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this is post number 1701.

and you are reading it.

thank you... and thank you for your previous views.

with over 250 views a day i have reached over 155,000 independant people. that's awesome.

i attribute my love for all things weird and informative to my desire to have all things brought to the light of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

all of my art and creation belong to the Creator, the God of the Bible, the God of abraham.

i might not always agree with everything i post, but i do always deem it valuable enough to be shared.

thank you my audience.

whether or not i know you in real life is of no consequence. you are miportant in this world. never forget that.

and, though, you may not agree with my stance on all things, i do appreciate you as a participant in

-paul bradley hart (pauly hart)

please come back everyday.