Super (The Movie)

After watching the movie "Super" with Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon, Liv Tyler, Michael Rooker and starring Rainn Wilson, I have a renewed faith in movie producers to give me a shockingly good story line and surprise me at every turn. Terrible violence and dark humor combined with a quirkiness and almost insane seriousness in the face of corn-ballism make this rare-to-find movie HARD not to think about once it is all over. As a twice-divorced man myself, I have had the inner battles that the star of Super dealt with and have always craved fairness in society. Although you won't see me in a red super-hero suit very soon, you might see me becoming more and more active on the rampage against crime in my city. And for those of you who DO see the movie... I promise to pick up all the cardboard boxes I find out there as well.