how to become martyred on facebook

easy steps to become banned, blocked, stopped and cut off from facebook.

1 - be in Christ
2 - recognize facebook is satanic
3 - start posting true and good things about truth and goodly things, be kind and nice.
4 - join every page and group about everything
5 - start venturing into more and more various truths
6 - get your first block
7 - wait patiently
8 - create alternative account
9 - get unblocked on your first account
10 - continue posting truth
11-? - it doesn't matter what happens next, you'll become digitally martyred soon.

that about sums it up. it's happened to me. i've gone 218 hours or so on a supposed 72 hour ban for posting against ritual modern jewish child abuse... e.g. the incorrect unbilbical circumcision... which is funny...

i can post that allah is a devil, muslims follow a devil, and islam is a ideology of devils...

but the instant that i talk about zionistic pedophilia, i get the ban-hammer.

that's ok... but it's sad that those who are the supposed leaders of truth, are the farthest thing from it.

i've found better bedfellows on myspace.