a public divorce

i awoke this sabbath morning to a call into holiness. i believe God is telling me to shake off dust from everyone who only preaches part of the Bible and not the whole thing.

this goes for people like Jeff Johns and Dean Odle specifically. whether they pronounced it to my face or from their pulpit that i am pretentious and don't want to submit to their authority is not the issue. the issue is that i won't and will never submit to heresy... no matter what man tells me to.

you can't mingle truths with lies. it only comes out to be lies. the Word is alive. it's sharper than any two-edged sword. Jesus is the Word. the whole of the Word is true... not just the snippets that we like.

so... i'm divorcing myself publicly from ministries and ministers who preach partial truths. you can't obey the truths of God "just a little." let God be true and every man a liar. even me. i need the cleaning and cleansing baptism of fire if i am to be pure.

Lord change me and use me and make me holy before you. let me be cleansed and purified to remain more and more small. let Yourself increase in my life and let me decrease.

so what then, is my doctrine?

study it for yourself, to show yourself approved.