It seems like a legitimate idea, but without buff/debuff or heal, it is really horrid. Chewy is the prime example. He is great for beginners, but the need to not use him becomes greater as time goes on. You can create new and better synergies by learning how to use squishies like nukers and healers without the tank.

I didn't waste a thing with upgrading this joker.
The best tank in SWGoH, according to the stats would be 5's. With estimated stats of health and armor in first place, the only thing he has that is not going for him is resist and tenacity. If you add that in, Phasma takes the lead. If you start with strength, you have Savage take winner. Another good winner would be Vader. After that Kit Fisto, and Old Ben are the winners.

Chewie would be maybe... Maybe in a three way tie with HK-47 and Clone wars Han... But soon after would be Ima-Gun Di and Plo Koon.

So, when I realized this, I stopped using Chewie. As a matter of fact, I hadn't used Chewie even before Phasma was released. I think he's over-rated, and he is in some of your minds. Please make the switch today. Not everyone will understand or believe this little article. And that's alright. You can always use their huge mega-chewie when you pull your ally buddy into a fight. You can laugh at them and think: "Wookies are for Rookies."