empires and generals game

avid readers of my blog, i salute you.

sorry i haven't been updating all the wonderful stuff that you have come to love as much as you would like.

i have been very busy with my newest artistic invention Empires and Generals that can be found at http://www.empiresandgenerals.com/.

in the true spirit of Hope, Truth and Wisdom, i have created my game about true history and made it free to play.

because you are here, i know that you yearn to know Truth and have Him work in your heart in all that Truth is. there is a Light, and that Light is the hope for all men.

please help me spread my game into the darkness of this world and specifically, the demented fiction gaming society that my culture has evolved into.

fans of board games like risk, monopoly, stratego, and computer games like "total war" and age of empires have all told me that they really like the game in it's ability to convey a war-time simulation with only the use of cards.

one fellow wrote me on how i changed his life. it was very beautiful. here is what he said:

"I saw the ad on TPB, and me and my friends decided to give the game you created a try. One word, holy freaking hell, this game is the most real game I have ever tried! Like, every little detail comes to life, sometimes It feels like actual war. You have no idea what this game has done for me. I suffered with depression for a year straight, yet with your game it was like, life's little challenges, and it was emulated with real tactics, and real scenarios, with real (real as in ones where EVERYTHING is a factor), this game, it made me realize that I'm a smart guy, I can accomplish great things, since I have the brain to employ real-life tactics and strategies and win over my enemies. You have done a greater service than you know, I can never express my gratitude enough! Thank you again for this wonderful gift, I have, and will continue sharing, and playing this game :)"

Please take time and consider purchasing the expansions to the game here if you are interested in contributing financially.