A Stern Rebuke to those in Christ who follow hard after wolves

“A Stern Rebuke to those in Christ who follow hard after wolves”
Pauly Hart
8:25, Wed, May 6, 2020

Belief in the globe earth is ultimately Satanism.

I am often asked why I believe the earth to be the shape the Bible declares,
and why I believe NASA to be liars.

Don't you know that "NASA" in Hebrew means: "to deceive?"

What man has created in his folly is in direct contradiction to the Word that was given to us
by the Intelligent Designer Himself.

To give the idea that the Biblical earth is something like what Carl Sagan declares as
“the pale blue dot” to the masses, is to slap the handiwork of the Creator in the face,

Belief in the globe earth is anti-Christ.

The Bible declares the earth to be fixed. Nasa says the opposite.

The Bible declares the earth to be immovable. Nasa says the opposite.

Did you know about Operation Paperclip? Did you know NASA is a NAZI program?

The Bible declares that the earth was created. On day two, a firmament was created.

The Bible declares the firmament to be the crowning example of God’s handiwork.

The firmament is a bowl, slapped down on top of dirt.

Did you know that “earth” means “dirt” in Hebrew?

Belief in a non-domed earth is inevitably unGodliness.

Genesis 1:1 declares God created the heavens and the earth.

Obviously from this verse alone, we can deduce that the earth is not part of the heavens.

John 3:16 declares that God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.

What is harder to believe? That there is only one Son or only one world.

Satanism has a stranglehold on the masses.

The only “aliens” to ever visit earth were spiritual beings.

If they were angels, they called themselves angels.

If they were fallen angels, they called themselves something else.

Heaven is up. Sheol is down. There are no variations of direction. Up is up and down is down.

Learning good Biblical exegesis will help you determine how to interpret the Word.

Moses never used metaphors and neither did his protege, Joshua.

Tell me how the sun stood still for Joshua and move backwards for Hezekiah.

Because the earth is Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

May your day be filled with joy and cheer.