not having been on a social website

 in over three weeks has been a blessing.

i don't care what your kids look like

or what your cat can be cute at

no offense

but are we really that tight?

isn't it enough for me to know

that you do have kids

that you are ok

that there has been no fires or calamity

and you do know that if you did have

anything that would warrant an email

that you actually would email me

and tell me

hey pauly i could really use some prayer

or some consultation

i don't spend the extra time

liking your photos

i don't spend the extra time

pretending to care

when really i don't

indeed i am more honest

with you right now

at this very moment

than i was when we were

"facebook friends"

don't you understand

that anything you share on those sites

suddenly becomes information

used against you in a court of law?

so let's go back to 1999

just in the regard of saying hello

i will call you page you email you

and we can stay in touch that way

and you can always read

my intimate things

on pauly hart dot tee kay

let me love you truly

without pretense


-pauly hart
dec 6 2012