Oatmeal for breakfast leads to weight loss

Four months ago if you would have asked me what I wanted for breakfast I would have told you: "Two Sausage Burritos from McDonalds... Of COURSE."

But two months ago I weighed 225 lbs.

I have quit my early morning feast of death and exchanged it a for common everyday oatmeal breakfast and have lost 17 lbs  which puts me at a reasonable 208 lbs.

According to the bullshit charts since I am a 5'11'' large framed man I should weigh anywhere from 161 to 184. At 225 I am considered obese and now at 208 I am just simply overweight.

But I weighed 175 in college and felt miserable.It wasn't until I brought myself up to 185 that I had the energy to move forward all the time instead of being sad and sleepy most often.

So, ignoring the charts I am setting my goal of life to weigh anything under 195. I only have thirteen pounds more to go and at the rate I am going I figure I will reach it in a little less than a year.

How silly it is to think that Oatmeal did all this. It's just empty carbs isn't it?

Oatmeal actually has incredible amounts of protein for a grain because of the way it is made. With a unique fiber called beta-glucan it is almost a wonder-drug. It also stops diabetes, heart disease, and cancer with the awesome power of enterolactoe. The high levels of magnesium help end insulin deficiency, and there are enough antioxidants in oatmeal to stop an elephant from having an arrhythmia.

Also, I flavor my oatmeal with cinnamon and honey instead of  beet sugar or pancake syrup. I stay away from those last two things as much as possible anyway.


If you love yourself eat oatmeal.

-Pauly Hart,   Dec 10, 2012