Flat Rat Trap

Flat Rat Trap
Pauly Hart
10 Sept 2018

My name is Pauly Hart right now we’re gonna have church
And if you don’t like it then don’t call it absurd
Cause I’m Jesus Christ walkin, Holy Ghost talkin
If you talk about me, then you’re God the Father mockin
Stalking calling low service bars are dropping
I can tell you one thing, your lies are plodding flocking
You believe the Bible and you say it’s true
You got a problem with God, then it’s to hell with you

Taken into perspective - The hidden objective
Of primary electives - Prospective reflective
Dyanetics rejected - Don’t give em a second
Refracted taken to the jacked in upslapped ya
You can’t the only second you flappin dying
Tryin, not flyin, but spatterin on the cracks in the
Sidewalk you thought you could matter man

You thought you’de be better than a hero, a superman
Dyin to prove the like psyche flip you’re mind ripped
You thought you would do truth debunked you
You foolish heatless you’re tooths are sharpless
Think the space race is ace paced the the ‘Nited States
Cause it’s a real place even though its fake jake
It’s photoshopped by it has to be… Gee. For reel?

Ya flipping on dirty mattresses like two cleopatras
But you investigating nobody by the trappers that
Be who you want to be, Say what you want to say
Think space pics are real? No way, Jose’ I made
My little boy’s balloon to ten thousand feet of sky
You think I would take a camera that would lie?
Cheep peeps creeps to sneak a peek at oblique
Horizons on false perspectives without electives

Flat the maps. Trap the rats. Grab the bats. Smash the traps.
Ya suckers wanna play me? Pauly Hart don’t play.

Playing pretend ya end the dent in the argument
By saying that God ain’t real and the perspective’s keeled
But the fact you’re dead is no joke broke bro
You used to play cool back in sunday school
Us and the gang doing stupid slang bang thangs
Leave it to Beaver up to Junior and Senior
Left for the summer - Went to college, you dumber?
You better wise up cause what you call your smarts
It ripping you apart, you got it all up sized?
I ain’t better than lies, you want to see in my heart?
Then this is where you start, letting Christ inside.

Truth bruv, It’s about the crew cuz:
God Squad inside the mind the Rod of Iron
Ruling the Heart of stone deny the Body
But Christ comes in and purges all your sin
To rule and reign with Him, You lost in thought?

You used to have that technology but you lost it
You spark the seed of doubt and then shut the closet?
Christ is the only one to ascend and descend that was man.
Using the same technology in Jacob’s dream and
He never slipped as the Apostles looked, shook
Watching the Son of Man reveal His only plan
Go and preach and teach and serve
But NASA strives to teach about the curve.
If SATAN could rule and reign the mental imagery
Would he enslave the human race in certain misery?

I asked my dad if the world was flat.
He said: “Be quiet son, don’t worry about that.”
Train up a child in the way they should go.
Dad, I’m sorry you lied to me and my bro.
I gotta tell you the truth and I think you should know.
The earth is still flat, no matter which way you go.

I travelled the earth and the seven seas.
Everybody was seeing Jesus
But they didn’t know it was Him.
Eyes darkened, hearts guarded.
Suppressing the cream, giving fat to the larder.
Harder, farther, further, murder.
Quintessential mental retention
Resentful commitment to end this.
They bent this. They meant this.

Flat the maps. Trap the rats. Grab the bats. Smash the traps.
Ya suckers wanna play me? Pauly Hart don’t play.

Baking the Cake in sin in the fact
That they engineered the shuttles
To fly on their backs to the earth
At an arc that they claim is the curve
But they know that they can’t
Because of Admiral Byrd.

Missing. They’re wishing the flood never happened
So they stole all the giants to put a dent or a crack in
The perfect story that is His story and they smacked them with
A sticker that says “Dinosaur” so they lie
Deny. They fly the truth out of the window.
A lie. And they tell us we can’t know.
So we approximate and deliberate and conjugate
Some dyslexic math and then regurgitate postulates.
So they teach us to meditate and no longer formulate
A working hypothesis of how we originate
They tell us to trust in them and their perfect surrogates.

Elective deceptive objective directive
They cleverly placate our narrow direction
They tell us we’re clothed when we know that we’re naked
They take our prospectus and then they say they reject us

Flat the maps. Trap the rats. Grab the bats. Smash the traps.
Ya suckers wanna play me? Pauly Hart don’t play.

All in all they say we live on a ball
And to say that it’s flat is to reject their demand
But call it a wall that is just on it’s back
And they throw up some signs to say you’ve lost your mind
And all this time the Benghazi crew wants you
They want to burn your Bible and take away truth
They don’t have time for a meeting with us
They’d rather mute our truth and throw us under the bus.

They can’t win when redeemed Christians stand and defend it
Choose to remember it. Obey the commands and
Live out a holy love, thru Christ and His precious dove
Battling spirits but leaving no footprint of
The boots of the gospel for we were called to be gentle
To the brainless programmed sheep, the lost, the asleep
For we take on our armor and the cloak of His zeal
And come against demons, and their masonic seal.

I’m putting up my phone, leaving facebook alone
I’m going airplane mode, i’m not a matrix node
I’m unplugged Neo, and I’m out of my hole
The fire is out, the reflections are dull
It was all Plato’s cave, and now I’m searching for more
My radar is hot and now I’m keeping score

Flat the maps. Trap the rats. Grab the bats. Smash the traps.

Ya suckers wanna play me? Pauly Hart don’t play.