facebook vs google plus

facebook vs google plus, and another reason to leave facebook.


google plus shares with googleusercontent.com, which shares with google.

google shares with itself.

cool. make my google.com experience better.

facebook.com shares with two major companies that are NOT FACEBOOK.

they monitor every click you make thru akamai, which is a pretty cool company who caches webservers so no harm there.


facebook also has another site watching what you do on facebook.com

they sell every click you make to fbcdn.net who is just another name for markmonitor.com who sells your information to strangers.


so... every time you click on a picture or blue text, it is recorded...

haven't you wondered why the ads on the right are surprisingly "just for you?"

and based upon what those ads are...

isn't it surprising that they will know how to track you the rest of your life?

do you want to know something really crazy?

markmonitor.com owns facebookisevil.com