Rise and Rise Again Til the Lambs become Lions

i just finished watching Robin Hood 2010 with russell crowe.

sweet movie. i love legend retold.

there was a really cool quote on the sword of his youth:

rise and rise again, until lion becomes lambs...

yeah. it's not from the bible.

the bible says it was a lamb and a wolf.

i had a poster of the lamb and the wolf on my wall when i was a wee tyke

and it looked nothing like this:

here is the full quote from a poem by some hippy who renamed himself: "Maitreya"

"Take Every Stone
The Bigots of This World
Cast Against You,
And Use Them
To Build My Church
In This World.
And when they seek
to oppress you
And when they try
to destroy you,
Rise and Rise again
and again
Like The Phoenix
from the ashes
Until the Lambs
have become Lions
and the Rule of Darkness
is no more"

pretty cool poem.

but he also says:

I was first awakened by The One God on August 7th 1951 when I physically died to this world. At that time, I received the Holy Initiation and Baptism of all of Universal God’s Prophets, Saints, Buddhas, Saviors and Avataras; was taken into Perfect Final Union with Universal God by God’s Pure Divine Grace; and, at God's request, made The Supreme Sacrifice of giving up Perfect Final Union with The One Universal God to accept Universal God’s Ordination and return to earth to begin The Age of Universal God’s Pure Divine Truth and give all willing Souls God's New Covenant and Supreme Promise for the Salvation and Liberation of all Souls for all time.

I declare shenanigans.

great poem, but go away.