islam is a religion of peace

"islam is a religion of peace" they say.

"islam is a religion of war" truth says.

i will tell you, without hesitation, that just like in every aspect of life, there are adherents and there are the lazy. if you point to lazy muslims and tell me that they are peaceful, you would be wrong.

every "good muslim" follows the jihads. lazy people follow the lusts of their own desires.

one of the jihads is the battle against the enemy. anyone who does not worship a god (atheist), those who worship many gods (pantheist), those who worship YHVH (judah), and those who are worshippers of HIs Son (Christians) are described as enemies or infidels.

this is probably you. it is a commandment to battle you.

but why are they called "the religion of peace?"

islam is a "religion of peace" to all who are submissive to islam. there is no peace outside of submission, they say.