sweat versus pain: a conversation.

pauly: you're sweating!

jennifer: yeah! it's flipping hot in here!

pauly: you know what they say about sweat? sweat is just water, leaving the body.

jennifer: no, that's what they say about pain.

pauly: pain is water leaving the body?

jennifer: no. pain is weakness leaving the body.

pauly: water isn't pain.

jennifer: i'm just saying that you messed it up is all. it's not water. it's weakness.

pauly: water is weakness?

jennifer: NO. pain is just weakness leaving the body!

pauly: no it isn't. pain is a signal from your nerves, telling you what is going on.

jennifer: UGH fine.

pauly: well it better be fine, God made it that way.

jennifer: whatever, i'm turning the A/C up.

pauly: don't you mean down?

jennifer: UGH!