The Early Days of Genesis

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By Liaf

Depending on what ministry one listens to, one can get a myriad of scenarios regarding as to what happened at creation. One can get very confused and find it hard to sort out one teaching from the next. What is truly biblical?

The earth ages controversy (The first earth age)

Here at eternalthrone, we believe in different earth ages, namely 3. The first one occurred between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. We had messages out already that the phrase "was without form and void" can be equally translated "became a waste and desolation". Jeremiah 4 alludes to this time when there was no man on the earth, but the judgment of God took place. He even mentions cities! One would have to wonder who or what lived in those cities. The prophecy itself had to do with end times, but Jeremiah was comparing the destruction to that of the "waste and desolation" in Genesis. What happened?

Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14 personifies Satan, or Lucifer as a historical person. However, the attributes behind the historical person has obvious supernatural overtones to them. When we did our end-time prophecy series, we taught that there were demonic forces or powers (c.f. Paul's mention of such in Romans 8) behind governments. The prevailing belief here is that Demonic entities not only empower governments now, but at one time, under the headship of Lucifer, had the throne of this earth as stewards and powers over this world (he was also the cherub that covered as in the mercy seat). In other words, God allowed a created being, Lucifer, to be ruler of this world. He sinned and fell in accordance with the passages in Ezekiel and Isaiah. God's judgment was severe and the earth became a waste. Thus, it was then God's intention to recreate the earth this time with another Head or ruler over it.

The second earth age

This age is what churches typically call "creation" in 6 days. However, this creation was really a recreation with the plants, animals and ultimately man most of which was destroyed the first time. This explains how fossils could be so old, but the time of Adam is far more recent. The explanation lies in the fact that we are talking about two different earth ages, one ruled by angelic beings, specifically Lucifer, with its creations, and another earth by a newly created being called man. This earth age is the one presently in order. The purpose of man's creation was to become like God to rule this world. A being similar to God would have the mind of God to rule it the way God intended. May we be so bold as to say (like today's Christian) that God intended for man to be born or begotten a God-child, not a mere created being like Lucifer or the other angels. This is why apocryphal literature speaks of God creating man in his image and then the angels were told to worship him. (c.f. Hebrews 1:6 where this idea is expressed but then fulfilled in the last Adam, Christ). Satan was NOT about to worship a mere clay being! He had the first hand here on this earth and was NOT about to give it up. But deceiving Eve and causing Adam to fall, Lucifer in effect had them turn over their lordship to him, which is why the bible calls Satan "the God of this world". Only when the Redeemer of all mankind would come to restore this would control rightfully be returned to man the way it was supposed to have been. This is why we teach that there is a constant battle between Satan's Kingdom (that he originally rightfully had at the start), and God's Kingdom from the start of the bible until the end.

The third or last earth age

This is the "new heavens and new earth" the bible speaks about in Revelation when all evil will have been judged and annihilated. This happens after the millennium and follows the White Throne Judgment. The millennium represents a type of seventh day Sabbath, so this occurs on a figurative "eighth day" which was also the day of circumcision on the Resurrection of the new life of Christ. Since this message is focusing on the origins of creation and mankind, we will not spend time here at the moment.

And man? One or more lineages?

OK, we mentioned the earth ages and the reason behind it. We realize that the bible only gives hints between the first and second, and the story of Lucifer's angelic reign must be pieced together with verses here and there. One must do likewise with apocryphal sources. However, it makes far more sense as to why Satan is so jealous of mankind (c.f. Wisdom of Solomon chapter 2 regarding the devil's envy) and why it refers to him as having a throne and being a god. Obviously and indisputably, this being had and/or has quite a bit of power. The bible is clear on that.

However, what is not so clear to people is the number of lineages of mankind. Some people believe in pre-Adamic man. If by pre-Adamic one means men in the first earth-age, then we agree this is possible (they would have all been destroyed). And if you look at some of our other messages, we often refer to them "man-like" rather than man given that it is possible for a being to look, smell and act like a man but otherwise may not be one.

However, some people regard the "created male and female" part of Genesis chapter one and the specific account of Adam in chapter two as TWO races of men: the first one being generic and without genealogy created on the sixth day, and the second one being a specific man, Adam created after the Sabbath on the eighth day. This explains to them why there are "two accounts" because there are two races! However, we at eternalthrone do not embrace this theory. There are several reasons why in which we will just give a few examples as to why we do not believe this is the case.

First of all, proponents of this theory suggest that Adam was to be of the "Christ line" that other generic men could also believe on and be saved. We needed a pure line. The problem with that assumption is what would have happened if Adam had not sinned? Isn't that presumptuous on God's part to not give the men the benefit of the doubt? That brings us to the opposite point. The whole purpose of man was to be created to take the throne of the earth. Had there been two lines, there would be competition and maybe even interbreeding. If God wanted a pure line for his Christ, then why create two lines and compete with that outcome? That would truly be a house divided against itself. We could see Satan doing that by trying to cross breed with angelic beings which would make far more sense (more on that later). Now, we will admit that God could choose certain BRANCHES in the genealogy, and indeed He has done so for His purposes, but when we are talking generic man and Adam's men we are talking TWO different lines of beings.

A second point to bring up is what branch inherits promises? For example in chapter one man was created in God's image and likeness, but it does not say the same for Adam in chapter two. Rather, it says God formed him from the dust of the earth. And also, the man in chapter one did not get the breath of life from God. Adam did get the breath of life in chapter two and he became a living soul. So, let's get this straight. "Soulless" men have the advantage of being created in the image of God but yet the Adam and his lineage only have the breath of God but are not created in His image. What gives? That's what we thought. It makes no sense. Chapter two is merely the details of what happened in chapter one. As a matter of fact, we came across an interesting apocryphal story in the book of Jubilees that explains that God created Adam as "male and female" and Adam was carrying Eve (unbeknownst to him) like a mother carries a baby! Later on (in chapter 2) Eve is separated from Adam and for the first time recognizes her as a separate entity. This is how the Hebrew language can refer to man generically in chapter one as "male and female" but then this man became THE man (Adam) when he became separate from his wife. And for those who want to toss around Hebrew words, my Strong's gives the same word for man in chapter one and two. The difference is chapter two is referring specifically to the first man as if we simply capitalized the word to show preeminence.

When Jesus was confronted about the legality of divorcing, he clearly was talking about ONE COUPLE starting with Adam and Eve and thus applying to every husband and wife. He said that man was created male and female (Genesis chapter one) but then mentioned about this same couple as the man leaving his father and mother to cleave to his wife (what was said of Adam in chapter two). Therefore, Jesus quoted both Genesis chapter one and chapter two as being applicable to the same original couple, Adam and Eve.

Although we are not dogmatically saying this, the apocryphal sources and commentaries all say that Adam was the first man, not a pre-Adamic race on the sixth day. If our readers know of any apocryphal sources that say otherwise, we would love to hear from you. However, we can confidently say this would definitely be in the minority and not mainstream thinking and understanding--- neither Jewish nor Christian.

Again, we have no problem with "pre-Adamic" man in an ancient earth age long before Adam that was eventually destroyed, but the idea that Genesis one and Genesis two are talking about two concurrent lineages of man unrelated to each other is downright stupid and without a point. And God always has a point to His creation (already mentioned).

The Serpent Seed theory

This is easier to believe than two lineages of man since Satan would naturally try to destroy God's pure lineage of man. Again, if Satan won at the spiritual level and physical level he would assure that the (Hybrid) resulting race would allow him to retain and regain control of this earth. So, this is not as far fetched as it sounds. This doctrine is associated with certain teachers such as Pastor Murray, certain Christian Identity sects, and other so-called racist movements. However, there are ancient Jewish writings that attest to the serpent seed doctrine such as kabalistic literature. In our apocryphal books, the birth of Cain is not overtly claimed to be that of Satan, so even the Jewish sources that say so must be in the minority. As for biblical texts, one must do a little manipulating which although is possible, in and of themselves do not give a strong case (as opposed to other minority doctrines such as our lost tribes teaching that has scores of biblical references). There does however seem to be a few NT passages that hint at the possibility such as Cain being called "of that wicked one", Paul presenting believers as a chaste virgin and then contrasting that with Eve (implying she was whoring) or Jesus' mention of the Jews being the children of Satan.

In each case, however, one can make a spiritual claim to the same without a physical connection in the same manner Israel was whoring after other gods (idolatry and spiritual adultery) without physically mating with some demonic alien or whatever. Even though Jesus said that Jews were the sons of Satan, are we to take that literally as Cain's lineage when in another turn of the page John's gospel clearly said that "He came to his own, but his own received him not"? So you see, in one instance, it seems that they are Cain's children, in another one can argue otherwise a valid spiritual point.

The Nephilim

This is what we here at eternalthrone call the Genesis 6 incident and it is a FAR CLEARER teaching of angelic-human hybrids than the Serpent Seed theory. Some people claim that the "sons of God" were Seth's lineage and "daughters of men" were merely Cain's children intermingling. But in biblical implications, and apocryphal books, the belief is overwhelmingly in favor of demonic entities mating with human women. As a matter of fact, the apocryphal book on Enoch (which Jude quotes and we can safety assume took the position of) NAMES these demons that taught men how to do things in their early years but then became enamored with women. Since angels by nature do not marry as Jesus said, a fallen one that attempts such an "experiment" in breeding would obviously have dire consequences. The resulting beings were GIANTS called the Nephilim. Some apocryphal sources have these things several hundred cubits high and eating over 1000 animals a day to live. Maybe this is where we get our "Cyclops" myths? Nevertheless, here at eternalthrone we believe that whether Satan (the chief fallen angel) or any other angel mated with Eve or any other woman, the result would have been the same---- abominable giant hybrids.

This is why we cannot accept Cain's descendents (if they were indeed form Satan) as being around today. They are all gone. But where?

The Flood

We believe in a WORLDWIDE flood. When God judges, He judges completely and to suggest a local flood presupposes that some of the wicked Hybrids in Genesis 6 (or Cain's descendents if they are indeed from the devil) can weasel out of judgment. Jesus stated "as in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the Son of man". We don't know too many people who think the Great Tribulation to come will likewise be local.

However, we won't give the usual defense such as "if there was a local flood, then Noah could have migrated" which is indeed true. We rather approach this from a scientific angle.

When the flood was over, what sign did God give that He'd never flood the earth again? Every Sunday school boy or girl knows that one. He gave the rainbow. Now, we must attest to the fact that we can see a rainbow just as easily in Australia as we do in the Americas. No matter where on earth we go, the rainbow is there. In a locality that did not experience the flood, the rainbow would be meaningless to the natives there. Indeed, it would come as a shock to not ever seeing a rainbow to one day seeing one. Why would it suddenly appear?

Every basic science student knows that the rainbow is nothing that can be created, but is rather the prism effect causes by tiny water droplets in the sunlight. One can make their own rainbow with a garden hose mist. Does this mean that before the flood that an area that supposedly did not have the flood that their garden hose mist all of a sudden make a bow? Of course not. The reason why there was no bow ANYWHERE is obviously due to the fact that the nature of the atmosphere changed. Either the composition changed, or there was something in the way the sunlight shone (from atmospheric conditions) that the prism effect was not possible. Genesis chapter one tells of the "waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament" as if there was an atmospheric canopy of water or dense water vapor. (This may explain the great ages of the men in Adam's time considering that this canopy could have filtered out dangerous solar and cosmic rays but that is another subject). This canopy then broke causing immense amounts of water to fall onto the earth. Naturally, if there is a rainbow in Australia as well as the Americas and elsewhere, then the ENTIRE atmosphere must have changed---- not just locally.

Even if the canopy broke in one place (implying a local flood), the entire atmosphere would have changed and the earth's rotation would have still spread the water around the globe. And speaking of rotation, that is another consideration. If such a large mass of water would be bulging from one side of the earth as in a local flood, it would create a "washing machine effect". We all know how violently a wash machine vibrates and walks across the floor when it is unbalanced even by something as small as one towel to the side. Such similar vibration if sustained would break apart the earth.

So considering the atmospheric changes, it makes more logical and scientific sense to believe in a worldwide flood which does not overtly contradict the bible. When there is such a question, apocryphal sources, reasoning and science sheds light on such matters. In other words, the local flood vs. the global flood controversy from the bible is solely based on mincing certain translations of words to fit one's notions. Apocryphal sources and other reasons just cited do not support a local flood so when one is on the fence like that, one has to decide in the direction that most of the evidence sides on.

If there was a global flood, then the Cainites (aka Kenites) and the Nephilim were all wiped out. There is an apocryphal story in the book of Jashar that says that Noah's wife had some Cain lineage in her as if to preserve the best of Cain and Seth's lineage. But whatever lineage they had, they were normal people and the book of Peter says that 8 souls were saved on the ark--- no other man, generic or otherwise. That's pretty plain and straightforward; even more straightforward than the extremely straightforward text about lost tribes. One can't get more mathematically precise than to say that 8 souls were saved aboard the ark. Period. Since Noah was the man of the household, and not a demon or Satan fathering his children, then one can likewise say these 8 souls were of Adam's race. If it bothers one that there may be a mixture of Cain and Seth in Noah's sons, all we have to say here is that it did not bother God since Noah was considered "perfect in his generations" and God decided to use this same family to perpetuate the race. Therefore, if the lineage merged, there is no justification to differentiate them---- they are Adam's race.

What about Nephilim Giants later on after the flood? How did they escape the flood or where did they originate?

This is a good question, and we believe we have the answer to that one. First of all, although this is our opinion, we believe the "worst" of the demons were imprisoned because of the Genesis 6 incident, but any future ones realized that God made a promise: He would never flood the earth again. Therefore they took the opportunity to mate with women again to produce more giants after the flood. This is where we hold "serpent-seed"-like doctrines but in an unexpected manner. However, these giants were more the type to discourage Israel from gaining possession and inhabiting the land of Canaan. Before it was more severe to mess up all of mankind. In the later chapters of the bible, Satan's goal was now to distract God's people Abraham-Isaac-Jacob and their seed from becoming the kingdom of God on this earth to be light-bearers to the fallen world and to eventually produce Christ. This is the only lineage that now was a threat and as such, giants inhabited local areas to discourage Israel instead of the whole world. What brought us to this conclusion? Let's read the bible and understand Genesis 6:4:

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Did you catch that? "and also after that". After what? Answer: After the time of Noah and the flood. What was after the flood? Answer: "when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men".

This hit us like a ton of bricks….. these hybrids did not end with the flood! Yes, the original ones were killed, but others came AFTER the flood to produce a few more. This makes sense when we constantly hear of demonic possessions and influence (maybe the spirits of the Nephilim trying to inhabit a body again?) and may have influenced the Jews hateful of Jesus. This also explains poltergeists and similar paranormal activity today that reports of even raping people! And where does a poltergeist usually hang out? Usually they are found near teenage girls! Is this perhaps a similar modus operandi as Genesis 6? And what about aliens doing "reproductive experiments"? When all these clues are pieced together, it smacks one in the face as an identical occurrence as in Genesis 6, or as we have been teaching for years, the "Genesis 6 incident".

Thus, Satan and his cohorts could have produced literal offspring, but the spirits of them inhabit people to "bruise his heel" (like the Jews) but eventually Christ will be victorious and "bruise his head" both when it started at the cross and ultimate in victory with the coming Kingdom of God. (Genesis 3:15).

The Coming Antichrist

We also talked about the coming Antichrist being empowered by the demonic force behind the Grecian Kingdom of old times. Again, could the Antichrist also have some seed (literal or otherwise) in him such that he is a product of the "sons of God coming unto the daughters of men"? No doubt he will have the Spirit of Cain and all personifications in the bible that were the antithesis of Christ. We never did a message how tall antichrist would be considering a literal seed of Satan or a demon would be immense, but even a spiritual possession would be bad enough---- probably he will otherwise be normal looking but don't let that fool you.

Let's recap:

We believe 3 earth ages and this is the basis for understanding why there is intense warfare between Satan and God and for the winning of men to one side or the other.

God created only one human race. To suggest otherwise in the absence of scripture and the apocryphal works totally misses the point of man's creation to begin with--- God would not create competing races. Satan does that well enough already!

The Serpent Seed? Possibly, but they were wiped out with the flood and if some were preserved in Noah's family, then they were effectively joined. What's the point of promoting two lineages? Is this to explain the reason for Satanic conflict perhaps? Well, this can be achieved well enough with the chosen lineages as well. Proof of that is Ishmael vs. Isaac, Esau vs. Jacob and so forth. These lineages were DEFINITELY and without question from Adam. So if one can achieve "spiritually" the same as "physically" then the end result is the same. And likewise, those who promote the Serpent-seed claim they can still be saved like Adam's race. Then they may as well be from Adam. Again, pointless. The importance of such a doctrine isn't so much to separate lineages as much as it is to show how intense Satan was at trying to destroy the human race.

Nephilim? Definitely happened frequently before the flood, and on a lesser scale may be happening yet. This explains giants later on, possible demonic possessions and influence that later opposed Christ. This again is to demonstrate the great determination Satan and his cohorts have in trying to stop God's Kingdom as opposed to merely trying to differentiate people's lineages.

As for the Flood, we believe that to have been WORLDWIDE.

To conclude:

Besides end times and identification of the nations which we did at this site, it would pay one to know something about the workings of Satan and demonology to understand the scope of this battle. This message was merely an introduction. One other thing. If you notice, the teachings that eternalthrone has out is all based on genealogy which the bible clearly shows to be important. This is why we do not believe that the Jews have the birthright, for example. Rather, that was promised the house of Joseph. However, some of these fringe beliefs presented above have the problem that there is no genealogy regarding say, a parallel race of man, or the so-called descendents of Cain past his first few generations. We challenge anyone to produce a genealogy of Cain up to the present time using the Bible (in a like manner we have shown the Queen's genealogy). The same goes for so-called "Adamless" human beings. If we trace the bible, we see they all converge in Noah (and if we were smart we'd place a wager). We don't deal with bastards at this site. This will be another project in the near future---- to show all of Israel's genealogy and that of the nations (Genesis 10) originating in Noah. Anyone else without a genealogy is just elbowing in on our territory.